Soulmates? Twin Flames?

by cnv23 on November 7th, 2017

I wanted to start a forum that discussed love on some level. Considering we come from unconditional love, why is it so hard for it to exist on planet earth.

Particularly, do soul mates exist? Yes, I understand we have multiple soul mates of both genders and we meet them throughout our lives. In which they help us grow. However, I am talking full blown other half, soul mate true love story. Ever since I was a little girl I have felt like I have been missing my other half. Personally, I am an independent person who is constantly on the go. So, no I do not need someone to complete me. However, I am a hopeless romantic and I believe that everyone has that one person who is their forever. Although, recently experiencing fake love first hand it makes me question why we meet someone and they can feel like the one but really they are not. Or is true love even real?

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Tarheel: It is my belief

It is my belief that IF you find the love that is inside yourself , you can then find your soulmate.
We share similar beliefs, with one exception being I do believe true love exists.
Good luck cnv23

cnv23: I totally agree. I am going

I totally agree. I am going to a rough path in my life right now and I am trying to let go but it is much more difficult than expected. Do you believe that life is a balance and if a ton of recent bad events just occurred a really good one is right around the corner?

Tarheel: Perhaps....

Do you mean bad events occurred to you or this world ?
If they occurred to you, I would be looking at what you may be doing to attract them (I'm a huge believer in karma).
If you mean this world, I would say we are certainly due. The old order must fall before things can change for the better, and they are falling hard and fast.
Re: your rough path, you may be learning a lesson in how to let go.
Yeah, balance in life is an ongoing gig. Master that and you're well on your way. The trick is to dodge the bullets without ever throwing a punch.

Annunaki77: Love does exist , it is

Love does exist , it is inside the Human Race , All Nations , All Peoples , Worldwide.

This can never be taken away.

Tarheel: Let love rule

Great to have you and your positive message back, Big Chief.

Annunaki77: Have Faith is Heaven , in the

Have Faith is Heaven , in the End the Good Guys will come out on Top and the Evil Ones will Implode.

Watch and See for yourselves , behold our Divine Power

cnv23: Wow, your encouragement

Wow, your encouragement reestablishes my belief that good people do still exist despite the evil that surrounds us.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I had to go through rough

I had to go through rough rough life experiences including being without a home for a time myself. Sometimes things do not go as planned. When we listen not to our inner self an then listen to outwardly sources it can often lead to undesirable results.
I have found myself a very wonderful person whom I feel a deep connection with. On a level in connection a soul level I can not explain in words. It is like a look I can give her an she can give me which we have this understanding we can feel. You know it. An there are different degrees...

Either way it is out there...

I had all but lost hope to ever find it when it swept me off my feet. I've known here almost 11 years now. We've been together 9 an marred 7 so... Sometimes the best thing to do is to stop looking for it...

I had stopped looking just gave up an said screw it. I thought I was going to be alone forever. I gave up na said whatever. An thought, if something will be it will be. I did not realize that what I'd really done was allowed my higher self my inner self to regain control of the situation. Where as before my ego an human self was calling the shots. This is where outside source and heart can overrule you.

Good luck man!

Tarheel: Gave up

I gave up looking.
I'm happy for you-that you found her.
I'm hanging with my pups and working on developing the soul, plus doing whatever I can for the collective.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Well it didn't happen

Well it didn't happen overnight I mean I actually gave up waited around I met her in 2006 we went out for 3 months and she wanted to focus on her life and her career we remain friends then I was in a bad relationship for an appoint 2 years I lived out of state and ended up living in a car for a while ended up it and several other states had a lot of unforeseen things occur I even lived in a homeless shelter and one time and I went through my version of hell and ultimately LED back to her so it wasn't a fairy tale but I found that when I gave up looking 4 that perfect fairytale dream of whatever my expectation was the answers for the air. But I mean I don't know what the plan is maybe my situation is just weird. But the point I'm trying to drive home is sometimes you just have to let go it's like when you're in the ocean and you get sucked in and you get to that point and I've been there where you think oh shit I'm going to die in the ocean I was just coming out for a swim and now this current is going to sweep me away I'm screwed I'm going to die you just let your hand slowed up and you accept the fact that you're sinking and there's no going back and Waters about to go up your nose and you're not going to breathe again and then you accept that you find that peace and calm and then a wave just takes you to shore that's what I'm talking about.

Tarheel: Woah !

Good analogy,pal.
Happy for you and the fam.

freedmftr88: Twin Flames

If anyone needs any information regarding twin flames , check out

bluesbaby5050: Twin Flames

Thank you for your link to this web site. I've looked through it completely, and it's very interesting, very informative. I recommend people that are reuniting with their Twin Flames should look into it in detail. Many reunions are taking place now on many levels, And here is another great web site that is very helpful on many different levels, that answers many questions for the seeker of Twin Flame knowledge.

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