The Significance of Bob Dean’s Project Camelot Testimony

The Significance of Bob Dean’s Project Camelot Testimony. [click on image to enlarge]

Excerpt: Meet Bob Dean. Bob, according to his bio, spent twenty-seven years of active duty in the US Army where he retired as Command Sergeant Major. He also served in Intelligence Field Operations and was stationed at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), the military arm of NATO. His Cosmic Top Secret clearance opened the way for his study of UFOs. Bob has been a whistleblower of tremendous courage and is respected by a spectrum of lightworkers.

According to him, in October 2011, he had a near-death experience and, instead of being allowed to depart and go to the astral planes, Bob was taken aboard a mothership and met with the galactics, who showed him what life would be like after the shift that is to happen at the end of this year (or sooner).

Bob has broken the wall of silence about the galactics, Ascension and the Golden Age. He has validated that there are ships out there, that they are manned by human species from other civilizations who are here to protect us and help us to ascend, by Steve Beckow.

Ellen has very kindly made a transcript of a good portion of Kerry Cassidy’s interview with Bob Dean and Clifford Stone. It covers Bob’s trip to the Galactic Federation mothership (seen on the video from around 33 to around 41 minutes) and more. I’d like to discuss Bob’s trip and its significance, from my vantage point. March 9, 2012-

There are two camps of lightworkers opposing the dark cabal. One derives its information from whistleblowers and insiders within governments, civil services, militaries and black operatives. The other derives its information from channeled messages deriving from celestials, ascended masters, and galactics.

The first camp looks upon the information of the second as unproven, often unreliable, fantastic, easily subverted, etc. The second camp looks upon the information of the first as useful to an extent but limited in value, partial, open to interpretation, sometimes tainted and misleading, etc.

Until this point in time, the two wings have pursued their lines of investigation more or less separately. Some commentators may combine some elements of both but the two have often been at loggerheads. On occasion people from the first camp have said that people from the second jeopardize their credibility, especially around subjects like UFOs/spaceships or false-flag events. People from the second camp will participate in events like the Neptune expedition which fail to materialize and receive quite a drubbing and even sometimes ridicule from the first. And so their history has gone in recent years.

Enter Bob Dean. Bob, according to his bio, spent twenty-seven years of active duty in the US Army where he retired as Command Sergeant Major. He also served in Intelligence Field Operations and was stationed at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), the military arm of NATO. His Cosmic Top Secret clearance opened the way for his study of UFOs. Bob has been a whistleblower of tremendous courage and is respected by a spectrum of lightworkers.

According to him, in October 2011, he had a near-death experience and, instead of being allowed to depart and go to the astral planes, Bob was taken aboard a mothership and met with the galactics, who showed him what life would be like after the shift that is to happen at the end of this year (or sooner).

So now one very respected member of the first camp has seen what all of us in the second camp have been studying for years. We have the first respected representative from the whistleblower camp having verified elements of the account being put forward by the channeling camp. This is one example of the tangible proof we’ve been asking for but, more to the point, it’s the first time a member of one camp has verified the information of the second.

I wish I could tell you what I did learn (I haven’t had many secrets shared with me while I’ve been away but this was one) about another person who apparently has been aboard the ships and who decided that his life would change for the worse if he acknowledged it and so decided to remain quiet. But I respect that person’s choice and will not name him

Not everyone who goes to the ships will be prepared to testify about it. Bob however more than makes up for it by being willing to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fate by stepping forward and telling the facts of what is occurring right now.

So consider, if you will, that Bob has broken the wall of silence about the galactics, Ascension and the Golden Age. He has validated that there are ships out there, that they are manned by human species from other civilizations who are here to protect us and help us to ascend.

Consider now the position that Kerry is in. Kerry read Arthur Clarke’s Childhood’s End some years ago and has ever since feared that there is a malevolent galactic presence out there just waiting to take over the Earth. There was in fact a malevolent presence so she is not incorrect. But that presence has been pushed away from the Earth by space coalitions who serve the light such as the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command.

However fear dies slowly in some quarters. The task of convincing commentators like Kerry, and I could name a few others, may take personal experiences on their part or … well, we know that the galactics are shying away from anything like a mass decloaking that could scare terrestrials – at least until after the cabal has been removed. Until that time, Bob Dean and perhaps others like him who have gone to the ships and have stature in the whistleblower community will be the means of quieting the fears of commentators like Kerry.

