THE SECRET: Evidence We Are Not Alone - FEATURE FILM

THE SECRET: Evidence We Are Not Alone - FEATURE FILM. MJ-12 refers to an elite TOP SECRET military group called into action by United States presidential order to investigate and conceal real alien and UFO encounters.

Written by Jim Marrs, New York Times best-selling author of Crossfire, Alien Agenda and Rule by Secrecy.

This story and the trail of scientific discovery presented in this film proves that the official US government position on UFOs has been, and still is, a carefully orchestrated deception designed to hide the most extraordinary secret in recorded history. Includes the shocking facts behind this amazing story and features video, photos, and secret government documents, along with a fascinating series of spellbinding interviews with investigators, witnesses, researchers, scientists, astronauts and the best known most credible UFO authorities in the world today. Packed with expert analysis, in dept commentary and unforgettable conclusions about this alarming cover-up.

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Tim Lovell: BB it is not a secret we are

BB it is not a secret we are not alone anymore .....

Tim Lovell: one day this will be all over

one day this will be all over...

Tim Lovell: its sooner than you think

its sooner than you think

bluesbaby5050: Yes I realize this Tim.................

It was posted for the Non - Believers. We still have to teach this anyways, because sooner or later the masses will believe it. It is our duty to help this along as much as we can, and we can not expect this to happen all by itself. So here we are now on Truth Control.

Tim Lovell: BB we are the first stepping

BB we are the first stepping stone , so be proud we are making this hard first splash in the water because it is a hard thing to do and Quinton is an amazing person for fielding this website to assit all of us in this endeavor , we are the wayshowers....

bluesbaby5050: This is very true Tim, and..........

This is like when a farmer, and his family have to break the gounds to get a good crop, sometimes there are obstacles to over come in order to prepare the ways to make this to happen.

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