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by Quinton on July 28th, 2014

I wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be updating this site in the next day or so. This new update will look at bit different but all the functionality and content should remain the same. The main benefit of the update is to allow for easy mobile and tablet viewing, plus the site will be a bit more modern. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. There may be a few bugs here and there but they will be fixed. Thanks!

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obsrvantlouie: I'm looking forward to this!

I have been operating from IPhone for the last few months and will be for the remainder of summer. Frankly - the site functions pretty well for me but I welcome any advances.

Tim Lovell: bring back direct to article

bring back direct to article on multipage thing rather than scroll thru loads of posts :)

Quinton: I finally got this fixed. It

I finally got this fixed. It's been bugging me a really long time too. I originally stopped having all the comments on 1 page because it was slowing down the server, but then having multiple pages broke the links. It should be fixed now :)

bluesbaby5050: I did notice this happening.....

And thanks again, and great work Quinton. This site of yours is fantastic, and it turned out well. It has come a long ways since I first joined Truth Control a few years ago. Your very talented, and everything is so much easier to find, and the cateloging is well done too, and the graphics are just beautiful ! The whales look awesome! :-)

Tarheel: Thx !

I liked it when we clicked on the comment and were taken to that comment.
We appreciate your "de-bugging" capabilities.

Tim Lovell: Yes thank you Quinton you are

Yes thank you Quinton you are awesome! a miracle worker :) I cant even get rid of adware lol....

Tim Lovell: Quinton also another request

Quinton also another request , can you please place a a `clear new` button at the top buy our avatar picture and the respone/email icons so that we don't have to click them to go into the archive `then` click the clear new button inside etc, also pls make the new notifications or mails highlighted on windows as they only are highlighted on my ipod/phone not in windows for some reason..

Quinton: So I'm sure you can tell by

So I'm sure you can tell by now that the site update has taken place. There are still quite a few things to clean up over the next few days, but hopefully the general functionality is still there and you can browse and post like before.

bluesbaby5050: The new changes to this site is ' awesome' Quinton!

I love it! What a total change over! Good job, and well done!

cosmicstorm: Impressive

For several seconds of getting on the site, I literally thought I somehow accidentally went to a MMORPG Game because I'm using my phone and bb's cover picture for the top article/forum post was at first taking up the entire screen. Now to get accustomed with this new look. Great Job! :-)

obsrvantlouie: I'm really enjoying the update

Nice work Q!!

dvogel: Very nice work

just a shame that it's messed up in IE 11 (I know it's very 90's to use IE) but in chrome it works perfectly.

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