The serpent

by Silenci030310 on January 29th, 2013


“In the biblical tale of Adam and Eve in the Garden of

Eden, the antagonist of the Lord God who had caused them

to acquire "knowing" (the ability to procreate) was the

Serpent, Nahash in Hebrew.

The term has two other meanings: "he who knows secrets"

and "he who knows copper." These other meanings

or word plays are found in the Sumerian epithet BUZUR

for Enki, which meant "he who solves secrets" and "he

of the metal mines." I have therefore suggested in previous

writings that, in the original Sumerian version, the "Serpent"

was Enki. His emblem was entwined serpents; it was

the symbol of his "cult center" Eridu (a), of his African

domains in general (b), and of the pyramids in particular

(c); and it appeared on Sumerian illustrations on cylinder

seals of the events described in the Bible.

What did the emblem of entwined serpents—the symbol

for medicine and healing to this very day—represent? The

discovery by modern science of the double-helix structure

of DNA (see Fig. 49) offers the answer: the Entwined Serpents

emulated the structure of the genetic code, the secret

knowledge of which enabled Enki to create The Adam and

then grant Adam and Eve the ability to procreate.”(Genesis Revisited, Sitchin, pg. 203)

This is evidence based on science that it was not ONLY Enki who created the human race, but was also vilified by the “Trinity of Deception” and re-written from that point on as the one who wants to kill and destroy humanity. He is also the Savior of the human race. It was HE who saved Ziusudra from the flood, who later became Gilgamesh, then into the LIE Noah. Everything that Enki did was credited to a false god of the Abrahamic religions in order to create ignorance, which in turn gives the ability to manipulate, suppress and control. The time has come for the veil to be lifted and the wizard behind the curtain to be shown for the lie it is.

The history of the past 6,000 years is a twisted and perverted version of a far greater story that is not only truth, but scientific fact! How the human race, who has killed countless millions in the name of this lie, given their lives, will and very soul to this sick joke, while the True Creator is feared so to better keep man enslaved, can continue to live one more day with the dictatorship: the church, the religion, the false history is a true testament to the effectiveness of this deception. This should be a top priority for the entire human race if many would stop fighting and killing for the many divisions of this lie that were designed to keep the division going as a way to keep people enslaved and preoccupied with the thought that they are the “chosen”.

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