by contactorion on September 29th, 2014
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obsrvantlouie: What do you

Want us to see?

contactorion: it was confirming what I had said

On another post on bluesbabys forum.

contactorion: and I guess now I can say

See this in reference to what im about to write.
the guy up there is my idea of what a supernatural deity would look like should one exist according to my currently aquired perspectives. This symbol is drawing with that thing making a circle.
FLASH BACK as I was looking at websites on sacred geometry I came across the metatron cube has the symbol used by Catholicism to represent the holy spirit or the trinity. This holy spirit is literally a point on a triangle in th this geometric shape, which I think is a platonic solid. Then I remembered on the same page where I first started literally connecting the orbs, etc., and where I drew that deity drawing in essence everything. Symbolically; a creation in my mind to simplify the possible force I was perpetualy dealing with on a day to day basis in my sub-conscience.

contactorion: I dont know if that does you anygood

Its not easy to explain in words im more of a visual thinker if its not obvious.

obsrvantlouie: The mesmerizing

Subliminal 66 of the creatures eyes was obvious to me

contactorion: I do see that now

Didnt think of them as 66. Just thought spiral and sharpies are thick.

HebrianDaniel: a green skull trying to

a green skull trying to hypnotize me?
or its just a skeleton badly radiated somewhere in the world

contactorion: lol

Just a random thought in my head I comitted to paper.

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