The Silver Cord – What Is It and Do You Have One?

The Silver Cord – What Is It and Do You Have One? Do you ever wonder if you are truly connected to the astral realm? Well you are most certainly. Your astral body is linked with your physical body by a silver cord. Every living person has a silver cord whether they are aware of it or not. So rest assured knowing that your physical body is joined with your astral self 24/7 as long as you remain on this planet. Besides keeping us connected, what else is there to know about the silver cord?

Give Me a Lifeline:

You obviously know that you are more than just a physical being. You are a multidimensional spiritual being that doesn’t hang out in a body all day long. While asleep you may travel off to uncharted territory and magical realms on the astral plane. Fortunately you can never stray to far as you have the silver cord to lead you back home to your body lying comfortably in your bed.

Your astral body is linked with your physical body by a silver cord.

The silver cord is often described as a long elastic cable made of light or energy. It appears to be approximately one inch in diameter and sparkles much like the tinsel on a Christmas tree. It is extremely strong and can stretch on and on practically forever, so you are not limited by distance in your astral travels.

You might consider the silver cord akin to a leash—albeit a very long one. It keeps you tethered to your physical earthly body while you roam about on the spiritual plane. Some mystics also refer to it as a sort of spiritual umbilical cord that keeps your soul and body connected. Whichever way you view it, it is comforting to know that you have a lifeline between these two bodies.

So what happens if the silver cord breaks? To put it simply, the connection between the physical and astral bodies is broken and death occurs. Not to worry though, breaking a silver cord doesn’t happen easily. Nor can it be severed by anyone. Only when the agreed upon hour of death occurs can the cord be severed and the spirit return home to light.

Astral Travel, OBE’s and NDE’s and the Silver Cord:

The silver cord keeps you connected to your body while you experience astral travel, an out of body experience (OBE) or a near death experience (NDE). Researchers often have interesting stories to relay when discussing the silver cord and these occurrences.

Among those describing their out of body experiences, many have seen the silver cord attached to their bodies. Most commonly people report seeing tinsel like cord attached to the abdomen much like an umbilical cord. Others report seeing a silver cord attached to the top of the head, forehead or back of the head. Some also mention the cord connecting to the chest or back.

According to NDE research, the silver cord can connect to various locations in the body, but it almost always hooks up with a spiritual center in the body—either a chakra or endocrine gland. In addition, you can use different locations during each and every out of body experience. One day you may go through the abdomen, another day through the head.

Many astral travelers see the silver cord once they project out of the physical body. It is often used as a trail to help you find your way back after wandering about on the astral plane. Yet some people who have OBE’s don’t see the silver cord at all. Even so, the energetic connection is still there keeping you tethered.

So whether you are a seasoned astral traveler or just interested in the psychic realms, the silver cord is a fascinating subject. It is just one more indication of the connection between our physical and spiritual bodies throughout our earthly journey. By Laura Hamilton.

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LoliApolys: Astral travle is fun but can

Astral travle is fun but can be dangerous and your cord can be cut you will either die or go vegetable if damaged. Not to scare anyone but I hate when they put this nothing will happen to you bull. Try coming across something that attacks you and tries cutting your cord and see what happens. It is strong yes I agree and not just anyone can cut it. So rest assured that if your sparing with your friends your not going to kill your selfs. You have to know how to do so and that's not something really found on the Internet. But if you off world travle be sure you know the proper way to protect your body here and your Astral body from harm.

TriThorntheReaper: she right

she right it is very dangerous. i bin stabbed in the chest on the astral. i was lucky it was not fatal. you need to all was be ready for a fight. i had a friend that got his heart rip out luckily he had special armor that stabiles him to keep him alive. if it was not for that armor my friend would be dead. Also he lost a hand there to and he could not use his hand on the physical plain till his astral half got his hand reattached and fully healed.

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