Sir Evelyn De Rothschild Net Worth: $20 Billion

by Quinton on September 13th, 2014

I was recently doing some research on the world's wealthiest people (on paper of course) and was surprised to see Sir Evelyn De Rothschild on this list at #39: I was surprised in the way that he has a paper trail of $20 billion dollars now that people can see.

Most of the people who study the Rothschild family know that they are one of the wealthiest families on the planet and that the family's wealth far exceeds any billionaire list. The assets, industries and nations they control make the world's billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet look like little boys.

But people who study this family also know that they are very secretive in their wealth and they avoid the spotlight as much as possible. I find it interesting that they actually show that he is worth $20 billion. To greater show how odd this is, if you look through the Forbes list of Billionaires you won't find him listed and you will find his American companion David Rockefeller listed at #589 with a net worth of $3 billion (which is also played down):

So if they're able to estimate a paper net worth of $20 billion for just one of the Rothschilds you have to really wonder how much this family really is worth. The wealth of the Rothschilds isn't through regular businesses like it is for most of the world's billionaires. The wealth of the Rothschilds is through war and world ownership.

Another really interesting piece I gleaned from the article here:

He is also a member of the well known Rothschild family, and the financial advisor for HM Queen Elizabeth II.

But of course he is. After all, the Rothschilds and the Windsors are closely connected to running the New World Order. It is interesting to read this in a more mainstream publication. And of course, the Rothschilds are the bankers for the Vatican and the Windsors are the executives for the Vatican who claim ownership over the world.

Now if only this list would include assets such as the United States Corporation, the Federal Reserve System, the IMF and a few hundred fiat controlled nations and kings then we would really see a serious net worth.

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Daisycutter: Quinton


Tarheel: Agreed

ALL the net worth figures are grossly UNDERstated.

Tarheel: But, "SIR" Evelyn ?

I don't know any guys named Evelyn....only girls.
Maybe it's a limey thing. Enthrallment with monarchy & "creative" banking certainly is.
Hey, maybe our very own TL is a closet banker. D'OH !

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