Satan is the creator of everything.!/

Yahweh is the one who has been deceiving you, if you're a Christian, you have been lied to. God has been responsible for more deaths than satan, does that make god or satan the bad guy? You can decide that for yourselves, but I am simply exposing this truth because it needs to be known.

I've been talking to Satan telepathically, he himself said "you have the free will to choose between me and god (the god who I believed in) now that I accept the truth, I can continue to move forward.

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TriThorntheReaper: Someone fail there insight

Someone fail there insight check. Satan is an incredibly good liar. Yes God has killed many people and he is killed many of his creations in order to make the current human race. But God is not evil. The thing is the people that follow God are the ones that have murdered and killed in the name of him. We use his name to fight wars. God has created laws that say you shall not kill And many other good rule that we follow by now satan he's more neutral to me in my opinion. Yes he has done some evil things and yes the Bible has said he has killed eight people but that's in the Bible who knows how many he has killed since the Bible has been written. Yes he does trea evil things and yes the Bible has said he has killed eight people but that's in the Bible who knows how many he has killed since the Bible has been written. Yes he does teach us about free will so has Lucifer and many other people. Many gods have killed people simply saying god is evil because he's killed millions of lives does not mean is evil. Just remember just because someone has killed someone or something does not mean they are evil just because they have save lives does not make them good.

LoliApolys: indeed but

indeed but good is a broad term and a point of view. there are finite things that make one good or evil on a universal lvl scale. witch has to tie in with virtues. but know that even angels killed but that does not make them good nor just full for there actions.

Quinton: I can see where you're coming

I can see where you're coming from. There's lot of ways to look at it. If you go with the ET story of Yahweh being Enlil and the Serpent being Enki then there could be a basis for that. But using the Bible as the foundation for what God is and what creation is seems extremely limiting to me.

God is infinite consciousness and creation. Likening this to what is most likely an ET human in the Bible is extremely limiting and completely not an accurate representation of God.

With that said, people totally misunderstand the word Satan and the whole concept of Satan. I kind of went into this in the post I did a week or so ago on this. People create a false dichotomy of "God" and "Satan" and then try to make sense of one being good and one being evil. It makes no sense at all.

So at the end of the day it can mean whatever you want it to mean really.

Terran resistance: personally

satan is god in freemasonry he is the divine masculine apart of the trinity he represents the father.

Terran resistance: .....

you're are being deceived by aliens dumb ass.

"I am the WAY and the TRUTH and the life. No one comes to the FATHER except through me.

what you said he said:
"you have the free will to choose between me and god now that I accept the TRUTH, I can continue to move forWAYd.

jesus christ get a grip, dont believe in their BULLshit

Terran resistance: this might help what you could be dealing with

assuming you're not bullshitting

Don't do anything stupid. If you're hearing voices there is a way to block them out that i have learnt a couple of days ago.

Terran resistance: if you dont reply

if you dont reply we'll assume your full of crap.

ArchangelDallas777: I actually do not hear voices

I actually do not hear voices, I hear them within my conscious. They are not voices out loud but voices within.

Terran resistance: wtf

omg i dont know what to say, perhaps you have pyschosis, theres pills for that, what you just said made no sense what so ever, i respect your beliefs, but you keep condradicting yourself, perhaps best if you went into more detail about these voices which do and dont have? or are you just trolling or a shill in order to divert attention from rational discussion?

TriThorntheReaper: (Face palm) your hearing

(Face palm) your hearing voices in your head

Tarheel: Satan/God...

Work on yourself and your own soul's development and follow your own heart.

Quinton: This.


Tarheel: Furthermore...

