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by Quinton on March 13th, 2012

As some of you are aware, this website has been having a few issues the past day. The database was growing very large so we decided that it needed to be moved to a place that had more storage. Unfortunately, during this process some data was corrupted and we had to revert back to a backup momentarily. Once transferred the database was still pulling from the old directory so we had a mix of data being served from the old location and the new location. If you lost pages or messages that you created I am very sorry. This type of thing usually goes over very smoothly and I am very disappointed with how the transfer was handled. I could have shut the site down, but this type of thing normally takes about 10 minutes and is very straight forward. Unfortunately there were problems and we've been working behind the scenes to get everything up and running. Things should be good now, but if you lost data from yesterday I am sorry. There really isn't much we can do about that at this point.

As for security questions and hackers, this has nothing to do with any of that. The problems that you were seeing was a result of us moving the databases and having problems getting everything synced back up correctly. All of your data is still safe in the same location, it's just that when we moved the data internally ourselves we had a few hiccups. I hope you guys understand and hopefully nothing too important was lost.

Thanks much!


HebrianDaniel: is that include a new design

is that include a new design and new forum type to our website? if yes its will be awesome
we should upgrade our website to make way much better

bluesbaby5050: To Quinton--this is---

Really good to hear.Too bad we/I did not get a notice before hand. Thank you for saying this is what happened.BB5050.

Quinton: Normally on a major update I

Normally on a major update I would give a notice beforehand. This was supposed to be a 10 minute thing that goes unnoticed (like other things we do all the time behind the scenes), but for some reason this didn't quite go as planned and it ended up taking a lot more time and having a lot more issues. Not too happy about it :(

bluesbaby5050: IT'S ALL BETTER----

It's all BETTER now! We are just glad to hear the good news,as we were all worried. Thank you Quinton.BB5050.

Fal: Q, these things happen. I

Q, these things happen. I have been a site/forum admin on a number of places, and even by taking the proper steps, things can become 'lost in the nether'.

Glad to see it was only a days worth of posts, and not more.

wmarkley: it happens

Its kool, as long as everything turned out ok, no harm, no foul. its all good.

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