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by cryssmo on July 7th, 2014

I haven't been on for a while!. I've just had a lot going on. I haven't been through much, but my family has. I am thankful, though, that I do get to learn from my family and the mistakes they make to ensure I choose wiser desicions for my life. That being said, I am not so sure I can trust some of my family; although, I strongly believe family should stick together.

Is it even a question to ask, IF I SAY I STRONGLY BELIEVE FAMILY SHOULD HAVE TRUST, if I should even trust or have faith in mine? Because I just don't understand if I feel this way, why is it that most of mine does not. Starting off with the fact that (I honestly care nothing about the material aspect) my little sister Sonia(who is a little more heavy set than I, so she may feel as if I am nothing compared to her and she is also my halfsister) decided, without my permission, to pawn a small television that was given to me as a gift. I only know this because one of my oldest sisters Tiffany (who also feels like she has better abilities than I) decided she couldn't keep it from me. So why didn't she just take the TV from her? This is just me wondering if I am REALLY (like, seriously?) suppose to trust a family who hardly has respect for me?

Anyways, back to why I am truly typing this forum, because it is a little important to me. You all don't know the whole story of my sister Tiffany's life. But just so you know, she has two babydaddies and 4 kids. She lives a very weird life. She doesn't have a job and she's currently struggling to get her kids back. NOTE: she brought all of this shit upon herself, even getting her kids taken away (which sucks because those kids are so smart) but I believe she will get them back.

So, yesterday, July 6, 2014, Tiffany and another one of my sisters Bridgett and I met up because they obviously felt strongly about getting some information to me. I, myself, (because I do feel that ones aura or energy means ALOT) I didn't feel like anything is wrong with me or my life because I have taken the necessary steps to bettering my future. However, they know this "psychic" or "pantero" in spanish who they have known for maybe a year or two. They went out with this man to drink and eat. I'm sure they got drunk. Mind you this man wanted to be with my sister a while ago and she denied him. Maybe I should watch myself and who I "end up" with, but it just wouldn't make any sense if what they said was true.

So they asked me to meet up with them, and I did. They were so anxious to tell me that this man said that I would be getting pregnant in a year and that the man I would have that baby with would leave me. If I was to end up with this man, either way, he would have a double life and I would be miserable. I am supposedly going to be sad and despressed and blah blah blah. So in a year, lol, I don't ever remember thinking that I would even come close to conceiving a child. I haven't even brought my life to a stable point yet? lol After that, Tiffany just kept on and on about it and how I need to be careful and "don't get pregnant" and "it made my heart hurt when he told me this" and "why would he tell me this"...etc. There's just a lot that kind of plays into this, and ask me anything you'd like to help you all better understand, but I would love to know what you all think of "psychics" and how can you even tell if a person really is what they say they are? Should what he said mean anything to me if he knows nothing about me or my past or anything? idk...

What upset me so much more was that my mom even considered what they said. MIND YOU, she had her first child when she was 13/14 with a man about 9 years older....Right now I am dating a man that is a decade older than I am, which is the first time I have ever been okay with it. I am 21 and have always only wanted a guy to be 2 or so years older than me, but then I realized how sad and immature most of those guys are and when I found this decent job, he saw me and I saw him, and we just fell for each other. My mom responded with a "well you know older men like younger women because they can control them better". We have only been together for about 9 months so there is no way we're having any babies in a year. I told him about it because I was suppose to go see a movie with my mom and sisters, but couldn't go through with it anymore because it hurt me that they would even think it could be true and I didn't want to be around that vibe anymore. It didn't feel right at all. She just kept talking about it.

I am just uncertain about how I should even feel about my family. Because they really tend to let "outliers" have a say on their life and what it will mean in the future. They don't seem to like to take their lives upon themselves like I like to. I know this is a little personal, but what isn't said on the internet nowadays? lol. PLEASE tell me what you think? sorry it's so long..

thanks to all

~<3 CMM

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Tarheel: You create your own future.

Remember the past, be cognizant of the future but live in the present.

Take personal responsibility for your life. I would ignore the "psychic".
Be smart & trust yourself.

cryssmo: Agreed.

I have been smart enough not to fall in their footsteps thus far, so I feel that I am capable of straining myself from having babies any time soon. Thank you for your response. I needed that because it feels horrible having family tell you to "watch yourself" instead of "keep up the good work". When they should have been telling themselves that from the beginning. I understand that family and elders just want the best for you, and they tell you their experiences so that you will make something better out of it. Sometimes they take it too far and think they know more than they really do. I know better than to follow any one of my family members footsteps. I have known that for a long while now. thank you again!!

Quinton: I have a hard time taking

I have a hard time taking anyone's advice, including family, when they have made the very mistakes they are telling me to avoid. Talk is cheap and if people's own lives reflect very little of the virtue they talk about then I pay very little attention to what is said. So many people want to tell others how to live and they want to control other people's lives because they are unhappy with their own lives. Many parents try to live through their children because they know they've messed up in their own life.

I don't think trust within a family should be a given. Trust should be earned, including with family. Just because people chose to raise you in this life doesn't give them a free pass to anything they want to do. I've always been a bit confused by the attachment some people have towards family. I view the entire human race as my family and just because somebody is a blood relative doesn't make them any more or less family than someone else. I would much rather choose a friend based off the content of their character than stick with a family member that I happened to be born into. I value people by who they are, not by their blood, race or creed. So don't be afraid to go against your family. They're just people.

