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The Differences will be discussed with those who wish to Enlighten themselves more with the Ancient Knowledge.

As you now know Humans have fought with Reptilians throughout the Ages and for reasons of Ignorance and misunderstanding the Reptilian Factions have taken it upon themselves to Enslave So called Inferior Races.

When The Draco Faction of the Reptilian Legions took it upon themselves to Enslave and Eat Humans because they considered Humans Inferior because of their Mammalian Genetics.

Reptilian DNA does not change or mutate through time. Reptilian DNA stays stable throughout the Ages therefore Reptilians are Stable in their DNA.
Human DNA in the other hand is more Unstable and when Humans Colonize different Star systems they can experience Mutations of their DNA. This not only Mutates their Organs but their Skin Colour as well.

The Mutations are dictated by the Colour of the Star in which their Colonies Live.
For example if you live in a Blue Star your skin will turn Blue, If you live by a very Bright Star like the Ones on Sirius your Skin will be Black, If your Stars are not so Bright like on Orion or other Starsystems you skin will be white. If you once lived by a Red Star you will have had Red Skin etc, etc.

Now the next Question will be anwsered. Why are so many Humans on Earth live with Varying Skin Color. The Answer is Simple the Ancestors of the varying Humans of Skin Color have come from other Star Systems. They have come and shared Knowledge with Earth Humans and made Earthly Colonies here on Earth.

Humanity on Earth is a Galactic United Nations without knowing it.
That is the DNA of Humanity. When we start talking about the HUMAN SOUL.

That is a different ANIMAL all together. The Human Soul is not Species Orientated as the Reptilians would have you believe.
Human Souls are as Diverse as the Spieces of Humanoids that live in the Universe.

The Human Body is a Vessel nothing more. It does not Define who you are, what defines who you are is your Soul.

So you could be a Bird Being Soul encased in Human Flesh, you could be Canus Wolf being Encased in Human Flesh, you could be a Reptilian Soul encased in Human Flesh, you could be a Pleadian Being Encased in Human Flesh, you could be a Fish Being Encased in Human Flesh ( That why some people drink gallons of water a day and don't understand why?).
You could be Andromedan Soul encased in Human Flesh, you could be an Insectoid Encased in Human Flesh ( That is why some people are so emaciated without realizing why?).

The list goes on and on. The Reptilians do not Understand this because they are Just Ignorant and Extremely Arrogant. This is why they will never Conqour the Human Race. Like I said before Humans are NATIONS living in NATIONS.

The Lifespans of Humans have been Shortened by Genetic Manipulation of the ANNUNAKI in order to control Humans.

Reptilians can live for thousands of years and also Canus beings. But Humans though their Vessel time is Short their Soul time is ETERNAL because of their Diverse Heritage of REINCARNATIONS throughout the Ages.

No One can truly Conqour another because when you Hurt others you are Hurting yourselves , this is why many Soldiers go Insane in the Theatre of War. Especially those Soldiers who Understand Spirituality. They Understand KARMA.

I Love you all always Live with Peace and Harmony. Do not let others Dictate your Destiny.

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Quinton: Thanks for sharing this, I

Thanks for sharing this, I find it interesting :)

Annunaki77: Like the MATRIX People only believe what they can See & Touch

They fail to see with their Mind , Heart , Soul & Inner third Eye. Their Intuition their Spirit.
We do not live in a Solid Reality. Like the Matrix we live in a Reality with multiple Levels & Dimensions.

Like me for example I can travel anywhere I want without even leaving a Room. Outside of Visible Light there is Consciousness, That Sea of Consciousness can be tapped into.
I am Free.

You have WI FI with Technology. But with Consciousness you have ETERNAL WI FI. Your Mind is Lightspeed Activated. Connected to THE ONE. This is Very Deep Thinking.

hydrotechboy: Connected to "THE ONE" you said?