Certainly in time, I think, Bob’s disclosure (and we were told that disclosure might occur through gradual and individual events like these) will go down in history as a watershed. Bob was uniquely positioned to have real impact in bringing the two camps together. I’m not sure we’ll have Kerry, David Wilcock, and Ben Fulford reading SaLuSa next week, but we may see a softening of their opposition to the second camp of the followers of channeled messages.

All that having been said, there are portions of Bob’s interview that should be read with discernment. I’m not sure I agree with all his comments on the financial situation, for instance. But I also don’t regard that as the meat of the interview.

I hope that Graham Dewyea actually interviews Bob on his Our Galactic Family radio show and gives Bob a friendly platform to go into much more detail about his trip. You can see that Kerry wonders whether the higher-dimensional galactics will prove reliable, whether they’ll just abandon us once they have done their work, etc. What might Bob share if he was speaking into a space that understood the commitment and the work of our space family on our behalf?

Kerry Cassidy Interviews Robert Dean and Clifford Stone

Kerry Cassidy: There are governments out there that are also being contacted. Just as individuals are being contacted, governments are being contacted. Are they not?

Clifford Stone: Yes.

KC: Okay. And so this kind of dynamic is we don’t just have a political situation that could become unstable with, say, Iran or North Korea or China or Pakistan, but the idea here being that they may be making agreements with some off-world visitors, that the ones we made agreements with, the US, that is, don’t get along with. And there’s also issues within the US itself, within the US military. The Army’s got one group that they’re talking to, the Air Force is talking to another group, and the Navy is talking to another group. Isn’t that right?

CS: Yeah, but you only have a small nucleus of people who control all of the information. And it may not be military personnel that is doing this. And it may not be your elected officials.

KC: Sure.

CS: And that’s a scary situation.

KC: Okay. And that’s also true. We’ve got a military right now in the US that’s very discontent. And, Bob, you can speak to this as well. You’ve got a son who’s been working for these people who must hear all kinds of things. And they’re being told to do certain things that they know is not in the best interests necessarily of the United States, for example. Is that right?

Bob Dean: Let me tell you something. It’s not easy to say that there are the good guys and there are the bad guys, and we’re in the middle. That’s true to a certain extent, and it’s been true for the last ten thousand years, but it isn’t particularly true today, because a third party has entered the game. An advanced culture – and God knows who they are and what they are – but they’re higher in the anti – what do they call it, the hierarchy?

These guys at the top of the hierarchy are primarily spiritual in nature, and they had intervened. And they have said, “Listen, we’ve had enough of this bullshit where you’ve warred among yourselves, you’ve had these clan disagreements,” and blah blah blah blah, this family and that family, and that culture and that group, that’s going to cease.

Because the human race has been in the damned middle for so long now that they’ve reached a critical point in their evolution and their development. And we’re going to have to see that the human race survives and makes this awkward, painful transition into a new race, into a new species. And this higher element, this higher spiritual element in the hierarchy, has intervened. And they have literally said, Kerry, “Knock off the bullshit. We’re not going to have any more of this. There’s not going to be any more planetary wars. We’ve had enough of that. We’ve lost too many millions of people over the years. We’re going to control this carefully. We’re going to give them encouragement, we’re going to give them an opportunity, and we’re going to assist them to make this awkward transition into a new race.”

Now, the only reason I’m hopeful now – when I used to go through this, I was very depressed and very cynical. Because I’d seen so damned much of the knock down, dragged out brawls, not only among our own people, but among some of these guys!

And then I found out that there is this third party now that’s involved, that couldn’t care less about the clan disputes and the family disagreements and all that, all they care is to see that the human species makes this awkward transition into a new race and can reach out and take our rightful place in space and go to the stars where we belong, for God’s sake.

KC: Okay. But that’s their intention, that’s what you’ve been told they want to do because you were taken off world by them supposedly –

BD: Yes, I was. And they’ve given me encouragement.

KC: Okay.

BD: And they’ve showed me the future, Kerry, and the future is glorious! We are going to make it, and we’re going to look back at this awkward period, this blackness that we’ve been through for the last century or two, and we’re going to look back like students of history and say, “My God, look what they went through! Look what they did to each other!”

We’re going to look back from the future into this particular time and place, and we’re going to say, “How in the world did they pull that off? Here they are, killing hundreds of millions of people in these wars, butchering each other! This has got to cease! We can’t let that race off the planet until they evolve and grow and mature where they can be safe!”

