Scientist Photographed Soul Leaving The Body In Death 1st part

Actual photos of the human soul? Or part of it? I am very uncertain and baffled over this phenomena.Can someone elaborate on this? Or maybe verify or deny the nature of this sciense? Its a very interesting piece of work about the field that surrounds/fills the body. Anyone out there with knowlegde about this is hereby invited to please give comments.-Part 1- ] PART 2. Scientist photographed soul leaving the body in death. part 2nd -

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nivine: Well tell u something .__.

i don't believe in scientists, i think its just a name created by the world power ..that must act as a trusted source for people.. so that whenever u say the word scientist for people.. it will trigger the word experiment and reality to them.. and thus they will believe anything they say..

so scientists are just a highlighted name make people think that its there to protect them and always search for the best, and not to forget they are realistic and based on experiments..while they are just a bunch of stupid people.. being told what to say and what information to release and what diseases to create..

If u tell any person now that scientists create most of the diseases.. the refuse the whole idea and they defend them..they reach a point saying that God is responsible for all the diseases and not the scientists..Can u see what kind of trust the word scientist can build ?

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bluesbaby5050: This subject material was posted for Forum Perspectives,and

For Discussions, and Points of View....To Debate. It was not posted as being FACTUAL.

EustaceMullins: What a bunch of BS. No one

What a bunch of BS. No one knows what a soul looks like but yet they have the gaul to claim one..WTF?

nivine: There is nothing called no one knows!

The world power knows everything..they have all the answers.. that's why they know well how to control us what what kind of information to release and what to see, hear and smell!

So capturing an image of a soul leaving the body is just a way to show us that they have common interest, working hard on it.. and providing us answers to questions they already gave us

So in order to keep us in this world of information provided by them, they always try to answer questions that comes up to the human what is a soul, how it can leave the body.. what is death .. and many others
They can't not to try to look for such an they are resembling our curiosity about our body..

They cant just provide information about human body and stop!.. they wanna show us that they are like us, they don't know anything and they are doing everything to find answers.

They are assuring that the information they gave about our body and our universe is the ultimate truth.. SCIENTISTS DON'T SPEND THOUSANDS OF YEARS SEARCHING for WRONG INFORMATION...Right ? so the concept itself means all this is true bz they are not giving up there life in researching and experimenting for nothing !!!! and working years and years on wrong information..
So here.. without even questioning anything. we trust them .. and will never question anything else since its the scientists dedicated job! we are not smarter than scientists right? we have other things to do! running for our life!

But the tragedy is all this is to put us in very small box which i call the matrix( u can call it anything else u want) so they will limit us in every single aspect..even trapping our unlimited consciousness and power into a thing which is called ''the body''!

So mainly they are getting us to ask wrong questions.. they don't give a damn about our answers!!!!


obsrvantlouie: Agreed

This is BS, however...there are persons who know what a soul looks like but as you stated this particular post and video taping it or taking a picture of the soul is not possible because it is viewed on a different density than 3 dimensional earth. You would want to research "out of body travel" or "astral projection" to understand.

Tim Lovell: yeah don't you know?

yeah don't you know? scientist know everything , they are the be all and end all lol , but they don't even know that ETs are walking the planet right now and have been here since the start ... guess they arnt that smart afterall :)

nivine: its not about the concept of being smart or not

its not about the concept of being smart or not
Its like a video game.. those who created the game .. give the players everything..all the sources
but inside the game everything seems realistic.from fighting, playing, searching or anything..

Scientists are given the sources, and they are working accordingly .. but they don't know no matter what they are doing.. they are just part of a video game

Im saying all this to explain how brainwashed all scientists are to be committed to search more and more about the human body.. not all scientists know how the real world works..90% know nothing.. and they are just like us..following what is supposed to be facts.. and working on them..

I mean im a scientist.. and i used to be so curious about the human body and studying every bit of it.. does that mean i know everything? as well as most of the scientist graduating and getting into higher positions

The only thing that lead me to the level of thinking that i have currently.. is that i don't believe anything.. i don't read books.. and i don't trust any source..i just follow my guts..i have my own world that suspects everything..
Do u think when u visit a doctor.. and subscribe u a medicine.. he really knows whats going on?
He is just analyzing ur situation according what he've been told to believe in the medical school!

