SINISTER SITES of the Denver Airport in Colorado,U.S.

Here's just one of the very many new statues that have recently been built at the Denver International Airport, in the state of Colorado in the U.S. This is The Horse of The Apocalypse. It has Red Glowing Eyes at night time. It is said that when this statue was being created by the Artist. Luis Jimenez when it a portion of the statue came loose and fell on him, killing him. It is said that this is a Horse from Hell, and is Cursed, because it represents Evil, and evil intentions, purposes for Humanity. Here is the Link to this Denver Airport, and it's many evil pictures, and statues, and symbols.

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bluesbaby5050: I Forgot to Add...........

There is a video at the bottom of the page that has the Link from the above information on the bottom of that page of information having to do with the info. above. ( Sorry about that).

Silenci030310: every time i go to the

every time i go to the airport i always see that horse and i see those murals it always gives. Me that quiet bad vibes, and all that flat free open space land i wouldn't be surprised if there is underground activities going on down there, where in the middle in the USA

Tim Lovell: hmm yeah I saw a programme

hmm yeah I saw a programme showing Denver has underground base connected to the airport or something and had a weird mural in it

Silenci030310: I seen it i live in dwnve, i

I seen it i live in dwnve, i even seen many mason symbols in dtown and arvada there here, im not sure if other other states do too im sure they do, when i get a chance i take some pictures of those symbols in arvada there is one in the floor where you walk at too

bluesbaby5050: I did some research on this............

And it is said that this is to be used ( in the near future) as a work/death camp. There is a reported 8 levels down in to the earth below one building, and 6 levels down below another building, and chain link fencing, and barbed wire over the top of this fence that is facing on the INSIDE-to keep people inside the fenced off areas, above the ground when they first arrive for processing. And this is said to be connected near some railroad tracks going in to this huge area. Also, a 4 lane road that is 10 miles long with NOTHING else around only barren land to be seen for miles. Not even a gas station near by for any gas refills. It is said that the underground areas will hold thousands of people in corral type spaces. It is also said that there are many kids working underground in this huge complex already, and when they can't work any longer they are killed on the spot, and then they are consumed by reptilians that are down there supervising the labor work force. It is said that the Denver airport area will be close to the NEW WORLD ORDERS HEAD QUARTERS, and the other one will be in the southeastern region located in the state of Alabama, U.S.

bluesbaby5050: Some Added information about ..........

The UK queen is said to be buying up a lot of land in the city of Denver, and the state of Colorado under a FAKE TITLE-NAME, because she plans to Re-locate to the U.S. in the near future, because she knows that the UK will have large areas of land covered by the ocean waters, along with Europe, and she is preparing to leave the UK when the timing is right. She has some information leaking out of her business lately, unknown to her.

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