KC: Okay, but, Bob, these – that rationale, when you’ve got these races, off-planet races who have been warring with each other for eons! So maybe there’s a new guy on the block…

BD: Let me tell you something.

KC: …maybe that new guy is orchestrating things here, but actually, I’m going to sit over here and I’m going to be suspicious of even that new guy.

BD: Well, it’s all right to be suspicious, and I know where you’re coming from.

KC: Did you read Childhood’s End?

BD: I was talking to Joe Farrell not too long ago, at another conference. And Joe Farrell has written The Cosmic War. And The Cosmic War is a true story of a war between interplanetary intelligences. And they literally damned near destroyed each other! They destroyed a planet beyond Mars, for God’s sake, in our own solar system!

But that crap has got to cease! And I have had the opportunity to meet guys from the higher level who said, “We’re not going to allow that to happen anymore. We’re going to give you a chance to make it.” And the only reason I’m hopeful – and I told you this privately, earlier – is that I have seen the future, and there is a future for the human race, and it’s beautiful!

KC: Okay. And I appreciate that, okay? And I would agree with you. And I think a lot of people listening to this, who will listen, will agree with you. That’s why we’re all here, that’s what we’re working for. But the work is still to be done. And what I want to do is keep eyes on the ground right now. And I want to talk about the idea of what’s right before people. Because this is 2012, we’re going into 2013, and some of these years are very crucial years. Okay? As you say, these are going to kind of be the years in which the transition happens. So this –

BD: It’s happening right now.

KC: Exactly. So what I want to talk about here is, first of all, yes, you have a lot of bad kids in the class, okay? And those involve the Illuminati, some of whom are basically being run by certainly groups of Reptilians, certainly a group of Anunnaki that may not have our best interests in mind. They’d like to clear the planet, they’ve got – they’ve got big plans! And they’ve been working on those plans for a very long time. And both of you have – must have been face to face with that agenda.

BD: Their agendas exist because they exist, and they’ve had some of their own personal agendas for eons of time. But their plans for our future don’t mean diddly squat! Because there are these higher developed cultures out there that have now intervened. And they’re going to see that the human race is going to be allowed to make it!

KC: Okay. And you’ve said that, and I agree. But the thing is, the idea here is not that somebody come in, organize the schoolyard for us, and then they go off on their own business and then we’re left to deal with it. The idea is that we learn to walk on our own.

BD: We organize the schoolyard ourselves!

KC: Okay. So there is a great importance for the human race to take sovereignty, to take their rightful place as members of the galactic community.

BD: Once they under –

KC: And to recognize who we are, and to…

BD: Once they understand who they are, yes.

KC: …recognize the gifts that we have. Okay?

BD: The human race is precious. The human species is so unique that they told me – when I was with them for six weeks, I was asking them question after question after question. I found they were as interested in me as I was interested in them! And I asked them why. And they said, “You human beings don’t grasp who you really are! You have a unique genome that is unique in the galaxy. You’re made up of the patterns and the parts and pieces and genes and whatever of at least 12 different races in the Universe. And as a result of that, we think of you as unique. As a result of that, we look upon your little planet as probably one of the ripest and richest zoological gardens in this quadrant of the galaxy.”

And that’s the first time I realized that the galaxy had been divided into four parts! I didn’t even realize there was a quadrant. And they said, “Oh, yes, you’re the most unique and precious zoological garden in this quadrant of the galaxy.”

KC: Absolutely…

BD: “We venerate the planet, we venerate the flora and fauna on it, and we’re going to see that it survives.” Now, I’m getting this from the higher level.

KC: I hear you, and I appreciate that. So, Clifford, because both of you have been threatened, both of you have had children who died in most unfortunate circumstances – isn’t this true? And I don’t mean to bring up something that is hurtful. But the bottom line here is that you’re both whistleblowers, you’ both came forward, you’ve both put your lives on the line, you’ve both been threatened in a myriad of ways. Okay? And people out there, people need to realize that this is the case. You’re not just out there pontificating, you know, talking off the top of your head.

CS: Like what the Sergeant Major was talking about, like I was told, that we are a race, on this planet, that is capable of such wonderful and beautiful things.

BD: Infinite possibilities.

CS: Absolutely. But yet we do – we have the capability of doing such horrible things to one another. And, I think that the Sergeant Major was saying the same as I, when, you know, we have to spiritually grow. If we don’t spiritually grow, we’re going to fall victim to our technology. They don’t want that to happen.

KC: Okay.