Most of the scientists are brainwashed..they are being used and monitored without them realizing that.. and that's why they were able to deliver all the information to the people and letting us believe them to them everything is realistic..and a result of their own work..

Sometimes to let people really believe in something..u dont have to higher an actor to resemble a certain point..but rather bringing people and providing them the a real situation to live they will work hard.. test . analyze.. and believe in how true it is.. so they can pass this facts to us..

This concept applies to everything..from science to education mass and media and others..
The whole world education system is based on some concepts like sun is the center of the universe.. the fake moon.. the fake world map. and others..and we live accordingly
teachers at school teaches about science, geography, histroy and many others... but they dont have any idea from where the hell this information is! if they are delivering it.. does that mean they know the truth?

I hope i was able to deliver my point.. it was quite hard

obsrvantlouie: Sad for you

That you do not read books...reading and digesting information is one of the most advanced ways to learn, discern, gain perspective, test knowledge acquired and advance as an individual. Yes, you are correct when you refer to the establishment science and collegiate professors who either know nothing of the true workings of science and or purposely refuse to comment on true science.

You seem awfully pessimistic in your message though and you make it sound like its pointless to search for "true" science and or research at all. Your not much of a scientist if you are not reading of trusting any source.

Now, I am not advising the reader to blindly trust in said source and you are wise to follow your instincts; however, there are sources to follow that are trustworthy although they may be few and far between (this is the 10% you mentioned) they are noble in their endeavor and it is always up to the reader to discern what is their own personal truth.

What is your truth today....might not be your truth tomorrow. Of course, in order for your truth to change you would somehow need to gain perspective and there is no better way to do this than to READ.

The problem with the United States is that it has become a nation of "show me" versus taking control to educate self by performing due diligence via reading, research, postulating, theorizing, hypothesis, testing, disseminating, concluding and discerning.....all things a True Scientist does.

Tarheel: Good piece, but I take exception to...

..but I take exception to your statement "there is no better way to do this than to READ".

How about accessing the Universal Mind otherwise ? Whether it be meditating or however else we gain access for perspective, reading isnt the only way. I dont think it is the best unless one hasn't learned any alternative way to gain access.

Otherwise, good points, OL. Or should I call you ParticipantLouie or SubjectiveLouie?

obsrvantlouie: Perhaps

But how did you learn the techniques allowing you to meditate and reach the universal mind and otherwise?

Reading my friend.....even still, I will amend my statement "once you've read to a certain level" meditation is equally as abundant and forthcoming and beneficial as reading. Even still, reading a book that you read 10 years ago is a wonderful experience because you will learn and pick up more due to a new perspective and additional insight you have gained in the 10 years.

For the majority (who do not know how to calm their mind longer than 6 seconds) I stand by my declaration - READ TO LEAD!

nivine: and one more thing..

This brings to my mind another example..
Millions of scientists world wide are studying the Egyptian pyramids, and u can see how they are dedicating their life for that, and some died without getting any answers..

The point is that..the world power knows everything about the pyramids..and they are so fine if people are trying to study the pyramids.. because it will show us that it is an unlocked mystery.. that even people that study Egyptian pyramids cant reach any answers..
So they are using them without even realizing
And be sure.. if anyone saw anything that they are not supposed to know.. they will kill them!

obsrvantlouie: GRAHAM HANCOCK

Documentary is titled "Fingerprints of the Gods".

Your perspective here is far from accurate. Mr. Hancock is still alive and there are many Many others who have performed astounding scientific research and still live.....perhaps you should start reading again.

