Small Greys vs. Large Greys

by Logical Chaos on November 26th, 2017

There seems to be two main types of greys from the UFO community.

In his video and website, Bob Lazar claims to say that the government has been in contact with Greys from Zeta Reticuli which are small, 3.5 ft to 4ft tall, referred to as "kids" by the government. There are also many abductee reports describing short Grey beings.

Then there's people like Phil Schneider that describes another Grey type being that lives underground and is tall, which he refers to as the "large Greys".

And then recently, on "Hanger 1" TV show on MUFON, they had a close encounter case where a man driving down a road alone saw an alien craft "scan" his car and then the craft opened up one side and revealed 4 aliens inside, two small Greys holding hands, then two large hairy Greys standing behind the smaller ones, also holding hands. They showed a drawing of the sighting. I was amazed by its possible profound meaning.

Now this is where I get confused: Is the small Grey's just younger versions of the large Grey's? As they age, do they grow in height? Is that why Bob Lazar said the government called them "kids"? Is that why the large ones live underground, is it that they "retired" there?

Or are small Greys and large Greys really just two different species?

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Quinton: From my understanding the

From my understanding the small greys are more the worker bees while the large greys are the smarter ones that give the small greys orders to complete. I think I've also read that the small greys are more robotic where the larger ones are not.

Maffiemaffman: From my understanding

Exactly right about the greys... the smaller ones are the workers maybe controlled but are more robotic.. from what i could gather they have also played there part in abductions... they do show signs of being interested in humans tho.. a friend told me one got in the back of my dads car an sat behind me, i felt its presents before they told me.. that was at rendlesham forrest

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