CS: And initially, the initial contact was to insure that it didn’t happen accidentally because they wanted us to know, you know, “The other side’s not launching against you. We’re here. And you will, from time to time, pick us up on your radar. We will, from time to time, appear to be missiles coming in in a threatening way. So you must make sure before you launch your death and destruction that you really are under attack. But you must not let this happen.”

And as we grew, actually, to an understanding, MAD was something that they held over our heads – and MAD was mutually assured destruction. You go ahead and put a surprise attack on the United States, we’ll live long enough to kill you.

BD: You destroy us, we’ll destroy you.

KC: Absolutely. But we’re still dealing with that. In fact, we’re dealing with something with Iran right now, and Israel, in which we’re coming to another one of those situations. And I have a whistleblower right now that I interviewed last night who said that there was a Bay of Pigs situation going on with regard to Iran and Venezuela, with missiles that were supposedly, you know, put into Venezuela by the Iranians, etc., etc., and they actually said that there were some ETs from off world that intervened.

Now, my understanding is – and people don’t realize this – but I also have a whistleblower who used to set up his camera on his deck in LA, and he had it on all the time at night, and he would film the fight, the war going on between us and them. And this was not the Russians, the Chinese. It was off-worlders.

BD: I know Ed, honey.

KC: And the guy was killed.

BD: I know Ed. And those weren’t wars. Those were operations, those were exercises, but they weren’t wars.

KC: Well…

BD: If there were wars out there, if there were cosmic wars going on around our planet, this planet would be in pretty damned dreadful shape.

KC: But it is in dreadful shape.

BD: Well, it’s not as dreadful as it could be!

KC: Oh, no, that’s not true.

BD: Well…

KC: And what do you think the chemtrails are doing? They’re covering up – among other things, besides changing the atmosphere to make it better for a hybrid race that the Grays have now created and are going to inhabit this planet on some level…

CS: They will never inhabit the planet.

KC: The hybrid race will.

CS: No, they won’t.

KC: Yes, they will.

CS: No…

BD: This planet is going to be preserved, Kerry.

KC: They’re human. They’re half human.

CS: Yes, but we are human. This is our planet. And in short, what we do with it, it’s up to us.

BD: We’re the flora on this planet. [laughs] We’re the fauna on this planet.

KC: I agree, we’re the caretakers. Sorry, we’re …

CS: And should there be a hostile force that was to invade us, we would put up a valiant defense. We couldn’t win without outside help, but that outside help would come and help neutralize the threat, then leave immediately as that outside threat, or that threat was neutralized. I know this to be the case. Yes…

KC: Okay.

CS: … in early years, we would go ahead, we would go up and attempt to shoot UFOs down. July 26, 1952, an actual order was given to shoot down UFOs.

BD: They revoked it damned quickly, didn’t they?

CS: They revoked it by 5:30 that day.

BD: You’re damned right they did.

CS: The Soviet Union, to this day, still directs UFOs – directs that their pilots will fire upon the UFOs.

BD: It’s a big, big mistake.

CS: Absolutely. And they’ve lost planes as a result of that. The British did a report, in 2000, in December, 2000, that talked about how little knowledge we had of what the – or what the British – or what the Russians did as far as the UFOs that were over there.
In December of 2000, the British released a report, and of course people say, “Well, the British went ahead and said there was nothing to UFOs.” The report doesn’t state that. The report even goes ahead, talks about radar sightings, about aircraft sightings, and even about possibility of some crashes of our aircraft occurring, their aircraft occurring, because of UFO sightings.

They know, and they put this right in the report, that the Soviets make attempts to shoot down UFOs and have lost aircraft in the process. And I have a copy of that entire report.

KC: Okay. But if we’re working, you know that our government has got alliances with some of these groups, some of them that are not positive. In other words, what’s transpiring on the planet right now is not positive in part because we have a rogue group running the US, which is not our government as we knew it at one time.

CS: And that’s the greed of men.

KC: Okay? But it’s also that they’re working with a group of ETs.

CS: Yes.

KC: And therefore it’s not just human against human, it’s not human against ET, it’s human and ET against ET.

CS: You think the good guys aren’t watching over us?

KC: Absolutely.

CS: I tell you this right now. You have people on this planet that aren’t what they seem to be.

KC: That’s right.

CS: We call them Watchers. And the whole situation is they’re not going to come in and impose their will on us. It’s imperative that what truly happens is the will of the people of this planet. But you may have to make sacrifices. But if the powers that be right now choose to listen to the evil side, they’ll let that go for a little while, but once it becomes a threat to humanity as a whole, then like what the Sergeant Major said, some outside force will step in.