Tim Lovell: yes nivine I get your point ,

yes nivine I get your point , the `lower` earth scientists are understandingand discovering cetain scientific principles and truths as they understand it , but it is a spritless science they have through their dedication to what they belive as the scientific process cut themselves of from ever letting themselves `know` the spiritual truth of the part of thir beingness , and so nsequencially they only ever have half the story true understanding comes when spiritual understanding is married with the understanding of scientific tuths resulting in a harmonious balance whereby no side of the picture is soley dominant without spiritual understanding of human nature how is it possible to with knowing and understanding t mmove into higher levels ?

nivine: good point..but

In case i understood u well, uve got a great point.
But lets not to forget that scientists are brainwashed with idea that everything is based on experiments only, they've got to ''see and get proofs'' in order to believe ..they don't believe in the spiritual world.. and this is exactly what they want us to do also

That was the basic concept behind creating the illusion of trust we have in scientists..that they must be true bz they are experimenting everything and they have valid proofs

I think this is why they made the concept of science from the very create a conflict between the experimental world and the spiritual confuse the hell out of us.. and to let the spiritual world not convincing as the scientific one and thus we will always follow them and ignore our consciousness ..

Tim Lovell: nivine that's exactly what I

nivine that's exactly what I was trying to say :P

nivine: lol Tim

hahahahaha! I better jump out of the cliff now .__.
Well speak English next time please :p
lol joking! my bad Tim!


Tim Lovell: hehe


EustaceMullins: ETs walking this earth? That

ETs walking this earth? That sounds more like the "world powers" have conditioned you to think that ,,,Tim?

nivine: Im sorry to tell u ''yes''

why people always act as if they got nothing to do outside their limited perception?

Yes im sorry to tell you, we are not the only creatures living on earth, an no.. its not only us that exists in this whole universe..

Yes again, most of us here believe that behind the world power are ET's monitoring them as they want, whats happening on earth is not a result from human actions solely!
They live among us but u won't realize them since they are in human shape..

Why if someone believe in something it means we are conditioned by the world power to think like that? The world power is not admitting there is ET, we are exploring that!
I think its just because it is total new idea for u idea which contradicts ur world

Only when its too late..u will realize why u didn't do something about it..and why u didn't suspect what u have been told to believe!

I'm not asking u to believe us..but ur not even suspecting anything.. ur so sure about ur answer as if u know ever bits and pieces of this world and u saw every corner of it..
Only in this case u can be sure about ur answer or else.. ur just a fan of what u have been told to believe!

Tim Lovell: heh no not atall EM I don't

heh no not atall EM I don't myself have a mindset of the nwo or world government agenda , as some do here I do however understand it and their point of view , please don't , if I may say, fall into the `nwo trap` of thinking and mindset it will not help you , as for ETs walking the earth , you will most likely have either driven past them or walked past them and not even known about it , trust me they are here , so whats the big deal ? nothing really its just to make people aware , starting at the unconscious level then the sub conscious and obviously onwards, people and society and the global mindset is not ready yet for full awareness and as you term it contact , humanity simpily isn't spiritualy and evolutionary mature enough at this point in its growth , it will be at a later stage , all the people know they are herebut ar just are not ready for the change that would take place if ETs would fully expose their presence you understand?

EustaceMullins: Walked or driven by them?

Walked or driven by them?
Please, and I mean this with respect, learn how difficult space travel is for any biological being. Its impossible. There can no way be any aliens here on earth. I don't care how many blue planets SETI discovers. afraid Hollywood has made you believe.

nivine: Well..

The main purpose of this site.. is to create our own world away from Hollywood and anything that is trying to fool us...which is the whole world :d

We don't listen to anyone..we go out and get answers.. even if sometimes we don't get the right answers.. at least we are not accepting to be fooled.. and we are seeking the road of truth

If ur reaction is like that when u heard earth is controlled by ET's, what if i tell u that we live in a! And no keanu reeves didn't brain wash me :p

Okay I'm ready to be ridiculously criticized :d ..Ive been a lot and I'm ready for more :d

Tim Lovell: I love you Nivine you are one

I love you Nivine you are one girl who makes me wanna get up in the morning , I really like you and hope you do better in the future ,



nivine: lol tarheel...Okay fine we

lol tarheel...Okay fine we love you too :p
There is so much love for everyone don't worry :p

nivine: Thats so sweet Tim

I was expecting a comment like : ohhh hollywood got her, she is in a relationship with keanu reeves :p.. who she think she is :d ..this is what i call ridiculously criticized :D

Well Tim, it is an honor to hear that from you, I'm speechless

Thank u for being always supportive, listening, replying, criticizing, and even when fighting.. doing that peacefully..this keeps my hopes up and always boosting me to move forward and never give up..
We were able to show everyone that its fine to lear, un-learn and learn again..

