by edisonik on November 10th, 2010

The Native Indians of North & South America are Incredible because they understand fully the Sacred Spiritual Systems in Place on Earth. The Native Indians were very tuned in to their Ancient Ancestors before the White Man came and destroyed their Sacred way of life and Sacred Rituals.
The Native Indians said that the Animals were their Brothers, they knew the truth.
I will tell you folks an Ancient Secret that your Educational Systems don't teach you, all your Animals from around this Planet are representations of all ET Races from around the Sacred Elegant Universe, yes your Birds, your Insects, your Lizards, your Turtles, your Armadillos, your Squirels, your Exotic Fish, your Trees, your Cats and many other forms can be much more advanced then Humanity on other Planets.
The Human Form is not the only form out there in the vastness of Deep Space, it is very Arrogant to assume your Human form is the only form , there are many beings that are much more advanced but they can be representations of certain Animal Groups.

There is so much you don't know but since I am an Ancient Being from the Past ( Go ahead and laugh at me , You won't ) I will awaken your Souls because you were Animal beings from Ancient past. I will shock your Souls , the Illuminati have you all crammed into this Little Box of false belief systems , you must at least try to Meditate and let go of your Concious self and empty your mind , new realities will be open to you my Brothers and Ancient Sisters.

You are here is one simple reason, I will say this Integration, Yes Souls Integration, Integration.
This Whole Planet is an experiment of Incalculable proportions, you are here to learn valuable lessons, to get along with different Soul Beings from different Star Systems, they all share the Human Form but the Soul Matrix could be Cat, could be Pleadian,could be Insectoid, could be Elemental, could be Reptilian, could be Sirian, it could be Android take your pick this Planet is the Hotbed of Incredible Evolution.

This Whole Planet is truly EXOTIC , it is really up to you to learn and awaken to your Godhood. The Egyptians knew the truth, their Gods were ET's.

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edisonik: Never Worship ET's very bad idea!

ET's have worked very hard to achieve Interstellar Space Travel and they understood that life continues after Death, Consciousness is Eternal and you are Multidimensional , when you dream you step into other Realities, your mind and spirit are one , there are no chosen People every Human has the ability to become Divine to be among the Gods.
You must decide first to accept your Godhood and Immortality and Once you declare unto yourself that you are a GOD you will become one, but first you must step out of your flesh, step out of your Material and your Ego, you must not be afraid.
It won't be easy but once you overcome fear and understand how your Life Energy really works and understand your Immortality you will begin to do things that were once thought to be impossible, Meditation is the Key to unlock all your 12 strands of Locked DNA, once you unlock these strands of DNA you will become unstoppable, let go of your Conscious Self and empty your Mind.

Good Luck. ( Part 1 of 2 ) ( Part 2 of 2 )

bardofhearts: I don't want to

I don't want to be a god and live forever. I want to live in this "RPG" from lvl 0 to high level as high as possible and then beat the game and start a new game on a different game as different character. That's why I don't want to be a god, that's why I detest immortality.

But for the goals in my mind right now, I have to - I must - attempt to acquire "godlike" character and abilities and live as long as possible to create, gather and deduce as many openings, clues and conclusions and middle games as possible for my friends and families and anyone else who have the same "will and goals" in mind, so that when "the One" returns (I said "return" because I sense there's at least one "saviour" who is ultrasupermega-awkwardsome powerful left this "game" for some slacky reason? idk lol), He has a clear path to run straight to deliver the endgame to deal the game-over blow to the Anti-One.

Man, don't you just love theories and fictions? =D

Silenci030310: How tall are these cats

How tall are these cats canines birds insects turtles and etc? If can choose to be a godlike and immortal i would choose to come back to earth to guide others too in my next life too.

Crackdown: We are already immortal... a soul. I do not need physical immortality, because it limits the experience.
However, it would great to be able to remember about what happened to you earlier.
There is a technology which could help to remember the previous incarnations.
I can only hope that one day it would be obtained by humans. Of course, it is possible
to remember without such a technology, it is just more difficult and requires training

Silenci030310: When it comes to all animals

When it comes to all animals birds cats canines are my favorite animals

fluxed: The Egyptians knew what their

The Egyptians knew what their masters told them, that the pharaoh was mediator
between man and god(s).
This kind of behaviour repeats down the royal chain; I AM GOD or REP.

But we listened to the pharaohs and the Romans, who together concocted the
religions we know today.

And how many people did these rulers murder? Control? Abuse? Manipulate?

Why do we listen to kings, who tell us about GOD.

This alone, tells me there is no god but NATURE.

Kings and their gods, take all the credit from nature of creation.
It is a mere transfer of power.

The Egyptians owe all their religious works to Thoth.
The Romans & Greeks owe all their science/ religious works to Egypt.
The Europeans owe all their religious / science works to Rome & Greece.

And Thoth, TOLD PHARAOH A PACK OF LIES. Which included
God and male domination and magic(science)

I explained above, why Thoth employed a god. It is a transfer of power,
from nature to mans image.
Pharaoh must 'believe' it 100%, if the people are to follow.
Our royal family are just as much fools then.
Male domination - why? Females are not 'corruptable' to the same extent,
and are more sensitive to morals.

Magic or science was their method of blinding us with power.

sun: Dreams..

All you need to know about yourself as souls lies within your subconscious mind. Yes, subconscious at first, then later explanations will follow, confirmations of obtained knowledge from within you, sparked by your soulmind. It is difficult to filter out your daily experiences in your dreams, but as you become more aware of the difference in feelings that come from your dreams, you can recognise the messages coming from your soul, and you can find the answers about your past life experiences. I also know that earth is a galactic playground, where multiple species are put together as tests, and some of us have had multiple life forms. Because it can become cluttered,imagine yourself as an infant with the knowledge of your cat, bird and elemental previous life experiences, how would you be able to look upon this world and her beings in a pure and new way? Our DNA has been altered, our memories wiped out, and yes, I believe that now is the time for reclaiming our full potential...only no one said it would be easy ;)

ShockRah Zulu: Dont you hate when you have a

Dont you hate when you have a question, but cant find the words... I just had an epiphany about souls, then two seconds later.. the thought is lost to the void.. DAMMIT!!

Arcturian Horse: Yea bummer huh, took me a

Yea bummer huh, took me a while to get the meaning of ''let it go'' and it will come back to you in due time ;)

ShockRah Zulu: Letting go is one of the

Letting go is one of the hardest things to do in this material world... Hopefully it comes back to me!

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