Shapeshifting Reptilian Alien Drugdealer Wants You To "Just Try It Once"

by Chris on February 27th, 2015

Meth (amphetamine) is known as the reptilian drug allowing for easy possession. It lowers your frequency resonance vibration, damages your etheral body and gets you in tune with their vibration.

The, in some documented cases cannibal psychosis causing, 'bath salts' THC substitute and constant remodeling of it's forumula in order to bypass attempted regulation of it surely is their invention and agenda as well.
Don't touch that stuff, not even once.
If tracked back to its location of invention it likely will be in some miles deep down secret umbrella laboratory alien military underground base.

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Chris: meth

don,t do meth it will lower your frequency to the level of the reptilians and they can poses you that's why when people do drugs they become hijacked by negative ET,s to cause violence and mayhem.

Tim Lovell: unfortunately you are right I

unfortunately you are right I know only too well by personal experience :/

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