In Service to Each other Humanity will be free!

by edisonik on November 14th, 2010

In Service to Humanity instead of personal selfish Gain you will be free. Do you really need Money to fullfill your Dreams?, no you don't all Money is , that it's a Roadblock towards Humanities personal Developement and true Progress.
Your talents , your Gifts, your Love, your Artistic Expression, your faith, your hope, your Dreams, your Vision is all you need.
In Service to each other you will remain free, ( Bartering Services and Goods ) workng together for the Common Good for the Human Race.
This will Destroy the Pyramid of Control and Oppression, you can do it, but you must let go of the Ego, are you really better then your Human Brothers and Sisters. Do you believe that they should have less then you?.
You are all one , why divide yourselves through Class and Ignorance. Work together and you will Pass to the Next Level.

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