BD: Let me tell you something – if I may interject something, Cliff – the good guys out there – whoever the hell you think they are, and whatever, it doesn’t matter – they orchestrated the end of the cold war. They came over our missile silos here in the United States, they hovered over our missile silos, where we had these intercontinental ballistic missiles that had 12 independently targeted warheads, each one with a one-megaton warhead, and we were targeting the Soviet Union. And the Soviet Union had the same damned thing targeting us!

Well, when Reagan was in office, and Gorbachev was in office, these good guys came down and hovered over our missile silos, and they not only knocked off the computers, they melted the warheads in our missiles! And they scrambled the guidance systems so badly that if the missile had ever gotten out of the silo, God knows where it would have gone – Miami or Schenectady, it wouldn’t have mattered, because it wouldn’t have exploded, it’d just leave a hole in the ground.

KC: Okay.

BD: They did the same damned thing to Gorbachev’s Soviet Union, outside of St. Petersburg, outside of Moscow. They hovered over the warheads, melted the warheads, scrambled the guidance systems and brought an end to the cold war.

Now, it even happened as recently as 1980, at Rendlesham Forest, at Bentwaters. I talked to Charlie Halt, who was the Deputy Post Commander there, and I says, “Colonel, the word I got from a general recently was that they screwed up the warheads and scrambled…” He says, “Screwed up, hell! They stole some of them!”

Now, these are the good guys. And the good guys said to Gorbachev, and to Reagan, and to anyone else who was listening – and believe me, the Chinese were paying attention – they said, “You guys are not going to screw up this God-damned planet, you’re not going to destroy yourselves, there will not be a nuclear war. We’re going to see that you do not do that.” And now these are the guys that are in control.

KC: Okay. They may –

BD: Now – let me finish. There are alien groups that are pissing and moaning in among themselves, and among us, and moving things around and causing trouble here and there, but there is that third party beyond them that’s in charge.

KC: Okay. If they’re in charge, they’re doing a hell of a bad job.

BD: No, well, you tell them about it!

KC: I will!

BD: And if you want to run into them and meet one of them face to face as I have…

KC: I’m sure I have!

BD: … you be prepared to give him some guidance on what you think would be the answer!

KC: Well, that’s what we’re doing here. Okay? These people, from off planet, we’re their progeny.

BD: We are their family.

KC: That’s right. And therefore, we have genetics. And therefore, like child is father to the man, we have every right to stand up and speak to them and tell them what is right and what is wrong with what is going on here, okay? And that means a lot of the different races. We are related to a lot of races out there, and you know it.

BD: I can see this adolescent child standing up and saying, “Look, pop, I’m going to tell you what I think needs to be done.” And father looks down at the brat and says, “Well, good. Tell me what you think. But in the meantime, I’m going to keep your ass out of trouble. I’m going to see that you don’t go to jail, and I’m going to not let you blow yourselves up in the meantime.”

KC: Okay. But we have – let’s get serious here – we have – we are on the verge of civil war in the United States, and you know it, both of you, okay?

BD: No, there’s no –

KC: Our military is extremely discontented. Our government is – well, the secret government is working very hard to funnel most of the money into their black projects. We’ve got in essence a rogue civilization that’s living – going off planet using technology that is wild beyond our wildest dreams, and we are here – here in what, 2012? – and we don’t even have cars that fly. We are using old technology. They’re demonstrating through NASA, they’re taking astronauts off the planet in an unconscionable way in tin cans that blow up and kill them. I mean, we have a situation here that is actually not in a great state of affairs.

And we are on the verge of – these games they’re playing, with chemtrails, they’re ruining humans’ health across the globe, especially in the United States, we’ve got underground bases, we’ve got Dulce experimentation on humans that is going through the roof, we’ve got biological weapons labs across the nation, we’ve contaminated the planet with radiation, from Fukushima, now in north of Chicago and here in San Onofre we’ve got another plant, some of which is being triggered by the powers that be.

So they are playing games, and they’re not jus fun and games, they are very serious games. They are messing with us…

CS: They can go ahead and play those games, but the situation is we, an unknowing and unsuspecting public, let it happen.

