Soul age , empath type , spiritual / paranormal gifts and experiences , and is it related to MBTI type ?

by freedmftr88 on September 8th, 2018

One of the things I most certainly noticed about my spiritual awakening was I was guided and attracted knowledge faster then I had previously. I had a vague intuition idea of what was going on but I never found ideas that backed up my opinions in my mind until now. It's like I would find knowledge and it would personally resonate with me kind of like MBTI ( INFP for me ) , then numerology , then libertarian socialist anarchism , Twin Flames , empath , starseed , indio / crystal child , heyoka : sacred clown , lightworker and old soul .
It's crazy because it's almost like I connect with most of these tests. Twin Flames is a telepathy experience I've had and at least recognized in my life for 11 years so far and meet my Twin Fame face to face 9 years later out of the 11. Also I would study famous people from the past and certain ones and certain periods of time , it feels like a strong reincarnation. Like I know I'm my own individual separate from that famous person now , but there's these strange little thoughts going on in my mind saying ( Why do I feel like I remember that in my life a little bit ) .
It's interesting because I feel the most unrealistic frustrations about life and think , Oh that's just because I'm INFP but then again I read stuff like the Old Soul .

I don't know if there's certain MBTI types tying it into how old their soul is which results to perhaps spiritual ability. My mother is a ESFJ / ISFJ type and she's a medum , however she's just realizing this now and watching youtube videos to slowly get a better understanding of all of this. She seen passed away spirits during the day and floating orbs at night. I have similar experiences but it's kind of funny when I find this information now because I start to analyze many things of my life. My Twin Flame connection was the most in my face experience so far. ;)

So what are people's thoughts on soul age ?

And is there a connection with certain personality types ?

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