I hope me and u .. and the rest that are like us.. Will be the reason for the whole world to wake up in the morning, and spread this love...if we can do it right here on a small scale we can definitely do it out there!


obsrvantlouie: Check out

Origins for secrecy space program "peter levenda" and also Richard Dolan.

These are separate videos available on

EustaceMullins: Ummm,,, we do have Secret

Ummm,,, we do have Secret everything including an Orbital Space program but nothing in regards to Humans traveling the stars. Thats impossible. We hit a wall in the 60s. Its called the Apollo missions. You can also research the Russians. They to hit a wall.

Tim Lovell: please , with respect

please , with respect understand how you don't understand the true mechanics of how `space` travel works..

First it is not `space` travel but rather travel through `time` , and time in a different sense from your limited perception of time.

Time exists in many frequency bands , so for example 1000 years at your level of frequency of time would equate to mabey 3000 years on a higher requency band of time ok?

so a space travler on our level of time frequency who wants to travel 500 ly to the Pliedies for example , how does he do this?

well what `he` does is this he increases his frequency until he breakes into the higher frequency band of time, here time from the old perspective time stands still so they travel through this higher frequency band of time and then drop back down into the lower frequency band of time , now there are ALOT of very coplex equations that explain all this (and DONT ask me!) but what I DO know is this when traveling the 500 LY `distance` to the pliedies 25 mins of relative time in the lower time frequency pases , SO you have to adjust 25 mins `relatively` back so that you drop back down at the right relativistic time relative to when you started your journey.

Get it?

lol work the math out for that :)

Tim Lovell: also sry my keyboard sucks :(

also sry my keyboard sucks :(

EustaceMullins: Thanks Tim, but I perfectly

Thanks Tim, but I perfectly understand Space Travel. It has nothing to do with frequency. For any Being , it would have to first suppress or stagnate its biological clock. You see,,, it doesn't matter how theoretically fast one is going their biological clock never slows down. NEVER.. You're basing everything on theoretical formulas that have never and will never be tested out in space. The next steps any Being needs to travel through Space,, is the ability of performing a high velocity. You call it light speed, it really doesn't matter what we call it, but it must be a high velocity for short distances. For extreme durations, any velocity would be too slow even with the best life support systems. So for long travels , an Event Horizon must be mastered to : locate, position, maintain and mapping....These steps also do not take into account the necessary needs a Being's craft must have . Like: artificial Terrestrial Gravity + specific air content etc...

All of that^ needs New Physics. New Physics meaning its utterly impossible. And definitely we will never accomplish that^. Please be realistic..We're still playing in a subatomic-sand boxes called quantum physics. This is why we've decided to hang it up and give the driver seat to the Russians and China... I dont care how many worlds are discovered by SETI we will never travel the stars. Its too dam difficult. And to assume some imaginary ET has figured it out,,, well that puts you in the same boat as a theologian. Meaning you both have vasts amount of Blind Faith.

Quinton: The way I see it, we really

The way I see it, we really don't know what does or doesn't need to be done to obtain space travel, otherwise we would be doing it. There are lots of ways to look at something and sometimes we need to change our way of looking at things.

If I were to tell somebody 200 years ago that I could get them from New York to Los Angeles in under a day they would say that's not possible... there isn't a horse fast enough. Don't you know that it's not scientifically possible for a horse to move fast enough to travel this distance in a day? Not even a new horse every 30 minutes could make this work. And they would go on and on about horses without ever taking into account other possibilities like cars or airplanes. And then once this was able to be done people would take it for granted and be like, "oh yeah, of course you can do it... those people back in the day were so stupid to think you could only travel with horses."

100 years ago we wouldn't even think of going into space. Then we accomplished it. Today we may not think of going past the moon, but we will accomplish it. There's no such thing as us hitting an end and being done with all the scientific progression in any field. Life can only progress and move forward. And it will move as far forward as our imaginations choose to take it. Anything we desire strongly enough will eventually manifest itself to us. This is the most basic law of the universe and this is why anything is possible.

