Here is what the house LOOKED like BEFORE IT DROPPED INTO THE HUGE SINKHOLE, while a man in Brandson, Florida was sleeping last night! A HUGE SINK HOLD OPENED UP UNDER HIS BEDROOM,AND SWALLOWED HIIM UP! He is now presumed DEAD! His brother arrived on the seen,and trid to jump down into the 100 FOOT WIDE SINKHOLE TO FIND HIS brother that was just 36 years old.The sinkhole is reported by the Rescue units that the hole is getting wider,and deeper as they are still trying to retrieve the man thought to be dead now. Here is one of many Sinkholes opening up in the citiy streets,in the woods,and under people's home in their neighborhoods in the state of Florida!

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bluesbaby5050: This sinkhole is now over 100 feet across,and the...........

Depth is not yet determined as it is way too dark,and deep ,and Un stable to go down inside to search for the body of the dead man. There was reported a family of 5 people, and 2 dogs that were inside the dark house when the sinkhole started to open up the grandmother reported to the rescue workers. She said it sounded like a car had crashed into the house,and she heard screams from the children in the darkened rooms screaming for help. The dead mans bedroom was located in the center of the sinkhole in the house the reports stated. The rest of the family is now staying in a motel.the dogs made it to safety too.

Annunaki77: Draco & Falcon Battle more Draco casualties

It was sad to see some people die, but the Battle Continues with the leftovers.
The Falcon Clans are cleaning house with few leftovers that are still out there.

Annunaki77: As the Battle gets worse there will be more Sink Holes

And heaven forbid Large Draco's escaping into USA Neighbourhoods to Escape the Royal Falcon Gaurds , now remember these Beings are 18 - 22 Feet tall , 1800 Pounds, Birds vs Reptiles.

If they hit the Surface the Media will try to Cover it up.

The Falcons will not fail to secure the Underground of the USA.

The Surface is Toxic to Draco but not to the Falcon Clans.
This is a Covert Extraterrestrial Operation.

HebrianDaniel: then what stops youre

then what stops youre falcons friends to land on earth?

bluesbaby5050: Ya, The Royal Falcons are a Tough Breed.................

Of Bird-Man Ya sure Why Not? We have Frog-men LOL! And there are many other types of Aliens, that exists thoughout this, and other Galaxys ~:-)

BenjaminFalkenrath: Falcons Here

I've felt for along time that They've already been here. For quite some time now.
In fact, I feel like if you count earth times, they've been here on & off for many ages now.
I mean Falcons, They're fast swift and with mercy when it comes to their prey, especially the likes of the nastiness of the reptilian scum. I will be happy when they're all eradicated!


Humans Panic very easily.
Especially with their perception of Reality as well as Hollywood Movies.
It would be a bad Idea.
But it will eventually happen, sooner or later.

This Covert thing won't last for very long. People have to broaden their Minds.

Terran resistance: its funny how

its funny how no proper contactees have reported bird looking people, one would think that you were not telling the truth....

HebrianDaniel: i dont see yet any evidance

i dont see yet any evidance of falcon/bird man nowdays.
can you show me any evidance that can prove their exitance?

edisonik: There will be no need for Evidence

If you do not believe in our Divine Work , well then believe in the Work we do through ANU77.
The Surface is Human Territory, the Inner Earth is Now Falcon Territory.
Some of you exercise your Free Will, and we understand that you want tangible evidence, but if you had any evidence would you believe?, you wouldn't.
If your hearts & minds are closed we cannot help you, it is your Free Will we cannot manipulate.

The Enlilites are working hard at decieving you and taking your Divine Free Will through Compliance, in Religion and Compliance in these Oppressive Laws.
Will you defend your Liberties and Independance?, if you do not you will be destroyed, you cannot become friends with the Alien Agenda, if you abdicate your Free Will , you will be Destroyed because you are the Damned. You were not supposed to Exist with Free Will, Lord EN KI willed it.

Your whole History has been screwed up to serve this Alien System. There were some Civilizations that exercised Free Will & Independance, America is the Last Beacon of Liberty if it goes the Human Race will suffer greatly by the Hands of Extreme Tyranny.

In Space there are many Battles occuring you just do not see it, as well as Inner Earth.

HebrianDaniel: okay then why not visite my

okay then why not visite my house that whould be interesting to see you in the reality.

Terran resistance: hahaha that will never happen

because chicken men dont exist

bluesbaby5050: Many different types do, even if we don't see them, this ....

Does NOT mean that they do Not exists somewheres. Canis do, and so do the Felines, Dolphins do,and the Whales do,and very many others do too. So this is POSSIBLE.

Terran resistance: except...

i can see whales and dolphins, I can see their inteligence with my own eyes >.>
just becuase the dog star is called the dog star doesnt mean dog people live there... thats like saying bull people come from the pleiades because its in taurus... and we all know that isnt true,
and aliens dont post on conspiracy forums and they are not allowed to talk to terrans about all things outside of their reality otherwise they get into deep shit.

