Shadow People & Fear - help needed

For the past year I have been attacked by a shadow being, after a initial 3 months I found religion and prayed nightly for Gods help, it worked and I had peace for a while and for the past 3 nights it has returned.

Being honest I did slack in my prays however doing the rosary prays nightly can be tiresome especially when the thing does drain energy and I fall asleep in the middle of it. Before this I believed in God presence but not religion and I had thought I experience this so I can become closer to God.

Now I believe its trying to scare me to feed off the fear, the more I become immuned to the fear the more it thinks up better ways to scare me, last night I found myself in a dream where it was dark and I was in my kitchen kneeled down on the floor and I show a shadow man moving around the room quickly, I become conscious in the dream and woke up to hear this loud sound yelling behind me with bright light ringing and holding my head (from behind), I was afraid the way a person who is startled would be as I had become less fearful of late. I felt like it was literally trying to scare me to death.

I have reasoned a number of explanations which includes the scientific and do not believe its aliens, more likely demonic as it doesn't have any compassion or logically reasoning. I don't believe there is a scientific explanation not for the people who actually have seen them while awake (dead on face to face) and not in a dream. I have searched the internet for help and there isn't a lot of help out there.

Reality - I maybe have to endure this until it tires and leaves me alone. I can offer some advise based on my experience as I have done some of these things like trying to speak to it or reason to it to leave me along which only makes it worst.

- Pray does work but it takes time - Let God fight it

- Don't try to reason with it - Don't talk to it

- It feeds off fear - try don't to fear it - face it but do not challenge it (literally look at it)

- Never give in - it doesn't have power over you but it wants you think it does

- keep positive (being honest it is attracted to negativity and this is something I'm working on)

My experience with the shadow people is stuff of nightmares and horror movies I have only given a small glimpse to you. For a time despite my praying I doubted its reality however after seeing it as plain as day I am 100% sure of its truth. Prior I had only seen it via or in between dreams which made it difficult to determine if it was a dream or reality.

Why it exists is one of life's mysteries and if I hadn't experienced it myself I would of chosen not to believe, ignorance is bliss so I don't blame anyone for not believing I only envy you.

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bluesbaby5050: This special web site REALLY DOES DISCUSS thisTopic.............

Of "Shadow People" and this web site ( www."COAST TO ) withShow Host, George Noory. He also has open phone lines that people can use to call in to talk about their experiences with these Shadow People. You will also get advice from the people he interviews on his show,while listening to the Discussions ON HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS PROBLEM on George Noory's show. Also, there is a list of different topics that are discussed on each show in the archives on the web site. I hope this helps.

bluesbaby5050: These SHADOW PEOPLE are VERY REAL..........

I had never experienced this myself , ( Thank God ) But, I know these SHADOW PEOPLE do exists, from what I had learned while I listened to George Noory's nighttime broadcastings. The people that do experience them, describe them as being all Black, and they appear very solid too. They have appeared to them in the streets, and in their homes. They say that the face of the Shadow People, (always men by the way, not clear why this is so, females are never seen as reported during his show) looks evil, and that they have red eyes, no whites in the sockets. The figure wears a black hat with a wide brim, and it also wears a long black coat to the knees. They can go though walls, and doors while closed. They can move objects, and they are not transparent looking at all. They do torment people in different ways, as stated in the reports. These are just some of the facts about Shadow People I learned about, and I'm just passing all the information along to help others with this same problem. Please check out www.Coast to This station covers everything such as, Big Foot, and Ghosts, and Reptilians, and the Ancient Annunaki's, the Mayans, and The Illuminati, GMO'S, and Bible events etc.

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www.Coast 2 With show host-George Noory.

bluesbaby5050: WEB SITES..........?

These web address are now being blocked--the ones above in the threads I listed for you. USE THIS NOW-----> ~~~~~ Now George's Radio station sites are being blocked by the PTB, Gee- I wonder why? (sarcasum here) It's getting harder to get access to him lately, because he reports the TRUTH!!......

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