Secret military bases at Antarctica - locations exposed! Hollow Earth route?

by Crackdown on January 29th, 2018

Strava fitness tracking company has published a global world map of sport activities - - and it shows us the locations of activities of military users, outlining the contours of military bases and most commonly used routes! In example, French military base Madama at Niger :

As soon as I've heard these news, I rushed to look at the Antartica maps! and found a lot of interesting locations that are not mentioned anywhere else and have been "blurred out" of course!

Also, could it be a route to the inside of our Hollow Earth?

Found a lot of interesting locations at the North Pole as well. I encourage you to quickly go to the heatmap - - and screenshot as much as possible before (((they))) take it down! Like the pyramids at the bottom of Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean which have been "blurred out" by google maps and other publicly available satellite online maps. This is one of those rare chances to significantly expand the knowledge about this hidden stuff by your personal research, don't miss it and screenshot all your findings as soon as possible!

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bluesbaby5050: Hillary Clinton makes Grammys Cameo to Mock Trump

By reading ' Fire and Fury. Hilliary Clinton also took the time to discredit Corey Goode on the secret underground cities and the ancient inhabitants and their ancient artifacts found there while talking about the many visits of Obama's visit there, and she talked about the many people that went there like senator Kerry's visit and Buzz Aldrins visit to Antarctica along with the pope and the Russian high priest. This is just a distraction to take the heat off herself for commiting all those high treasonist crimes. The authorities will have to round up her many clones along with her handlers when her clones start acting " Defective-Strange."
Hilliary Clinton's sudden public appearance is just ' A Mass Distraction to Confuse the Sheeple.'

Crackdown: Some of the compilations...

Some of the compilations... Now too busy dumping the images from Strava ( )

Logical Chaos: Nice!

Great work man! Great Sat photos of the base. Im convinced. Ive read the stories and now there it is, in plain sight.

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