Some information I found about Entities and how to remove them

Any comments welcome. I read through and it seems to be good information. I noticed ever since I started eating healthy, it helps with everything else. Including addictions and probably entities as well. I recommend fresh Garlic to anyone who isn't allergic to it.

Then you can take, Activated Charcoal powder and Bentonite Clay to absorb the smell about an hour or two after you take the Garlic. This will provide many nutrients and minerals as well as clean out your system, and help bad breath, etc.

The medical industry is a scam! Treat yourself with simple cheap home remedies, as I mentioned above. Hot Thai peppers are practically free, you can get a bunch of them for less than 50 cents. These will help circulation for anyone with heart problems.

A combo on Garlic, Turmeric, Cayenne and Ginger taken together will be a powerful force for any disease to deal with. It gives me tons of energy taking them together.

The article below interestingly, mentions that if you stop eating red meat, you will be more prone to certain (Vegetarian) Entities. Can anyone here confirm if that is true? I had thought that meat was bad food for your vibrations.

Peace, Love and Clarity to all

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TillToTheWhen: Look into Iodine therapy

Also i recommend an IODINE protocol to anyone who isn't currently taking it. We are all deficient in Iodone (many of us) and the toxic Bromine is taking over our bodies. This helps with the nanobots as well, I hear. You might go through a detox phase, but stick it out!

Make sure to take Magneisium, Selenium (200 mcg per day), and B Vitamins, along with Vitamin C or Sea Salt. This will prevent the detox symptoms. I took the Iodine for a few months before I ran out and I need to order more. I definitely felt happier and had more energy during that time. I only noticed a little bit of detox symptoms

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