Son's and Daughters of Adam and Eve!, Kod lives in you!

by Annunaki77 on November 9th, 2011

Remember son's and daughters of Adam and Eve, Kod loves you all because you have a part of your kod inside all of you!.
No Evil Illuminati can take that away from you!, they mask themselves as wise and omnipotent but deep inside those who claim to be overlords are nothing but Vampires living off the flesh of the Sons and Daughters of Kod.

Their Days are numbered because the Lord of Hosts see's them, they will be Judged.
All who do evil will be Judged by the Lord of Hosts.

This is the way of the Creator.


Tarheel: The Creator

is Kod that you speak of The God referenced in The Bible? if not, WHO is the God of Gods? Who is The Creator?

FOE_HAMMER: The creator of the everything.

The creator of the everything? I don't think anyone within existence can answer that with total certainty. But I'm pretty sure you and me and everything with in the everything is a small part of the creator itself. Who is God? You! At any rate you create your own reality so at the very least you are the god of you.

Don't believe me? Look into quantum physics, human thought creates reality at the quantum level. Is light a wave a particle or both? The answer our best experiments come up with? All three! It depends totally what the scientist is looking for it to be.

I'm Asatru and a Ufologist and I like studying history and I think the ancient astronaut theory holds a lot of weight, so I tend to think that the god of the bible is either an alien who wanted to control humanity, or was made up by humans who wanted to control other humans. The bible is a reader's digest of many different religious texts which was put together by the council of Nicaea for emperor Constantine when the Roman empire was falling apart to create a secret and new version of the cult of Caesar to unite the different parts of the old empire. It set up Constantine as the secret Christ of this new cult.

According to the Terra papers Jesus was a direct student of Enki and was hated by the authorities because he threatened their power with the teachings of truth. After his disappearance his teachings were twisted to fit their agendas. Ask a Tibetan Buddhist about Jesus and he will tell you how Jesus was taught by the Buddha during the years he left Israel. There is good evidence for this if you care to look.

I think you should follow your heart and observe the universal truths that are in every religion. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love your neighbor. Be the best person you can, and don't worry too much about who is right and who is wrong.

Quinton: Great insight and I agree

Great insight and I agree fully with this. Thanks for sharing! :)

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