Russell Anderson CEO of Searl Aerospace Inc. Library Lecture 4/7/2013 On Antigravity and Free Enrergy.

by Chris on April 12th, 2013

Russell Anderson, CEO of Searl Aerospace Corporation and Electrogravitics pioneer lectures at Tredyfferin Library, Main Line suburbs of Southeastern PA, on magnetic motor/generators and converters of vacuum energy, and the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) and the Searl Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV). These over one-half-Century-old technologies can reduce and eliminate our need for fossil fuels and nuclear power, giving us a cleaner, quieter, cooler, safer, saner world. Anything that runs on electricity and or requires torque can employ a Searl SEG, which is a MAGNETIC PRIME-MOVER, for power. