Somewhat late formal Hello to every one. I am knew to

by Sky on October 14th, 2013

My formal name is ErieRailroadV.Tompkin1938. You can call me ET1938 as a nick name. I chose that name in that I found it important to KNOW AND NOT TO FORGET when it comes to US government history. If you (anyone with curiosity) Google that court case on utube or on regular internet in reference to RALPH EPPERSON, I feel/know you will know what high brass (some low brass surely) Judges and Lawyers know about our constitution since 1938 according to RALPH EPPERSON. I BELIEVE MICHAEL TSARION MIGHT AGREE IN THAT I HAVE HEARD HIM REFERANCE EPPERSON. However, I DON't know off hand which one of Tsarion's seven books mention Ralph Epperson. He mentioned him more than once I feel with admiration of credibility on matters of the state of USA REPUBLIC. Well, getting back to the presitent of ERIERAILROAD V. TOMKIN. That ruling has nullified our constitution with what Meager benefit it initially offered in terms of benefits other than passification to so called citizenry made into subjects. This is what I interpret from Ralph Epperson with in reason. That is our constitution has been NULL AND VOID since 1938 AND ONLY IS FOLLOWED LIKE COMON LAW DONE IN BRITIAN by the Legal Establishment.

Well if I am wrong I am stuck with an ERIE name. Ha! Ha! Ha! I kinda hope I am wrong despite my pride kept in check.

Well GOD and our parents of heaven and their merid helpers BLESS us who can accept it.

Sincerely, ET1938

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Quinton: I think what you're saying is

I think what you're saying is accurate. I have researched this topic a bit and from my understanding after the American Civil War (1868) Britain set up a new corporation called the "United States" which was to be ran parallel to the already existing "United States of America". One system was a corporation and the other was a Constitutional Republic. The corporation has basically taken over all the operations of America and it operates out of the District of Columbia.

There is a ton of stuff to be said about this subject and this site goes into great detail on it:


Hi Quinon. Thank you for the link. I find it to have a huge amount of information that on cursory observation rings of truth. I will have to look at it in more depth. I very much appreciate your, correct me if wrong, THE IDIOT's GUIDE TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER. I looked it over very carefully. I like how you put it all together. It matches what I learned from Jordan Maxwell's many documentaries (own on his DVDs in my personal collection) on the New World order including deceased William Cooper (previously had radio broadcast) author of the Pale Horse. Also your guide Quinton matches what I know of the book recommended (implied I believe since picture cover of book was in one of Tsarion' s utube documentaries) by Michael Tsarion by WILLIAM T. STILL entitled NEW WORLD ORDER THE ANCIENT PLAN OF SECRET SOCIETIES. However, I DON'T share Still's view on Christainty (Ralph Epperson is like W.T.Still in my view). Nor would MICHAEL Tsarion. Of course assessments constantly change so not to pigon hole Tsarion to one view. MICHAEL TSARION two volume extensive analysis in ORIGINS OF IRISH CIVILIZATION VOLUMES is TRUELY WONDERFUL. Manly P.HALL helps but Manly P Hall had the view Masions would one day become enlightenment. SO MANY OF THEM ACT LIKE ALBERT PIKE AT THE TOP SO TO SPEAK. Aton worship is a form of litterally blinding light worship. Michael Tsarion helped me see this at I understand Tsarion. I read origins of Irish Civilization Vol One four times. I READ VOL 2 twice and plan to read it again it's that e EXCELLENT!

SIncerely, ET1938

LoveTruthPeace: Welcome to the group, glad to

Welcome to the group, glad to have you here. Will look into what you are talking about.

Sky: Thank you

LoveTruthPeace. What a nice name you have. It sure sounds better than ErieRailraodV.Tompkin1938. Please by all means call me ET1938. Thank you for your friendly greeting.

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