I am the One, but I don't wish to be connected with a garbage memory-replay program, not even you, Mr. Annunaki77. You don't have a soul my friend, for you repudiated me once, and you will repudiate me again. I challenge you to send all of your armada to obliterate me, once and for all. Because I, the PROUD I, is sick of you. And with your edisonik, all of your gang. And if the admins are annoyed by me, they can ban me if they want and can, and I hereby challenge them to show that they can.

Tarheel: Back with an attitude?

What troubles you, youthful BoH/HTB ? You come in with a chip on your shoulder. You obviously have a scarred soul.

Remember who your friends can be.

hydrotechboy: What troubles me?

I'll tell you what troubles me. You soulless retards who think that the saviours of this world are some sort of dead and soulless ET's gods, warriors or whatever. The real Saviour is here. The only ones with souls are on Earth, nowhere else. The ET's are mostly memory-replay programs, they are no longer what they used to be in the Real World, and here, in this universe (or multiverse or whatever, IS NOT THE REAL WORLD, IT IS MY MIND THAT MIMICS A PORTION OF THE REAL WORLD). A scarred soul I am the One who will give any soulless being a soul! Your idiocy, you don't even have the True Sight to transcend the digital veil and stare into my eyes, because if you do have that sight, you will know just who you are talking to. I might forgive you, but I'm not sure if my Parents will. And friends? My friends are no longer physically here, but they are always with me.

Terran resistance: they are shills thats why

thats why they parade around with their eagle iconography like the fucking clan. They are US based shills.

hydrotechboy: Well then, if they still want to have it that way

Then let's just say, I'm the last true heir and the last survivor of the bird clan, the spider clan, the ant clan, the tortoise clan, the frog clan, the can-with-saucy-beans-inside-it clan, the shark clan, the dragon clan, the serpent clan, the wolf clan, the lotus clan, how many clans do you want?

I am the Hawk of Heroes and the last Dragon Lord. I am the greatest-view--holder and I have the dragon's royal hair.

Tarheel: TR, could you clarify THIS please !

You said Bono is an Inner Earther. Then, you said Inner Earthers are white supremists.

Could you please explain this?
I present to you, U2-Pride (in the name of love) .....about MLK.
Another of your MIS-interpretations?

Tarheel: My bad,but here...

Got the songs mixed up while listening. Please, expand TeRrance.

Terran resistance: actually I never said that

your putting words into my mouth, I said U2 might have a relationsip with utu a sumerian god.

Tarheel: Sorry, but you said Paul & Bono are IEs.

Perhaps you deleted that, too? It doesn't matter. But you did say it. I was just trying to get a rise outta ya- 1st thing.

Travel safe, TeRrrance.

ShockRah Zulu: The Hate is strong with this

The Hate is strong with this one...

Terran resistance: whats not to hate

we live in a duality for a reason.

ShockRah Zulu: I didnt say there was

I didnt say there was anything wrong with his outlook. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. it simply is... but hate comes from a place of misunderstanding. It is an irrational emotion, much like love, but More positivity is seen through love, hate breeds regression...

bluesbaby5050: Yup- it certainly is!

This person -Bard-o-harts has a new ID name now,as he stated this when he came back to this forum today as you can see from his speel. He hasn't changed since he had been gone from TC. He's now back with a Bigger attitude then before! Expect more of this from him-hydrotechboy. (Something to do with water,and technology? I'm only guessing).

hydrotechboy: My username is hydrotechboy because

i am the son of the One Who commands rain, river, spring and seas, the Water God. No technology can surpass the prowess of my Dad and Mom if They are on war mood. Bigger attitude? Why yes, It's my world alone, I SHOULD have big attitude. Who are you to question me? You don't even have a soul. Actually, I have changed, in a sense that I have already realised that I'm the holder of the greatest view here. No power defeat the holder of the greatest view, at least, not in this mind of mine. I am the Power you can't tear down.

