Soul vs Spirit

by Crackdown on February 20th, 2014

personally, I think that "soul" and "spirit" words are standing for the same thing.

BUT, these words feel very different when you read/write/speak/hear them!

SO-UL , it sounds emotionless and disempowering, makes you more likely to accept things as they are ("SO")

SPIR-IT sounds strong and makes you powerful enough to change the world ("SPEAR"-"IT")
SPIRIT is not just a sparkle - it is a burning FIRE in you! ("S-PYRO-IT" , pyro is fire in Greek )


in Rus language which sounds like ancient Sanskrit

ДУША ( DUSHA, soul) - ДУШИТЬ ( DUSHIT' | strangling)

ДУХ ( DUH, spirit) - ДЫХ ( DYH | inhalation) ; ДЫХАНИЕ ( DYHANIE | breathing)

similar words, with directly opposite meanings...

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UN.i1-PHI: nicely noticed CD!

DU-SHIT is strangling the Spirit

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