The soul destination upon leaving the mortal body and judgement time frame

by clizbe1 on August 1st, 2016

when we pass our soul then travels to heaven or hell. Purgatory I am not sure! Is judgement immediately upon death or are we in a suspended state until the final days
when God returns and judges the living and the dead

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Quinton: Hi clizbe1, welcome to Truth

Hi clizbe1, welcome to Truth Control :)

How do you know the soul travels to Heaven or Hell upon leaving the mortal body? How would you define Heaven and Hell? What is being judged?

lightwork: How do we know the soul travels to Heaven or Hell

I have been studying this for a long time and here's what I found: It's self induced. Where you think you are going is where you end up! Many of NDEs come back with a new perspective because they found over there to be much like over here. I had one guy, a retired Nasa Computer guru tell me when he was on the operating table and died for over 25 minutes. His guide took him out of the room and down a bright lit hallway into a room with a desk loaded with mounds of paperwork and a name plate with his name on it. He asked the guide what this was all about and the guide said as it is over there is over there (as is above is below). He decided to stay here since it looked like he had to work harder over there!

clizbe1: the soul and judgement by God.

If there is a soul does it go to heaven or hell or where? If God pronounces judgement is it at death or final judgement? Please help me. I am 82 years old and need answers now!

Quinton: Talking about Heaven and Hell

Talking about Heaven and Hell or Final Judgment is a Christian concept which is one way to look at it. There are a lot of other ways to look at it that don't involve any of these things.

Have you looked into near death experiences before? I would recommend taking a look at this. There are numerous examples of people who have died who talk nothing of Hell. They only talk of pure love. We don't need to die to understand Heaven or Hell. We just need to listen to the people who have actually done it. Take a look at these topics:

And in my own personal opinion, there is no Heaven or Hell. There is no Final Judgment. God does not judge. God only loves. What you do or don't do in this life only matters to yourself. You are the one who looks back at your life and determines what you got out of it. When you die you connect to the frequency that best fits your vibration. We are creators of our own reality and the reality we create is based upon what we believe. There isn't a right or wrong creation and there isn't a right or wrong reality.

Heaven and Hell are concepts we create ourselves. Your mind creates Heaven or Hell. And we don't need to die to experience it.

So much of the world around us is built up around fear. But we need not fear anything. The more we understand something the less we fear it. The more love we have the less fear we have. The concepts of Heaven and Hell and Final Judgment are concepts created by people who were either living in fear and/or purposefully trying to manipulate other people to their own advantage. We need not do anything. Just be. The universe is pure love. There isn't anything to be afraid of our fearful of.

A quote from Wayne Dyer:

"Fear knocked on the door. Love answered and no one was there."

Tarheel: Strong with it !

I agree that hell is a human construct. Perhaps we're in it now (joking).
There's a beautiful, love-filled heaven awaiting some after this gig. I love Ki but anxiously long for home.
I would say we're not followers of Jordan Maxwell but certainly influenced by him.

clizbe1: soul- heaven and hell- god's judgement

It sounds to me that you might be a follower of Jordan Maxwell. Am I correct?

Quinton: I don't follow any one person

I don't follow any one person, why do you ask?

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