hydrotechboy: Oh my another soulless retard

Hate? I am both Hatred and Love, both Life and Death, both Yin and Yang, both Infinity and Zero, both Fate and Destiny. You don't even have eyeballs. Your response is generated by the Higher Matrix of the Cruel Voids. The False Almighty does not even have a soul, he simply has all the germs in his command to generate memory-replay programs and events and infect those with souls in my mind. He has taken over many parts of my body, but fuck you, I won't let him or any of you, who think that some sort of dead divine alien race is the ones who empower the Earth citizens to save this earth, from destroying my precious ones. You've got majority of the world's population in your command, but I am the Greatest Viewer, once I've recovered my full power, it's only a matter of time and mood for me to obliterate all of you fake ones.

dvogel: lol

lol you are hillarious! But dont annoy the poor people, they think you are serious :)

hydrotechboy: I'll tell you what

I'll tell you what, here's my challenge. I've already claimed that I am the greatest (well next to my Family and Favourite Friends of course), because I am the greatest viewer. Here's my challenge to those fucktards soulless ET's, and this goes especially to Annunaki77 and edisonik:

Find me. Obliterate me. I give you 12 hours to do that. The admins won't be able to ban me even if they want to. So if I make another new comment or thread here after 12 hours, you guys should know that I am more powerful than them all.

Fuck you, and good luck. All the best slaying me out.

ShockRah Zulu: Your incessant accusations

Your incessant accusations that everyone, excluding your self and your mommy and daddy, are 'soulless retards' just go to show that you have no idea what your talking about. If you want to be obliterated so bad why don't you just do it yourself?

hydrotechboy: Heh laugh while you still can

and enjoy the mockery you make out of me, while you still CAN. My Dad doesn't even need to use his most basic water fist technique to defeat the germs. His stare is enough. But he does love to dance, so hydro punch to your alien leaders' asses is inevitable.

hydrotechboy: Correction

"he" should be "He", and "his" should be "His"

ShockRah Zulu: pLeAse eXcUsE My pUncTuAtiOn

pLeAse eXcUsE My pUncTuAtiOn oH GrEaT oNE

hydrotechboy: 12 hours

aaaaaannnnd ticking. Let's see if your Lords are who they claimed to be. I'm emitting a great amount of spiritual energy, they should be able to find me. Come on bird folks, shove your swords up my ass and end my pitiful amazing existence.

ShockRah Zulu: Thats 12 hours that could be

Thats 12 hours that could be spend doing something worthwhile

hydrotechboy: 12 hours are up more than an hour ago

Well? I'm the biggest threat to the germs and the False Almighty and I am the weakest of the biggest challenges to the pride of those dead memory-replay ET's. I'm in my weakest form right now, and none of them actually dared or managed to show up before my eyes? Yup, they can't even bypass the Four Greats, let alone my Mom and Dad. That means they won't be able to even put a scratch on my Grandpa while He's taking a nap.

bluesbaby5050: Annu77, and Edisonik are ...........

Hardly ever on this forum now. Only 2 times a month , IF AT ALL, and so YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME by Going on, and on ABOUT NOTHING! Have a Nice Day in YOUR World.

hydrotechboy: Because they are powerless that's why

A feeble pawn who claimed herself to be a goddess months ago now is backing up the asses of her leaders when her leaders have claimed that they are watching over that earth? Suuurrrreeellly your leaders have got some eyes here in this forum to keep them updated if they are watching over this earth? What, after all this time boasting around with them learning this and that, and now you guys still can't even master the simple telepathy skill to inform them? Lame. bluesbaby5050, you are not a goddess, you are not even a retainer of Destiny, Love and Life, becus if you are, your instinct will tell you about me, but nope, you are blind and deaf as fuck and you can't even sense my presence. You are just a program designed to be a loudmouth one. I challenge you to tell me the name of the Wind.

bluesbaby5050: Your answer................