Every great inventor and scientist has been told what they were doing couldn't be done. And time and time again the naysayers have been proven wrong. It's a pretty challenging position to say that something can't be done, because eventually that something will be done.

bluesbaby5050: Nicely Done Q-Dog..........

I must say that I agree with you on this.

EustaceMullins: Well the way you see it doesn

Well the way you see it doesn't really matter. We do know what it takes . Its called us smashing into a wall called the Apollo missions.

And who cares what advancement have occurred On Earth. Those accomplishments can't be carried over into space let alone our orbital realm.

And no inventor was told it couldn't be done. First many had sponsors that believed in their work, 2nd most of the work was in secrecy and lastly most inventions happened by chance.

I think you're in denial.

EustaceMullins: Before Hollywood ,,and those

Before Hollywood ,,and those crafty science fictional novelists from the very late 1890s,,, there has never been any mention of the words Alien and ET. After Hollywood (Hollywood meaning all media platforms Cinema, Radio, TV, Books, Magazines), is when the public started to brand anything out of the ordinary as Alien(especially ancient artifacts etc). And this is where the military assisted in this delusion. The Military funds Hollywood billions $ to push the Alien envelope. ..why would the military want to push the alien agenda if you people assume the military is suppressing the alien agenda. The alien agenda is part of NWO and they will use it against you; but understand the Alien idea and agenda is 100% human origin.

Tim Lovell: Well you are free to believe

Well you are free to believe what you want but if you think the idea of ets is the nwo its not you either know or not no one can be told what the matrix is yadayada...

EustaceMullins: Matrix?

Matrix? in point. ..

NWO is very proud of

obsrvantlouie: You sound

Awfully sure of yourself...and that you admit the military industrial complex has a secret space program but that you assume you are aware of its capabilities shows somewhat an immature and narrow minded stance on this issue. With regards to the terms (E.T and ALIEN) I agree that Hollywood has inundated society with an plethora of movies attempting to socially condition the masses for some purpose. Whether that purpose is a fake alien invasion (Ronald Regan) or a return or revelation of an actual Extra terrestrial species is yet to be seen.

Do you know how vast our galaxy is? Are you aware of how many galaxies exist in addition to ours?

The apollo program ended in the 60's....have you ever asked yourself why it ended? Have you ever wondered why with all if our technology the public is not released High Definition/Resolution pictures of the moon and Mars? Did you know it's scientifically easier to prove the non existence of the moon than the existence of it (book titled 'Who built the Moon').

EM - it appears you have an open mind with a regards to most facets of the NWO....perhaps you should open your mind a little bit more to contemplate some other possibilities.

Richard Hoagland, Mars anomaly research, nikola tesla...I have also already offered two fine presentations by Richard Dolan and Peter Levenda. Another good documentary is called "what is nasa hiding" uses all of nasa material.

Your being quite arrogant assuming that you know the space travel capabilities of military industrial complex.

EustaceMullins: You don't get it...

You don't get it... everything you've mentioned is within our orbit. ..everything. our agencies can be hiding whatever but its within our orbit. Its another control mechanism. Thats it.

We're just another Truman Show.

And their are thousands of armatures with powerful telescopes that can crisply observe the moon.

But assuming we humans have discovered New Physics because there is so many new worlds out there is delusional and wishful thinking. It doesn't matter how many worlds are digitally discovered.

We're not talking about some revolutionary super battery being suppressed by ExxonMobil, you're saying the Airforce (NASA) , is and has the ability to travel the stars. Based on what ? Nothing ... If there were New Physics available, a lot of people would have to be killed, safely leaving the secret with one individual. .. thats how powerful the secret would be. Thats how powerful the news and information of New Physics would be. In addition, the amount of profit one could make with New Physics would be mind blowingly infinite. It would be the gold rush + conquistadoring all over again.

Sorry but the reality is we're encased by our own planet and NWO is making sure its kept a secret while simultaneously we are being brainwashed into thinking its possible one day to travel and be all Columbus esque in Space.

obsrvantlouie: Ha

Do you really think the consumer has the same level technology as Uncle Sam? My assumptions are based on research and evidence your assumptions are that secrets cannot be held. Answer me this, all the information I've suggested you look into...were you aware or have you heard of it? One of the websites I mentioned (mars anomaly research) is such a high powered telescope that you refer to...go debunk his website and all the fudged pictures.