People like that do a great disservice to the ancient astronaut theory. The fact that they are unable to speak for themselves speaks wonders about their intent.

Terran resistance: all they do

all they do is quote what youtube says about aliens and talk in parables and compare aliens to computer games like mortal kombat, if you believe them I really do feel sorry for you.

bluesbaby5050: I speak from my Own Life's Experiences,and not............

From Fabricated Lies,and Falsehoods. You know TR, That SOME people have experienced many different levels of reality then others like you have in the physical 3D . You are QUICK to JUDGE,and this is lower vibrations. Not Good for getting into ,and staying in the 5TH Dimention, and the Higher Realities!

Terran resistance: actually

I dont doubt your experiences, I actually believe you... but no reliable contactees have come forwards saying eagle and dog people come from sirius.. that is what im saying....

bluesbaby5050: You/Yourself ,and the rest of us Humans ................

Have 22 TOTALLY Different Types of ALIEN DNA withIN YOUR/our BODIES! THINK about this for a while........ Then ask before you go to sleep, to be Shown what it is you are asking for? And by the way, this is you going/turning inside for your answes to all you want to learn/know.

Tarheel: So, TR isnt a stool pigeon like his avatar?

I have a braided beard like my avatar. And Im an Ancient Astronaut Theorist. I cant tell you where I'm from, though GT.

But, THEY speak up (for themselves & us) regularly.

Terran resistance: i spent half of my life

i spent half of my life since the age of 13 searching for answers sorting through the shit on the internet, answers do not come as easy as this, this is what I have learnt.

bluesbaby5050: Then Why don't you just Stay AWAY...........

From the SHIT on the Internet TR? Make better choices while you SURF THE NET! LOL!

bluesbaby5050: Then You Should Go.............

INside YOURSELF,and Not around on the OUTside trying to find your answers. All your answers will be found from a person's HIGHER SELF=THE GODSELF/GODHEAD=Your inner self,all is contained there. Seek it out,and Look from WithIN. This the Universal Truth TR. You will make it. Blessings form the Source to you TR.

Annunaki77: You are correct knowledge

You are correct knowledge does not come easily.
But since the Kods are here you have it, wether you believe or not is a different Question Entirely Terran Resistence.
You think everything can be written off.
You can't write off what is being taught here.

Annunaki77: You will get your chance HebrianDaniel

But the Question will be can you handle it HerbrianDaniel?. You will get your chance.
The Falcon is not joking, do not mock him, he is not one to be played with.

Tarheel: Will it, Falcon Master.

A State of Independence shall be. I have seen it. I had a dream, 1 man fell down and then 13 people fell down, then 300 more tumbled-all 3 "waves" fell into the abyss.
Then, approximately 7 billion stood up. There was a LIGHT shining.

edisonik: You are using your Consciousness, that is Great News Tarheel

ANNU77 is proud of you , I am proud of you the Elohim Honor your Message.

Tarheel: I would like to think it's nothing new......

...because I have been trying. Sometimes I get off track, but I ALWAYS come back around as soon as I realize it. Mine is not as developed as ya'll's, but I do what I know to do about expanding mine and putting it to good use.

Hopefully I will learn how to further develop my Consciousness. It's been a "work -in-progress", and it will continue to be. I promise you, I wont ever stop trying. You asked that of me once, a while back. I promised you I would NOT ever quit or give up.

bluesbaby5050: I for ONE do believe in Your great works, & Annu77's too!

I have Faith in the Falcons,and I have already felt the battle in my underground areas in my COUNTY, as the Falcons removed the Draco's,and their co-horts from the bases in my state last fall. I heard the loud BOOMS, and then I felt the Quakes under our houses from this battle taking place. So did the whole EAST COAST during the same underground battles with the Draco's in the underground bunkers all along the Eastern Seaboard. I never needed to see proof of this. I am aware of the galactic warring taking place between Jupiter,and Mars in the asteroid belt. A huge fleet containing Draco warriors were taken out,and destroyed hiding near the planet Jupiter! It was a good thing that our alien allies made their targets count, and they were able to destroy them, or we would be in alot worst trouble then we are now if they had reached our planet Earth! We give them Thanks from all of us.

Annunaki77: Sooner or Later we will see great things

Falcon is a True Warrior I trust him with my Mortal Life.

Tarheel: Sorry-duplicate


Tarheel: Me, too.

I've not met him face-to-face, but I trust EDi the Great Falcon Master with my life. He has to be real.

bluesbaby5050: And so DO I...........

So Do I Sir. Yes we will see many great change's take place when the Dark Lords Resign for Good. They ruled for 13,000 Years now, and now it's time for the Lords of Light to Balance the Forces, and it has Already been Done in the Higher realms,and now it flows into the physcial realms. Peace and Harmony to Planet Earth,and all the people with her.

Silenci030310: No doubt there deceiving us

No doubt there deceiving us im with you guys these dark forces need to be dealt with and yes we are awake and ready to defend ourselves from anyone. Thanks for the info bb5050

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