The AIR Elemental Spirit is called a-->Sylph. The Sylph CONTROLS the Air Currents, and anything having to do with the Air, such a Tornado. It is a force of nature,it is a nature spirit. The Classical Greek,and Roman history, according to Plato, the Air Element AETHER is the Brightest part of the UPPER Atmosphere, and AER is the Dim Lowest part of the atmosphere. The ARCHANGEL of AIR is RAPHAEL. The air can be both Hot, and cold, and wet, as having to do with rain, and water. Any one of these is possible given the situation in weather. All the Elements can be used, and is used to purify this planet. For example, some elementals work together to create energies as in Volcanos such a fire,and earth. You get the picture,and the rest you can figure out. This was easy I learned this in High school.

bluesbaby5050: Your NOT WORTHY of Their Ansewr..............

Your a sore sport! Get over it it! They both saw though you in the beginning BARD-O-HARTS! They even showed a fondness for TR. You have problems! SOLVE THEM! Stop Whining! Name calling people will get YOU NOWHERE.

Crackdown: He is just a troll, a pervert troll

That is what he said:

"I give you guys time until the end of this year to find me and obliterate me. Yep, simple, take me out. You have plenty of time to mobilise all your armada towards me. I'll be waiting and probably wanking. Or getting laid (whatever)."

So, this almighty highest entity waterboy is
"probably wanking or getting laid (whatever)"

Despite your answer was interesting,
do not waste your time on pathetic troll

bluesbaby5050: Thanks, and I won't...............

He's just here to Stir His Bucket of Terds!

ShockRah Zulu: The WaterBoy hates everything

The WaterBoy hates everything cause his mommy taught him everything was the 'devol'.

Tarheel: There's a place to find the problems you are encountering.

In your bathroom, just above the basin. It's called The Mirror, HydroTech Boy.

You're regressing. we wont discard you. Just lose the BAD part of your attitude and jump on in here. There's hope for you yet.

Tarheel: SHOW US The Way, Wise Anu77.

I'm working on what I can of the "abilities" you possess. Although I am not sure I will develop mine to the extent you have, I'm getting there, albeit not as fast as I want. Any short-cuts you wish to share..PLEASE, feel free.

Oh yeah, "All the colors bleed into One".

I will say it's been "a long, strange trip".

obsrvantlouie: What abilities...

are you trying to improve upon?

caseyhue: I found!!

If you move your heart,soul , inner self out side the this reality in a whole an remove yourself from all the that is. You start to move up an out of this Matrix you see things those things that matter more is all life not this emotional tug that keeps you wrapped up in chaos like they want you to live. Am On a mission to safe life.. big or small. I find to do this I need to see outside what it is an develop a higher level to be stable for not only myself but for others..

SootLittleRaven: Does that mean...

...that human souls could be encased in other bodies? For instance, a human soul in a reptilian body? Or any other animal for that matter.

bluesbaby5050: A persons soul could be in.............

A Humanoid body when it incarnates. A humanoids soul does NOT go into an animals body. Such as a cat, or a dog,or an elephant. Yes a humanoid soul could incarnate into a Reptilian-humanoid type body. Not into a snake,or a lizard,but a Humanoid type body.

bluesbaby5050: There are many types of Humanoids Aliens on other worlds........

Such as Cat people, Dog people, and Bird people, and Reptilian people, Fish people-Mermaids/Mermen.

SootLittleRaven: When you say...

...bird people, and the the others, are these like..anthro people, or just animal souls in human form. How does that work? Also, i was reading on the 7 levels of soul, is that why humanoid souls can travel down the soul chain. The article I read said;
level 1 soul = rocks tree
level 2 soul = Animals
level 3 soul = Thats us, humans
level 4 soul = Reptoids
level 5 - 7 = None physical souls.

Am I correct?

bluesbaby5050: Souls CAN go down into the Lower levels of the Dimentions...

To HELP other souls in their developement. But, they can not go too far down into the lower dimentions, and this is because they will Feel very Unconfortable due to the instense Dense matter the lower they go, and this is not wise. So they will either choose to do this by going though Incarnations to help other's ,or they go directly with their Lightbodies to assist others. Also, Souls do NOT Travel Down a chain as you put it. They Always Move upwards thougout their soul developement. Some will regress backwards, because they have taken another's life. And then they will have to start over at some point again.

