Space Station Tour/ documentary video 25 mintues

Space Station Tour/ documentary video. Technology - 25 mintues. [ click to enlarge Pictured: Soyuz 13 Docked at ISS.] The blackness of space and Earth's horizon provide the backdrop for this image of the docked Soyuz 13 (foreground) and the Progress 22 resupply vehicle. Astronauts photographed the Soyuz from a window on the International Space Station while space shuttle Discovery was docked with the station. This is an excellent documentary-type tour of the International Space Station made by Sunita Williams in her last few days as a Commander up there. It shows us just how big this Space Station is, yet also letting us know how small everything is, or rather cramped.

The film makes you reflect and think about how really cool it is to be human, with our thoughts, emotions and our capabilities. It shows what we can do - occasionally we come together and build something monumental, we build castles in the sky (Space Stations).

It's cramped, cluttered, and supremely hostile environment, where a meteor fragment could breach the hull and empty the atmosphere in seconds. Just getting there and back entails more risk than 99 percent of us would accept, which defines the astronauts and cosmonauts as a very brave individuals.

It makes you wonder how long it takes for your mind to accept the fact that you don't have to set things down. Just leave the object floating in the air until you need it again. Conversely, one might ask if a returning astronaut forgets to set things down, assuming they will float like in space, when he gets back to earth.

One funny thing is that Sunita constantly displays that weightlessness also does strange things to a long hair. It sure looks like a messy place with wires and packets and pipes all over the place which kind of shatters the nice tidy image that Sci-Fi movies present, but in the same time it makes you appreciate what is actually presented in this stunning video.

Watch the full documentary now -

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