Secret Blockade of Our Solar System by "Blue Avian" Aliens /Video.

Secret blockade of our solar system by "Blue Avian" Aliens /Video. Published on Jun 2, 2015.
Former Rosendale resident David Wilcock, who went on to become a NY Times bestselling author, discusses new information revealing a blockade of our solar system by "Blue Avian" space aliens related to Thoth. From May 25th Jimmy Chruch radio show, more info here

Wow, this video clip got lots of attention, almost 4000 views so far. Now I know why David Wilcock is so successful. Following commerical might be mainstream media advance prep for the Blue Avian spheroids from space.- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This added information ties in with all the above infomation in this next link here - Wingmakers, Blue Avians, GoodETxSG, Sphere Alliance, Tolec & Adona. Published on Apr 19, 2015.
note: the echo in Adona's voice at the 17:17 minute mark - is only about 40 seconds long. note 2: at the 1:38:28 mark - we begin an in-depth examination & discussion regarding the various topics recently focused on - by "GoodETxSG/Corey".

Adona, a longtime, very gifted 'contactee', who was born deaf, and yet has many amazing gifts including her ability to have years of conscious, interdimensional contact with higher dimensional ETs - reveals two (2) major physical contacts, one early in her life as a young girl, and then again in 1987 when she traveled aboard an ET scout craft, met & spoke with a variety of ET 'humans'.

She & Tolec also discuss a recently released, June 1998, fifth "Wingmakers" interview... which details information about the Annunaki, people from the Sirius B star system & Serpents [Draco Reptilians] who collaborated to create the earliest, Earth based organic humans;

They also review in detail critically released recent information from "GoodETxSG/Corey" - which we believe ties all of this
information, and more, together.-

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