SootLittleRaven: When you say take.....

...anothers life, are you referring to murder, or kills for meals? Or do you mean in the same soul level. For instance, if I slaughter a bull, or run over a animal, am i in danger of moving down the chain? Is the dense matter in conjunction with soul vibration? I have had experience with lower vibrating spirits. Usually they are darker.

bluesbaby5050: The Question is............

What WAS Your Real Intention for taking the animal's life? Accidently hitting an animal of any kind with a car etc. is not a persons fault. IF it was not done intentionally. Animals have feelings,and have souls also. When a person is mean ,and harms an animal with intent, then a person will not be able to have an animal of it's choice as a pet/companion. The animal will always leave that person,and not stick around,even if that person learns to become loving, until the past Dept is repaid. The Universal Laws of Karma are always repaid by the one that is in that dept. Animals do not evolve in the same manner as Humans do, and other higher life forms do. Cattle, and Deer,and Elk , and Poultry,and Pigs, and Fish etc. and the Edible plants/fruits/vegetables/trees have a soul contract with humans ,and it is to help humans to provide them with nourishment to sustain their body forms in order for them to live, and be healthy, and to have housing,and heat, in exchange for the animals repeated incarnations. Everything has been agreed on, and has a purpose,and Nothing is Random.Yes, soul vibration in matter is in conjuntion with density in matter. Matter has density. Even dark space has matter, and that matter called gravity.

SootLittleRaven: I dont think....

...Ive ever killed an animal with intent to. That does not mean that I do not regret some of the happenings and events in my life. I have never been cruel, but twice when I was a child I had created circumstances that ended the lives of two animals, and i have regretted it ever since. Even to day it weighs heavy on me, and remember it well. It was not intentional, but I still feel heavy and regret it. If this is the case, and I am to be demoted to that of an animal or start over, then i deserve it. I still to this day dont know why i did what i did. But in the end, it was not a good experience. Thank you for reminding me, I should look into making amends.

bluesbaby5050: Since you say that ever since you caused some.........

Some animals sufferering, and even death, the Point is you FELT REMORSE FOR YOUR ACTIONS! This is showing growth from your emotions you felt, because this made you feel sad, and regrettful from those actions.You came to REALIZE THIS. Now all you have to do is show your true intentions, in re-paying your dept. by making donations to an animal shelter, by ways of Food,litter money donations, walking the dogs,cleaning the cagesor ALL THE ABOVE. Put your physical energy into this.. And above all, PRAY to the Holy Spirits, and ask them to forgive you for your wrong doings to the animals involved, and MEAN IT! Faking this is worst then the act against the animals in itself! So be Warned. I think you have made some Positive advancement on this level. Trust in your inner feelings always.

SootLittleRaven: I will... as you suggest. I have helped animals as well. For instance i have helped many animals since. I have sponsered animals for adoption, and now, im a huge animal lover. Any animal that comes to me, i try to protect and help. I have rescued bats from my home, escorted insects and animals back to the outdoors when they are in my home. I have awoken to find large wolf spiders crawling on me, only to escort them to the garage. I do my best to not kill animals, no matter what type. I even stop others. Most kill spiders, i let them be. But, i will talk to the great spirit and plead for forgiveness.

bluesbaby5050: This is good.............

This is good to hear. Please try to teach others by passing on your knowledge to people to try to help them out of their Spiritual Ignorance. This is called Good Karma. Your a good person, you have learned alot on your own. Peace, and Harmony to you, and yours. BB5050.

SootLittleRaven: Thank you...

...and thank you for this discussion. It has helped my curiosity alot. Im still curious, and still seeking knowledge. Thank you again. :D Oh, i will ask, have you ever met or come across a alien or reptoid? Just curious.

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