BD: Let me…

CS: In short, I’m a retired service member. I love this country dearly. If anybody threatened this country, I would lay down my life for our way of life. Out of all the countries in the world, this country right here as the greatest form of government. But what makes it great is the people. And we can talk about the evils of the government, and the evils of the industrial complex, but ultimately we, the people, have the most powerful weapon in the world. This is what it is. And when it’s time to vote, you vote. When you think that there are things that are wrong, you correspond with members of your government.

Now, they may not – in the case of UFOs, you’d better believe I do a lot of writing to a lot of senators and a lot of governmental agencies, and I’m quite sure they hate that. But, as I told a major once when he asked me, “What difference does it make to you if the Pentagon has 50 flying saucers?” I went ahead and I said, “Sir, you have the luxury of not knowing the truth. Unfortunately, I do not share that luxury.”

Now, experiences such as the Sergeant Major’s and mine, we may have different experiences, but when you put them all together, they paint a picture. And the situation is, why are we talking? I guarantee you, the Sergeant Major loves this country just as much as I do, and we may be old codgers, but if you threaten our way of life, we would take up arms…

BD: I pledged my life for this country, and I still hold to that.

CS: And that pledge is still dear to our heart.

KC: Okay. But you do understand you have a government…

CS: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

KC: … that is ready to put people like you guys and me and probably a few other people in this room in jail for talking about the truth. Because they want to keep secrets, and they want to continue with their way, which has become basically a rogue society, okay, behind our backs.

CS: They don’t want me in.

KC: Okay.

CS: Let me put it to you this way.

KC: Why not?

CS: They don’t want me in because the whole situation is I don’t like what’s going on and I wouldn’t cooperate. When I first got started being an interfacer, okay, fine, I went along with it. When I saw we were hurting people, I drew the line in the sand there. That we did not have the right to go ahead and drive people to the edge where they committed suicide, where they lost their families, they lost their job… They would have to go through ridicule because of things that happened to them.

When they’re involved in something, we give a prosaic answer knowing that it’s not the right answer. And I said, no, this isn’t right. I have a moral obligation to go ahead, throw myself on my own sword, no matter what people thought of me, no matter if they thought I was crazy, thought I was lying – didn’t make any difference. What was important was to go ahead, come out and say, here is what really is going on. Now, why is that important? Because it goes ahead – hopefully, and I had one experience with that, since my new book got out. And it gives people the courage to say, this is what happened, at least to their families. And they owe that to their families.

At some point they will go ahead and start thinking, we need to come out and talk too.

KC: That’s right.

CS: And, you know, it’s got to start somewhere.

KC: Okay. So they didn’t let you in their old boys’ network, and yet you were an intuitive. You must have had intuitive knowledge. Not – I mean, you were used to contact, to deal with any survivors, isn’t that right –

CS: Correct.

KC: … in the craft? And so you have a unique ability. So, with that same ability you have the ability to see beyond the façade with the old boys. So although you weren’t let in the way he was let in, you still know what he knows. Isn’t that right?

CS: I’d agree.

KC: Okay. Bob, they let you in. Why do you think –

BD: I’ve been on the inside for many, many years, honey. And I’ve been a maverick.

KC: Yes.

BD: I started off…

KC: Thank God.

BD: …quietly, keeping my mouth shut. I got along just fine. Then I became pissed off. I got angry. Has nothing to do with courage, it’s anger. I got angry as hell, and I’m a command sergeant major retired, and you don’t piss me off and push me too far! Because then I start pushing back! So I ended up becoming a threat, then I became a nuisance, and I’ve learned since that I am now an asset! The reason I’m alive –

KC: But… you played their game to some degree.

BD: Well, I played it along to a certain point. And then I reached the same point that Cliff reached. I said, “I’m not going any further with this.” I saw too many lives ruined. I saw careers ruined, families destroyed, people committing suicide. I saw things, honey, that would curl your hair! And I said, I’ve had enough of this shit! I’m going to tell the god-damned truth whether they like it or not!

And that’s when they threatened my ass. They tried to take my pension away. They harassed me with black helicopters and SUVs, phone calls at three in the morning. I went through the whole nine years! Until I fought back. I says, “I’m carrying a gun, I’m a marksman, don’t push me too far, I’m going to start shooting people!” And you realize, they walked away and backed away from me, and left me alone?

And here I am, 2012, 83 years old, ornery as ever, and I’m speaking to you with honesty and from my heart.

KC: Okay. But you have friends in high places…

BD: Yes, I do, a few of them are still around. Most of them are dead.

KC: And I [think? Know?] Clifford does as well, and I know I do.

BD: Look, I’ve known some of the guys in MJ-12, honey, personally!