I doubt that you have heard of operation paperclip since you lump Nasa in with the air force (two separate entities). NASA has become a joke in order to keep the public satisfied. NASA was originally military funded until late 50's when it became corporation run by SS and Nazi scientist brought over from WW2.

Would love to hear your explanation and theories on ancient megalithic structures that today's technology cannot replicate (pumapunku, gobekli tepi, machu piccu, Baalbek).

Come on EM!! I don't assume we have discovered new physics because of the exponential amount of galaxies in existence. Try not to insult my intelligence and I will do my best not to insult yours. The amount of galaxies simply supports the conclusion that 'somewhere' exists intelligent life not of this world.

The evidence for new physics comes from testimonials, classified and unclassified documents bein released, pictures, works of nikola tesla, works of SS/Nazi scientists at end of WW2 and much much more. The Vedic text and other ancient readings also support ancient technologies capable of flight.

Testimonials from astronauts themselves and also persons with top secret clearance.

I'm not trying to convince you....look into what I have provided.

I haven't even mentioned the fact that the human being is capable of space flight via astral projection and or willful out of body experience....I haven't mentioned this because surely this will not be possible IN YOUR BOX of physics being absolute which Quinton handled quite well.

Obviously you are waiting for Neil Degraase Tyson to give an announcement on a breakthrough in quantum physics.

You should also look into documentary "The Thunderbolts project".

EustaceMullins: Do you really think the

Do you really think the consumer has the same level technology as Uncle Sam? >No I don’t . That doesn’t mean we should assume Uncle Sam has the tech to Travel the Stars. 

My assumptions are based on research and evidence your assumptions are that secrets cannot be held.  and 

Answer me this, all the information I've suggested you look into...were you aware or have you heard of it? < All of it…

One of the websites I mentioned (mars anomaly research) is such a high powered telescope that you refer to...go debunk his website and all the fudged pictures.

Testimonials from astronauts themselves and also persons with top secret clearance.

obsrvantlouie: Don't 'be lie ve' NASA

Like I said - it's a ploy, cover research operation paperclip.

Quoting from you article on cosmos - "Rocket engineers and scientists have been battling these limits of physics and chemistry for years, with diminishing prospects for further gains.
Add to these hard limits the fear of failure from nervous governments worried about the political backlash if something goes wrong and, no surprise, the added weight for redundant safety and life-support systems makes return trips to other planets utterly impractical."

How pessimistic a view is this.....who's said the technology needs to be rocket based. Your assumption that we've learned or been told everything there is to know about 'physics' is a very poor one. U.S still won't release classified documents from Admiral Byrd mission 60 years ago....the amount do classified docs is astounding. Why the need to classify something so long ago.

MK Ultra
Tesla tech
Military experiments with ESP, Remote viewing etc right after WW2.

You have a short sighted and pessimistic view and your references are part of the NWO....research is needed for you, watch/look into what I have advised and open the mind.

EustaceMullins: I can say the same thing

I can say the same thing about you,, in regards to not having an open mind. You dont believe the material I posted based on what and why...oh thats right , NWO. But then you blindly believe information that is released and readily available to the public by via ANY platform you can get your hands on. You rather not use common sense and choose to believe what you see on TV or the movies is possible because there is so many unclassified documents. .? Huh?

How exactly does MK Ultra pertain to my POV? I'm stating Space Travel is impossible. How many times have you seen that saying used as propaganda or to control certain demographics ? None. .. Hiding technology within our orbit makes perfect sense. Technology that pertains outside our orbit is pointless to suppress. .What do they gain? And dont say Control over the minions. They're doing that already , without MK ULTRA. MK Ultra failed because of the evolution of communications and entertainment ;had experienced the past 30 or so years. Just bombard the TV and Internet with Aliens or whatever and there's your conditioning.

As for Tesla Tech. There is nothing from Tesla that can transfer over to traveling in space. I didn't say orbit , I said space =Travel in Space.