I don't know much about you, but I do know that if you're on a site like this honestly looking for advice then that is something that should be admired by anyone, especially your family. How many of your family members would humbly go and seek help on a forum and then carefully weigh and consider the advice they receive? How many of your family members would go against their family simply because it is the right thing to do? How many of your family members would put the time and effort into studying and practicing love, virtue and wisdom rather than simply talking about it?

Asking a psychic for advice is a lazy, easy way to get advice. And most psychics aren't in the business of helping people -- they have to keep feeding people bullshit to keep them paying. There are a ton of psychics out there who will keep feeding people crap about how the whole world is against them so that they will keep coming back to the psychic to feel good about themselves.

Think about what the psychic actually said and then think to yourself if that is something a spiritual, loving person would tell you, even if it was true. Who would tell somebody something like this? Somebody living in fear, somebody living in the ego, somebody who themselves is hurt. A spiritual person doesn't talk about the result, they talk about the cause. They wouldn't say you're going to be in a broken family in the near future. They would talk about the causes of the broken family. They would talk about why your family will be broken. They would talk about what you are doing now, the cause, that will later create this effect. But this person isn't doing that at all for a number of reasons... They don't care about you, they have nothing bad to say about your current lifestyle/decisions and they make money off your family and others who want to give their power away to him.

You're already seeing this yourself and you're going with your intuition because you get the hunch that something doesn't quite feel right. When you get these hunches you're usually right. I get them myself from time to time. You know that despite what is being said something doesn't quite add up.

I think there is value with psychics, but there is much greater value in you. You have the ability to trump anything anyone says all by yourself. No matter what anyone says or anyone believes, only you have the ability to set your future by your current actions. Nobody can take away or change the power that you have yourself. You can create any future you want, period.

With this psychic in particular I would look into their past predictions, their past history and the people that are currently getting advice from them. You can always tell a lot about somebody by the people who associate with them. Are the people who are currently with this psychic improving their lives? Are the people actually getting better and becoming stronger and more independent? Or are people who get advice from this psychic becoming weaker and more dependent on him?

I'd have to know more about you and the story to really give you my take but I don't think you need to know much more. I think you already know what is going on and I think you have already answered your own question. You control your life and your destiny. If you are taking steps and preparing for a healthy future then you will have a healthy future with a great husband, despite what these people say. I would just give such little value to people giving advice that have made horrible decisions and offer very little wisdom themselves. And I think you know this and feel the same way. Thanks for sharing.

obsrvantlouie: Excellent advice

And eloquently said. Words of wisdom to live by for anyone involved in such family debacles. I can relate.

Thanks Quinton

RickyJG: Psychics

Well here is my take on it. I think that the Psychic is just out to get something maybe he is still trying to get with your sister as you mentioned he tried before. The reason this so called Psychic is probably talking about you in particular is probably because your sisters and your family mentioned you to him.

My advice to you would be to remove yourself from the drama your family creates. Its kind of crazy to hear you say that your half sister pawned your television set and that your other sister's kids were taken away. There is so much drama in your family and it is all self created. If you even for a moment start thinking about what they told you then you are already creating for yourself. It will happen to you. It seems like your family loves to plant seeds in your mind and now the only problem is will you continue watering the seeds they planted and create or uncreate it with better thoughts, only you have the power to create your own future. if you continue watering the seeds with your thoughts guess what will happen, they will eventually bloom and all the things the so called "psychic" "pantero" predicted will start happening to you,not because he read into your future but only because you created it for yourself.

I myself can read energies and I also see spirits, but charlatan psychics are only in it to hurt people and to make money off of people and their weaknesses. Although I myself can pick up on many things such as colors of energy(chakras) I only give advice to better a person and relate messages given to me from others in the spiritual realm.

My take an all of this is that maybe its time that you remove yourself from the drama your family creates. I myself am a big believer in that family sticks together but only to a certain degree. Just because someone is related to you in blood it doesn't necessarily mean you have to let them hurt you and always be there for them every time they decide to make a mistake.

I get 2 major things out of your post the first one is that your involved in too much drama and you keep mentioning that you don't let certain things affect you but you are letting all this take an affect on you. 2nd thing is you are trying too hard and you are not being present in the moment of now, you keep sending the universe mixed signals ,that is why all this drama continue s to follow you. I can guarantee you that unless you set your mind to fully change your ways even if it means cutting off some of your family members the same thing will continue to happen. It is time you get off your merry go round mentality. Sometimes jumping off can hurt and cause some major changes in your life but I can guarantee you it is so much better to jump off than to continue riding on it and getting hurt. We are all part of the oneness and only you can decide for you no one else can. You can stop your own drama by connecting to your true self . Simply just stop giving your energy away to your family members and cut the drama they bring to your life one thing you should start doing is simply loving yourself.

cryssmo: I really really appreciate

I really really appreciate your comments and this site. I am relieved to know that I am not wrong for feeling like I shouldn't trust some people in my family. I can say that I do let it bother me a bit, but I try hard to avoid it because I know it's not good for me and my spirit. I will soon be getting my own place and will have my peace and quiet for a change. I am so excited to finally start my own life. I am strong enough to know that I will not let those thoughts ruin me. I trust myself with that ( ; THANK YOU SOO SO MUCH FOR RESPONDING ~<3

Tarheel: You are following your intuition, seeking peace.

We hope you are as happy as the smile in your avatar says you are.

True peace comes from within. I sense/feel you are on the right path to find your own peace.
Good luck & godspeed.

You get an extra tasty treat.
This is a staple in my arsenal.
You have to be real.

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