Secrets of the CIA Full Documentary

by bluesbaby5050 on September 22nd, 2014

Secrets of the CIA Full Documentary Secrets of the CIA reveals the truth about the CIA and how this organization is behind numerous terrorist plots throughout history. Many ex-CIA agents speak out about their experiences as agents and what they were required to do.

Some of these missions even included killing of children. Most of them are now spreading the word about the crimes of the CIA and how the organization needs to be extinguished.

Ralph McGehee, a reknown ex-CIA agent, is featured in this documentary. He is most famous for publishing Deadly Deceits.
From its origins as the O.S.S. in the 1950's until present as the C.I.A., president Harry Truman's creation has been the object of mystery, thrills and fear to people all over the world with even the White House fearing the agency. With resources to kill political leaders, to defeat governments and create wars in foreign countries and the money to do it. Secrets of the CIA (1998) - Ralph McGehee, Phil Agee, and other former CIA officers/agents -

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