ShapeShifting Compendium.

by Chris on November 25th, 2012

1) Holographic shapeshifting technology

2) Genetic shapeshifting ability

3) Dimensional shapeshifting ability

4) Energetic shapeshifting phenomenon

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HebrianDaniel: i wonder if human can

i wonder if human can shapeshift too? hmmm

bluesbaby5050: H/D it is said that the native Americans could shape shift too..

I don't know how,but this was said about them.They seem to disappear, and that they can take the shape of animals as well. Wolfs, cats,dogs,birds.

bluesbaby5050: They need to become aware of what their soul( first Incarnation)

First, they need to become aware of what their FIRST INcarnational IMbodiment was before they could even Master this. Most aliens are able to do this, but not for long. They can hold this physical manifestation for a few moments. This is hard to do, as we live in a very dense dimention. They have to lower their vibrations to be able to manifest a physical body. The Reptilians can do this, because they originate in the LOWER 4TH dimentional levels. Not the Higher 4th dimentional levels. They (Retptilians) also need the flesh, and blood of humans because this gives them great power that they need to hold the human holographic image.This also helps them not to age.They can live to be 3000 to 4000 years old! We humans have codes in our DNA, and they need these codes to maintain all this,and our hormones too. It works for them. The higher dimentional aliens like, the Andromedans, and the Pleiadians, and the rest of our allies lower themselves into our dimentions from the 5th dimention, this is where they reside, until they choose to move higher.Then they will become light, without a physical body. This level, and onwards is all pure light bodies. They can manifests physical light bodies, and can appear solid,(not for long), and they will look transparent. They can also rise to the next level, but they don't stay there, there is an over lapping of the levels as they move next to the higher one.Then it will move though each Octave, till it again reaches the next level of dimention,and then there will be another over lapping of the levels, and so on.

bluesbaby5050: The reptilian body form is the one of the oldest body forms.....

They have the template, which is the torso/spine.The rib cage. This is part of the main template for all humans/humaniods aliens. The orginal template for the humanoids consists of the head, 2 arms,hands/claws,torso/spine, and the 2 legs,and the feet/claw. And this is used universally though out the galaxies. There are other forms as well, but we have this template.

bluesbaby5050: The souls incarnate into the reptilian races.......

It Is for the learning of the EXPERIENCES soul in that body form will recieve while the soul is in that body. A human will have a different EXPERIENCE from that certain body form. It is to EXPERIENCE LIFE, and it's POLARITIES! Positive,and negative experiences. Not ALL reptilians are negative, just like not all humans are positive,and so on.

bluesbaby5050: Many souls switch body forms............

Many souls switch body forms to gain experiences while in that body during that incarnational experience. This is to gain knowledge about all race forms. This is done in order for the soul to grow,and for the souls evolution. We all take turns doing this.

bluesbaby5050: The soul with out a body............

A soul with out a body will appear as a LIGHT ORB. Or an ORB of Light. You can go anywheres in a nano second,and less. You Think it, and your there! This is how you travel the galaxy when your in a light body. It's faster then the speed of light! You are pure light Energy,with your OWN personality. A hospital is where you will see many of these light orbs, because all hosptials are a vortex! You come, and you go while there. If the soul is finished in that life. SOME people that are very sensitive/physic can see these orbs, and some of them are colored too! I have seen many of these orbs during my life time. The cemeterys are another place to see these orbs. But, the hospitals are the best I think. People move on by dying,and people are being born there as well. This is a great place to have these experiences.And family members,and guides are there too,and ALL THE TIME! When you work around people that are dying, you will be able to actually see the soul leave the body. I HAVE SEEN MY MOTHER'S when she died there in 2005. I saw a transparent greyish like form leave her body from the heart/chest area. My younger brother,and younger sister ,and my son, and my step father was all there,and I was the only one to see this, and I even said it out loud when she was leaving her body! Before she actually passed on, I told her we would all be alright ,and that it was OK to move on. She was in the hospital for a while before she died. She had called for all of us while she was there near the end, and she was also seeing loved ones that had already passed on to the other side before her, because they all knew she was going to be with them shortly,and she was talking to them while we were all present. Her brother,and her parents,and so on were the ones she had named. When you are near death,you are between dimentions,and you will move back ,and forth before death. IF THE DEATH IS NOT SUDDEN.

bluesbaby5050: Yes 11O11 !

They can be different sizes. I have even seen black ones,and they would zoom into my face very sudden,so much that my head would move as if I was going to be hit by a ball! lol! It was just a naturally re-flex to it.

bluesbaby5050: I have seen these orbs in peoples homes too.........

I can also FEEL them as well, IF ANY ARE AROUND! I have had many visitations during my life, and this feels normal to me. I see them even out side too. I am so used to this. I have seen my main soul guide too. I have 4 guides. Many others, but they change as needed during the growth of the people, as needed in different stages in their life. My main soul guide is a female. Her name is Mona. It took me a while to be able to delevope a relationship with her. At first she appeared to me in the style of fashion of the turn of the century of clothing,long shirt,white high neck collar,and long sleeves,and blond honey color hair, blue eyes, and an up do hair do, like the gibson hair style of the era of that time. Then she had on more mordern clothes, and she was slender, and then for the heck of it ,I said it was Ok for her to be the weight she wanted to be when she would appear to me. She had actually had 50 pounds added to her weight! I had laughed at this,as I am aware that you can change your appearrance to anything you choose to! It is fun really.

bluesbaby5050: If a person wants to meet their guide....