...DO NOT, under any circumstances, EX-ternalize your salvation.
The answer lies within.

roaringson: the misconception of God and purpose

God is entirely to big to try and understand. God is pure light thus not capable of being evil or relating to that frequency whatsoever. I don't truly get good and evil, all i see is purpose and growth. In my eyes satan was created for this. Considering what we know now quantum physically God created all things from the unseen to the seen, it's biblical. "Spoiler alert, satan can not create, he can only use what's already been created to manipulate." If you remember correctly Yeshua resurrected into the physical plane or frequency pattern we know as reality. He obviously left so where did He go? The alien theory would make sense and a guy I study believes He is from Sirius A. Yeshua simply restored the power within and our authority as ruler of this reality on earth. I think the bible or any other text is more physical then we can comprehend. Other creation simply moves at a different frequency or wave pattern and there are many on this plane alone. This to me is the wheels within wheels the book of Ezekiel touches on. Considering that we have the ability to see through only a certain scope of frequency "study rods, cones and the anatomy of the eye" we are left to use our imaginations. Which in all reality is more real then this one. We lost something in the beginning and it's our responsibility to take it back. Romans 8:22 is the awakening that is going on. We aren't simply just responsible for our own growth, it's much bigger then that. This idea is selfish in nature, this idea is not of God. Your salvation is the completion of your purpose, not a ticket into heaven. This is a very special time in humanity, really hope you find your purposes. We can get stuck in many cycles otherwise.

Clashoc: I

If God is "pure light" does that mean he is a man because after all we were "created" in his image.. and if he existed to create "space,time,etc" why was he a 6ft man floating in nothing..
And if belly buttons are from umbilical cords why are Adam and Eve always depicted with them...
And if god created everything in 7 days was that 7 24 hr days or 7 million/trillion years per "day" in which case the "rest day" could actually be a Wednesday...
I mean the bible and most religions say we only a couple of thousand years old yet science says the earth etc is trillions...
And why no mention of dinosaurs... i mean how is it we can find the bones of a 10 trillion year old lizard but we cant find a single nail/plank/final resting place of the Ark...
And dont get me started on when Cain killed Able he fled to the land of Cainaan... where the heck did they come from... looks like Eve was shagging him and everyone else... cause God made 2 and they stuffed up and ate the wrong apple...
I mean there is the whole God gave us free will... as in if you dont believe in me and only me you will go to hell and or die a horrible death i mean that doesnt sound like a dictatorship... and then the big one the real doozy....
Just what exactly is the Vatican hiding down there... i mean the Davinci Code was a pretty good Movie and if they hadnt kicked up such a big stink about it nobody would've cared just thought the book was a good read and the movie was a good watch... and lets not forget thou shalt not steal.... i reckon the churches need seem to have forgotten that one... i mean c'mon now whats God gonna do with 10% of my income... of course the Minister/Pastor/Pope needs this years Rolls Royce... non for profit... tax free... sounds like the ultimate con... Congratulations if you have stuck around this long i take my hat off to you... if this site notifies you of replies then i am more than willing to hear any criticism or factual discrepancies feel free to link any facts to your reply that prove me wrong...just got to have faith/believe is not an answer and i won't dignify with a response...My father was a minister for Christian Outreach Centre in Australia and my mothers father helped build the Seventh Day Adventist Church where i live ive been to 2 private/religious schools, so ive attended youth, sunday school gone to church Saturdays and Sundays and ive read 3 different versions of the bible front to please i implore you to debate this with me.. thanks for your time... if the truth didnt hurt to much and you actually read to hear ?

danfatem: well said but a bit diverting

To trithorn the reaper , Enlil who is the Christian God killed as many as possible for and instance, in the Christian book it was recorded that datan and coran were burried alive in earth as enlil made this happen in fighting for moses,another he killed a servant ussah who was trying to hold on the designed arc when the bull stumbled another was the killing of all first born in Egypt ,and so many others, to point out blank ,someone who gives law to you not yo kill,but he does himself kill,even at the mountain where he was trying to descend on to make some speech to the Jews before they pushed moses to the task due to their fair of further death ,as all those who touched the rock where he decended on were killed ....

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