The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh Corbett Report podcastumentary Video/ Was McVeigh a Special Forces Operative,

The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh Corbett Report podcastumentary Video.
Was McVeigh a Special Forces Operative,
Working for the Government,
Exactly as He Claimed?

Alexandra Bruce
July 9, 2015.

What if everything that's come down to us about Timothy McVeigh all a LIE ?

This special Corbett Report podcastumentary examines the mountain of fraudulent information surrounding the official case and the convincing information, presented here, suggesting that McVeigh was not the classic "Lone Nut" of latter-day American lore but a sheep-dipped Special Forces operative, working for the government, exactly as he claimed.


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Carl-V: T. McVeigh

Of course McVeigh was an operative, this has been common knowledge for years. The question is, was he really executed. A nurse at the alleged execution said that she observed shallow breathing. Tim asked for not having an autopsy and received his request, every other person executed at this prison was given an autopsy. If you look in to it Tim wasn't a bad guy in my opinion. Yes, he was involved with infiltrating militia's, but he thought that he was serving his country. The site that Tim was supposed to target was changed at the last moment to the Murrow building. Only the government could have destroyed Murrow building, many of the charges bound to the columns didn't go off. The damage done to the Murrow building by a fertilizer bomb has been proven to be impossible.

I believe that Tim would never intentionally hurt let alone kill a civilian, but that's just me, John Doe #2 would probably know better.

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