And what the hell does Remote viewing have to do with Space Travel. Nothing! ESP is nothing but the equivalence of a gateway drug to pseudoscience. .lol..and I smoke pot everyday.

Last but not least , Montauk, or better said CERN's grandfather.

I dont need to research anything. I've done enough research objectively. The difference between us both , you choose to believe what you see on NatGeo and the History Channel, I dont.. ..Space is Space and for any being to master space you need New Physics. Which is impossible. And if New Physics did exist many, thousands upon thousands , would have to die simultaneously. When that happens you'll know something is up. Because the revelation of New Physics cannot be kept secret in with a TS Document a tiny few. Its too valuable. Not valuable to suppress the minions, but valuable in the sense how profitable it would be. You see the profit you and I know about is extremely limited. Because it's within earth's realm. New Physics allows one to have the whole universe at its disposal. Think about that. ..You literally become God overnight.

Tim Lovell: EM when you say that science

EM when you say that science makes space travel impossible you just demonstrate how little you understand how they do get here, its not about going faster than light at the 3d lvl that's barking up the wrong tree that's what our scientists don't yet grasp , you get to near the speed of light , then they drop thie specific gravity field that surrounds their craft this immediately increases the mass of the craft like by 1000 or so they use the energy of this to break into what they term `null` time and convert theier craft and occupants into fine matter or higher vibrational matter that is less dense and in the higher time frequency they can cross light years in an instant and travel relatively to 3d time many many times faster than the pseed of light , but if you wont open your mind and stick to your rigid perspective born of `unbreakable` scientific `laws` then you just arnt going to advance or understand really are you?

EustaceMullins: What!? You can’t possibly

What!? You can’t possibly believe the stuff you just posted…No way. Everything you’ve posted is 100% theoretical (and poorly written). You’re jumping into meaningless details that have never been attempted on any scale let alone proven on the only scale that counts. If anything you sound more like you’re trying to show-off your techyness, which makes you look more out of touch with reality. I guess people with open minds must think and post like you. Well I am happy to say I definitely do not have such an open mind as yours…lol… Where’s your logic to police your rampant imagination?…Good God man,,, get a hold yourself…lol

And it’s not {‘Science makes space travel impossible’}…[Its]…The necessary Physics needed for Space travel makes Space travel Impossible. Again I don’t care about Its Speed of Light or WarpSpeed or whatever you want to call it. Acquiring that Velocity requires New Physics. If we had all the money in the world we still couldn’t replicate what’s chalked up in the drawing board and transferring it to actual physical hardware capable of traveling the stars; And to add insult to injury, we don’t have the money…

Perfect example is this: ,,great video , a bit long but once you get to the Q&A , all the hard work from the presentation is gone to Sh*T... My point is NASA has to constantly feed the masses theoretical fiction, so they(YOU) can continue to hope that someday , Man can travel in 3d time.

Tim Lovell: haha you really obviously don

haha you really obviously don't know anything then , but ill let you believe what you want tbh I don't give a crap e=mc 2 right omg I bet you really think you know everything in the universe , your posts stink with the odour of a man who uses his ego to feed its self by defeating anything it perceives it can or feels justified to , minds like yours are so closed up you might as well throw away the key , you have no idea about how the ETs construct and fly their craft so I am not going to argue with you bye...

EustaceMullins: I see ,,,you really have

I see ,,,you really have nothing to say , so you resort to ad hominem attacks and end with the words : “I am not going to argue with you bye..”.

You say I don’t know anything? I know pretty much , I just don’t convert Theories into facts or reality. YOU DO.

And you do understand E=MC^2 is incomplete? Meaning it means/pertains to nothing when conversing about 3D frequencies or folding space itself… E=MC^2 is correct though, only for particles at rest (no momentum) the full e^2 = (MC^2)^2 + (pc)^2 or Energy squared is the same as the mass times the squared speed of light, squared, plus it's momentum times speed of light squared.

But the one part that really ticks me off , is your arrogance in stating that I “know nothing how the ETs construct and Fly their craft”? And you know this how? Through theories? Who do you think you

Tim Lovell: Their method of travel has

Their method of travel has nothing to do with folding space do you think they build their craft with tools? How do they control their craft ? Do you have any theories?

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