KC: I’m sure you –

BD: And most of them are dead now. I don’t know who the new crowd is because I’ve been out of touch for quite a while.

KC: Okay.

BD: But they still exist, and they’re there. You call them the black government, you call them the secret government – doesn’t matter what you call them, they’re there.

KC: But they’re still messing with people.

BD: Oh, they’re messing with people. Look, you’ve got the Trilateral Commission, you’ve got the Council on Foreign Relations, you’ve got the Bilderbergers, you’ve got all those guys, you call them the Illuminati. That doesn’t matter – doesn’t mean shit, you know. You can call them anything you want, but they exist. But there are powers beyond them.

KC: Great.

BD: And they don’t like that.

KC: I understand.

BD: And they don’t real – they don’t yet have come to terms with the fact that they can push the human race, the American people, whoever, just so far, and that that third party is going to intervene in a big way.

KC: Okay. But what we do is equally as important as that.

BD: Of course it is!

KC: Okay? What the people out there listening to this, and the reason we’re having this conversation is to reach those people. Okay? To get those people to get involved. To get them to realize that there is a war [ ????? ].

BD: I want – I want people to wake up, Kerry. I don’t speak publicly anymore, I don’t travel well anymore, I’m getting old and I’m getting tired. And my patience has been stretched to its limits. And I don’t have a lot of patience anymore, and like my dear friend, Robert, there, I get – I get to a point where, god damn it, I’m going to stand up and raise holy hell. I’m going to be a command sergeant major again. I’m going to take names and chew ass!

KC: Okay.

BD: And I’m going to do that ‘til the day I die!

KC: I hope so.

BD: And I damned near died in October! But my have – I have good friend sin high places, no pun intended, who brought me back and told me that I had to come back because I wasn’t finished yet, and part of what I had to do when I came back is sit with you in an interview and tell you, from my heart, what I’ve seen, what I’ve learned, and what I leave with the people on your film is I want to leave them with hope.

KC: I understand.

BD: With all the darkness and all the blackness and all that bullshit that exists out there, there is hope.

KC: Absolutely.

BD: There is a future for your kids and your grandkids and your great-grandchildren, and this human race is going to make this transition, and we’re going to survive this transcendent transformation into a new species, and we’re going to the stars, Kerry, where we belong! We’re going out there to take our natural place in that infinite community of life!

KC: Absolutely.

BD: And that’s the only thing that makes me feel that life is worthwhile. Because I know, having seen their future – and they have shown it to me – that it is glorious!

And I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you unless I believed that in the depth of my heart. And I want to leave that with your viewers.

KC: You’ve done so.

BD: That there is a future, and it’s glorious, and there is going to be a tomorrow! And dispense with this bullshit about doomsday, because every time some poor human being on this planet dies, it’s doomsday for him! But that’s not the end of life!

KC: That is true. But we need to handle a situation that’s going on on the planet right now that requires human beings to not just –

BD: We have to participate in it. We have to participate in our salvation.

KC: They have to participate through consciousness…

BD: Yes.

KC: …okay? And they have the ability, because we are, again, their progeny. We have those powers. We can fly, we can do anything we want to do. We can create reality, we can destroy reality.

BD: Honey, the human spirit is infinite. We have power we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

KC: That’s right.

BD: And once we realize who we are and what we are, and we start expressing that power, there’s no end! We can change anything!

KC: Okay. So what we want people to do is, we want to educate them, we want to wake them up, and we want to give them the tools by which to change their reality…

BD: And that’s what you’re doing with these films.

KC: That’s exactly right. Now, Clifford –

CS: Well, I’ll back up the Sergeant Major in that we’ve got enough going on out there that’s talking about, you know, UFOs are here, they’re hostile, we’re on the end of the food chain, they’re going to take us over, there’s nothing we can do about it, but we thought you should know. If that was my message, I’d say nothing. But like the Sergeant Major, I want my message to be a message of hope, and for us to look and build towards a brighter future. And by us spiritually growing we head in that direction.

But it’s going to take time. We’re not going to go away. We’re going to be here. We are going to achieve interstellar travel, where we visit other star systems, but in order to do that we must first grow spiritually. Right now, the situation is we’re a world in quarantine. And the – do we have the technology to be out – Oh, we sure do. I can show you the NASA plans for setting up permanent bases on the Moon, on Mars. The technology is there right now.

Two thousand seven, they planned to go back to Mars. Did they? Or did they not? Is something going on we don’t know about? Yeah, probably there is. But we are still a world in quarantine.

