Some Hollow earth people might have neanderthal DNA


Tarheel: One thing for sure, Hollow Earthers......

....have "toilet cam" they employ against threats like you & your negativity-invoking posts.

I think I'll wait until the 2nd or round of corrections come out to view.

ShockRah Zulu: Maybe... The NSA is in

Maybe... The NSA is in cahoots with the inner earthers to catalog our bathroom schedules so they can invade while were all on the jon... They want a UNIFIED POO Schedule!

Terran resistance: I see the sun

I see the sun inst keeping the shills away from their desktops.

ShockRah Zulu: Takes one to know one, eh TR?

Takes one to know one, eh TR?

Terran resistance: I dont recall

I dont recall

government shills ever posting pictures of aliens

Terran resistance: unless

unless its a government agency gone rogue :O

who knows
who knows

ShockRah Zulu: Hold on let me find a pic of

Hold on let me find a pic of an alien, so I can prove to you once and for all that I am not a shill!! :)

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