Security Breach!

by cryssmo on June 30th, 2014

So ever since I was in my teens, I would hear about how people could be watiching everything I do from the webcam of my home computer. I always found that very weird and creepy, but never thought anything of it. I know it's all out in the open now and people are starting to realize (I hope) that there are nosey ass people out there watching our every moves.

So anyway, once I got my laptop, I felt the need to cover my webcam with any kind of sticker I could find at that moment. So there's been a price sticker covering my webcam ever since lol. I am 21 now and I have met someone whom I love dearly, and it's funny that he shares the same thoughts and ideas as I do. I felt relief when I noticed he has his webcam covered up with black ducktape to stop those suckers from having anything to do with him.! So I didn't feel too crazy.

Now, more recently, I have encounter a situation where I am leaning more towards "these mother fuckers are seriously watching". Or maybe I'm overthinking it lol.

So one of my older sisters, Tiffany, has had her computer for about 2 or so years now. It did mess up once before (maybe like 3, 4 months ago) and she took it to California because it was cheaper and I guess she trusted them more. So when she got it back, everything was great and the computer was working perfectly, so she says. Just a few weeks ago, I went to visit her at her apartment and we were sitting on her laptop when we got into a conversation about the government (nothing new). I noticed that she didn't have her webcam covered, so JOKINGLY, I said to her "hey, you know, you should really cover that up. they're probably watching us right now hahah". At first, she didn't care and she put up her middle finger for the camera and we just laughed. We were waiting on one of my other sisters to come by and pick us up to go out for a bit. We were gone for maybe, or a little over, an hour. When we got back, she tried to turn her computer on again and it would start up, it just wouldn't make it past the welcome screen and would turn pitch black for the rest of the time.

It may have just been the fact that I left an internet tab open where I was going watch a new movie, which could have just given her a virus. The funny thing about that is that I have gone on this website on my boyfriends computer as well, and he does get pop-ups but his computer doesn't do what happened to my sisters. Who knows. I felt bad after because she started freaking out a little and saying "omg they are watching us. do you think they really are?" So maybe it was dumb of me to scare her, but I didn't think that her computer would mess up, as many times as I get on that website myself.

I just felt like espressing my thoughts. Hope you all are having a wondering evening!! ~<3

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Crackdown: Security

Possible explanation for this particular problem could be unreliability of Windows OS: for example, a failure after automatic background update. Windows can make a computer so buggy that sometimes its being called a virus ;-)

But, we should not forget that Windows OS contains embedded "security modules"
for monitoring the users (of course, not only in "webcam way") and also that its' source code is closed - you cannot read it to check what is going on "behind the curtains"
while you are using Windows! If you are using closed source system-level software, your computer is not truly yours...

Even if this case was "false positive", you are very correct about your precautions! In case you would decide to start improving the security of your computer, please check this comment -

Related article about Ernest Hemingway (he was driven to suicide over FBI surveillance)

Tarheel: Beware of "the all-seeing eye"

Sadly, yes we are being watched by the "USA surveillance state".
Noticed the cameras at every phrickin stoplight? What a joke! All to "protect us". PLEASE. Protect us from what..our gov't ?
They are scared shitless we are going to revolt. They should be.

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