by caseyhue on September 20th, 2010

Unless someone can correct me these are my views.. Have a seen the reptilians, but I'm actually not disputing what others have seen, It seems the reptilians have higher technology isn't that how they are changing.. I don't believe human blood or flesh is keeping shape shift ability's up to date. It doesn't make sense.. it's more primitive then not an it seems if they do eat flesh/human blood is more for enjoyment than not.. like we eat cow meat etc... This whole sacrificing to keep shifting to me is more like the Aztecs sacrificing to their gods....

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edisonik: They have been doing this

They have been doing this Evil activity for too long, they must leave humans alone!, they are not a Natural Resource, they are supposed to be free spirits , but since the Pleadians screwed up with Atlantis , what can you expect. This is the result of the Atlantian screwup free meals for these Reptilians. They are nasty, and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing stuff like this. The whole Galaxy knows their disquisting ways, humans should to.

Humans are supposed to be free, not fodder!, for friggin sake, humans needs to break free from the mind control, they are heavily plugged into the Corporate Matrix, the Money Game, the Banks, the Materialism etc, it's a huge Reptilian Trap.

The Bankers are Reptilians, they are the New Priesthood, everybody is following them to Oblivion, for heavens sake Wake up, do something , say something, everybody has become a Zombie or a Lamb , you can take your pick.

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