Satanic Ritual Murders in The Vatican & North America

Satanic Ritual Murders in The Vatican & North America: RIP Malachi Martin A Real Martyr.
Waist Deep
The Smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary.
But you must realize anything promoting Death or the image of death is satanic.
That's why they put the bodies of all the Popes on display.
The best part about this recording is that it was recorded without one of those C Crane antennas because I can hear adjacent radio stations through out the entire interivew.
Classic Interview. ] Fr Malachi Martin: Satan and an Apostate Pope.Published on Nov 18, 2013.
Fr. Malachi Martin discusses Satan's assault on the papacy and the election of an apostate pope. ] Malachi Martin Identifies The Antichrist- ] Malachi Martin 4of5: Fatima and the new world order -One addendum to Father Malachi's words: the Wall Street inner core (the Morgan and Rockefeller interests) heavily financed and supported the Russian Bolsheviks, as well as the Nazi movement in Germany. Just as they had financed several other totalitarian coups before, namely Sun Yat Sen's 1910 red revolution in China, the 1915 trotskyite revolution in Mexico.

They were not alone in these actions, and were in fact deeply associated with London City/Basel/Paris financiers, mainly Lord Alfred Milner and Lord Nathan Rothschild's circle of connections.

1) Bolshevik Revolution. Support came early on, through backdoor institutional dealings, veiled military support, and heavy financing from the onset of the revolution, through Morgan and Col. William Boyce Thompson (who was Chase National Bank's main shareholder and a NY Fed director). Wall Street support continued unabated throughout the decades, sometimes through banking, but mainly through the select multinational corporations which were owned and controlled by Wall Street financiers (GE, GM, Ford, Hercules, DuPont, Occidental, etc). First, through massive technology transfers, financial loans, and hundreds of industrial construction, and technical assistance contracts, for the first two 5 Year Plans. In parallel to this, they were creating Ruskombank -- the first soviet international bank, responsible for Russia's commercial banking...which was actually owned and controlled by Morgan and by British trusts. Then, during and after the II World War, through Lend Lease. And then, during the Cold War itself, through the unabated continuation of technical assistance and industrial building contracts, and via massive finance loans, mainly through Chase Manhattan subsidiaries and Export-Import Bank.

2) With the Nazis it was more or less the same picture. Standard Oil, DuPont, ITT, GE, GM, etc, were instrumental in building the Nazi industrial complex. Morgan, Harriman and Warburg were fundamental in granting liquidity to the Nazi economy. It is from the nefarious partnership (for it was a partnership) of the Anglo-American, French, and German bankers that was born what we now know as the Bank of International Settlements (which Martin mentions in this talk), which has always operated as the "UN" of world banking.

To understand the nature (and the reasons for) this support, you really have to go into the studies that were put out by Professor Antony Sutton ("Wall Street" trilogy, "The Best Enemies Money Can Buy"), and by Professor Carroll Quigley ("Tragedy and Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment").

See, these are not "free market people". They're monopoly men. Why compete in a free market when you can rule it all? So, you build political monopolies, and then establish front institutions through which you rule trade and policy making, and hence get everyone to work for you. The 'revolutionized' country thus becomes a captive market, and a human resources pool.

Then, in addition, there's the dialectic process. If your goal is world monopoly, world government, then the easiest way to achieve that, is by creating a constant dialectic of conflict, otherwise people will not have the motivation to "go international". It is the creation of enemies, threats and conflicts that justifies "international arbiters", "global partnerships", "harmonization", etc.

So, step by step, you get your way.

And, let's face it. Every Christian reading this knows, or should know, that the real motivation is not just money and absolute power over everyone's lives. There's another actor at work here, moving all the pieces, manipulating all the strings, on the chessboard, and his name is Lucifer. So, please, study the data I have just posted, and study Father Martin's observations. A Christian nowadays really has to understand how the world came to the nasty place it's at right now.

NOTE: This series contains two of Father Martin's appearances on the radio talk-show 'Paranet Continuum Radio', in July 7 & 17, 1996-1-34video's -]

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Malachi Martin Masterfully Murdered Meticulously, Maliciously & Mysteriously Martyred Many Moons Ago
h t t p: / / en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Malachi_Martin
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