Soul Types and MBTI

by freedmftr88 on October 1st, 2018

I was studying " Soul Types " today and wonder if there's any relation to certain MBTI personality types ?

I was reading about the elder types and I don't know , to me spirituality needs to relate to freedom.
I would say I'm an old soul but " elder soul " isn't even a soul type but a way of being.
Relating to 5D Earth , it's pretty much the same thing , esspecially Lightworker / Twin Flame Mission and such.

Everyone sees happiness differently. And one of the problems I have with some New Age / New Thought Spiritual teachers is this step by step conformity. But If I'm shoving myself into a box that doesn't feel right , that's not enlightenment , that's conformity.

I'm an INFP , Numerology 5 , Heyoka Empath Lightworker / Twin Flame , etc so my energy is all for freedom and nonconformity , not to just grow old imitating the stereotypical " Spiritual Master " . lol

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