Short thoughts : “world population”

by Rishi on November 26th, 2010

What is it that forms the idea that this planet is overpopulated? We have been haunted with this for so long now. Is earth really overpopulated with its 6 billion inhabitants ? Is it because of the expected food crisis ?

I truly believe that the food crisis story is b.s. Its all about setting priorities according to survival of the human race . Who decises that 6 billion should be classified as overpopulated ? Isnt it a bunch of people thinking only for theirselfs. Maybe knowing that 6 billion people are getting concious about their secret agenda. Overpopulation is just a state of mind.

We have technology on earth to solve this “overpopulation” easily , if only greed and hate among a certain groups of people can be revealed , so the majority on earth can be concious about this problem and consiously take matters into their own hands for their own sake.

Free energy will solve world poverty and overpopulation so fast that we can gain thousands of years to explore the universe in order to someday migrate to other planets or whatever. Endless possibilities can be unfold.

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edisonik: You are Special Rishi

We are dealing with Reptilian Logic, humans must see through this clouded logic.
Humanity is being treated as a natural resource, humans are supposed to be free, they must wake up. Overpopulation is a Myth and a lie.

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