KC: Okay. Well, I don’t agree that we’re in quarantine. I actually think we have been invaded every way since Sunday by various races. In other words, the quarantine is off. The gloves are off. And that’s part of the transition. In opther words, you don’t go to the big leagues without starting to get into the sort of understanding that there are positive and negative beings out there, and diving into the water and learning how to swim on your own.

So this is what 00 this is the challenge, and this is where you guys can bring your wisdom, your worldly knowledge to the people. And that’s what we’re doing here. Now, the question for you, Bob Dean: You’ve always said that the Anunnaki walked the halls of the Pentagon. And I’ve been told to ask you this. What are they doing there?

BD: Which Anunnaki are you talking about?

KC: Good answer.

BD: Now, you understand when I use that term I use it in a generic sense. Those who came down from above, those who from heaven to Earth came.

KC: Whatever.

BD: Well, the ones – there are all kinds of Anunnaki out there.

KC: Okay, but the ones walking the halls of the Pentagon are the ones I’m interested in.

BD: Most of them are good guys.

KC: Uh-hunh. And have you me them?

BD: I’ve met some of them face to face.

KC: In the – I’m talking about in the Pentagon.

BD: Some of them wearing uniforms!

KC: Okay.

BD: Yes. Some of them looking with three stars on their collars.

KC: Fine.

BD: Admirals! Vice-Admirals! Anunnaki!

KC: Right.

BD: So help me God!

KC: I believe you.

BD: Well, they’re in our midst, and they’re basically good guys. Because they understand that there is an authority above them that is going to see that this race survives and that this race makes its transition into a transcendent new species.

KC: Okay, then what’s going on right now with our financial situation?

BD: Oh, that’s bullshit, honey. Pardon me, but it’s bullshit .They’ve been playing these games with money for the last thousand years. My old organization, the Templars, established the banking system, for Chrissakes, in the eleventh century!

KC: Okay, but there’s also an issue with gold, and there is something going down in America that is weakening the country –

BD: Let me tell you something about gold. Fort Knox is half empty. It’s – three of the big underground repositories are empty.

KC: Okay. But there’s tons of gold in the Philippines, supposedly.

BD: Oh, there’s gold everywhere! But we’ve been trading gold to the Anunnaki…

KC: And you know that the gold isn’t really about money, it’s…

BD: No, it’s not about money, it’s about power.

KC: But it’s also about consciousness.

BD: Well, gold can…

KC: [ ? ] about gold ormes.

BD: Gold is not merely a pretty metal which makes lovely jewelry, and it’s nice to hold and nice to play with and all that. The value of gold is it can be turned into ORMEs. And the ORMEs, this white powdered, monatomic gold, is worth more than its weight in gold! Because the Anunnaki ingest it. It generates their genome into immortality, for crying out loud…

KC: Yes.

BD: …and that’s why we’ve given them half the crap in Fort Knox in trade for their technology!

KC: Exactly.

BD: And if the average American realizes what – that fort Knox, if they ever conducted an inventory and an audit, and realize that they only have half of what they think they’ve got, that we’ve traded the rest of it off to the Anunnaki for technology! That’s the value of gold, Kerry, and I hope that’s on film! And people listen, will listen, and say, “Holy conniption! You mean I’m – we don’t have as much as we thought we had?”

Well, you’ve never had as much as you thought you had. You’ve been a player in this game, and you’ve been manipulated for so damned long that you don’t even realize that you’re not even a part of the game. You’re a player, you’re just a part…

KC: Okay, but we want to change that in this interview.

BD: I know you do.

KC: we want the people listening to realize that they can take things in hand, and they can become aware, and awareness alone can change your reality.

BD: If they can inform themselves, Kerry, of who they are and what they are, they’re free! They are free. They don’t have to worry about this garbage anymore! And they will not be – they will not be allowed to be manipulated anymore by these other assholes out there. Pardon my French, I’m sorry. I’m an old command sergeant major and I sometimes lose it and use old infantry terminology. But once the average guy out there realizes who he is, he’s free. And I hope that your viewers see that and remember that, of all things.

CS: And like what I said, told you before, let no one live in your mind rent-free. Make sure of your facts. The biggest problem I have? I have documents. And everyone tells me they don’t mean anything. Well, you know what? The Constitution is a document. And if you don’t read it and understand your rights under the Constitution, then we lose those rights.

There is no right that is more sacred then that right that is lost.

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