All you have to do is just ASK IT! It is that simple. Before you go to sleep, surround your self in the WHITE LIGHT OF PROTECTION, then you ask for this to happen, and you ask to be able to REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU WAKE UP. You MUST BE EXACT! Or they will leave out alot of what you want. Ask the Prime Creator to let you meet your main soul guide, as you ALL HAVE ONE assigned to you before your birth. And you chose this person, because you have had many lifes with them,as friends,partners work , in marriage, and so on. You can also ask to know what your totem animal is that protects you while you are in the astral realms too. Mine is the male,and female lion. I have seen them around me in my dream state. At first I was afraid of them,because I forgot I had asked for this! HAHAHAHA! I did not ask to remember them, as so they just appeared to me. I can tell a short story,but this might not interest everyone. So be EXact when doing this. Have fun!

Annunaki77: Good Work to Bluesbaby5050 and Mighty Tarheel

You are both great at what you do. Truly Great at Exposing the Truth.
Kudos to you both. I am very happy , you make me truly proud.

bluesbaby5050: Thank you Annu77..........

You know how hard I have tried here, inspite of much redicule. I thank you for all your support both you and Edsonik have given me behind the line of duty. When duty called me I heard, and I came to add my wisedom here, as it was required of me. I already knew the task set before me, and I never gave up. Sophia put this call out though the universe, and so I stepped forward.The Kod's REALLY SENT ME HERE, and the masters are aware of this. I have given much, and I have recieved much in return. I want to thank you all for this opptunity. Thank you. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Annunaki77: I am Proud of you Bluesbaby5050

You are like a Sumerian Queen, like Conan's Queen, Conan the Sumerian.
This Movie many Humans have watched but few know that Conan was a Sumerian.

A Tribute to the Strength to the People of Sumeria.

I give Tribute to CONAN THE BARBARIAN.

Conan The Barbarian Trailer

The Sumerian People were Indeed Strong and had Family Values.
Lord Enki's People.

Robert E. Howard's pulp novel warrior comes to life in a pair of sword and sorcery epics. In "Conan the Barbarian" (1982), the titular Sumerian hero (Arnold Schwarzenegger) sets out to avenge the murder of his parents at the hands of evil cult leader Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones). With Max von Sydow, Sandahl Bergman, Mako.

Annunaki77: Also to Lord Chris & Ikiki Incarnate Quinton

Quinton for Opening this Site and Serving Lord Zeus prior before his previous Glorious Beautiful Death defending an Olympian Kod.
And Lord Chris for defending his Pleadian People before his Glorious Death in the Pleades.

bluesbaby5050: Yes, Quinton has done a fine job here.......

He has served the Kod's well. He never fails them. Chris has also done a fine job too, and he has also pulled this forum forward as well. He has done alot of research for this forum with out complaining. I know this to be the truth, as I have asked him for more help behind the lines of duty. He did not hold back.Thank's Quinton, and Chris.

Wandaharley: I couldn't find the proper

I couldn't find the proper place for this post Quintin asked for feed back on his and Jessy's videos, I had some stituation on the down load for V-2 Energy, on 26:52 spot of the video , a loud buzzing noise started, the vid stoped and was in like a pause mode my cursor was the only thing that worked, I think I had a pc crash, I couldn't even get my pc to shut down, but after a few minuetes, I manually shut down and restart. I saw a sheild icon on my homepage where the start menu is . I like the video a lot , It made a lot of sense to me and it is good to see people that think really a lot like me.

Wandaharley: I saw video 3 Jesus and I

I saw video 3 Jesus and I liked it Quinton and Jessy are a good team I didn't get bored listening to it and it was interesting, I left a comment on You Tube for it but I don't know if that post took, let me know if it didn't. There have been some vids on You tube that my post did not register or perhaps it was monitored off , not allowed but I didn't anything wrong.

Annunaki77: Now some would consider this Madness, listen to your heart

One Day you will Understand how Soul Matrixes Reincarnate but at this moment in time it is impossible for you all to grasp the magnitude of your Existence and your Reality.

Fact is the only thing Human about you is just your Bodies, your Souls come from different Starsystems and different worlds. This is why you are all different.
You all come from some place else.

How do I know?, I know because I am a friend.

bluesbaby5050: Lord Annu77, your a TRUE FRIEND, and your a part..........

Of my REAL family. You know what I mean. I know who you are, and I know your heart too. I love you Sir. You know I really mean this too. You make me happy as well. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Annunaki77: Now Imagine the Awsome Power Humanity has!

You have the DNA of 22 ET Races , you are absolutely Awsome.
Nothing can stop your Awsomeness.
You can Conquor this Galaxy, I have forseen this.
I know this , you are awsome.

Now look nothing is Impossible.

Here is a Tribute to Asian Lemurian Musical Talents.


Humanity has the DNA of 22 ET Races , you have Unlimited Potential.

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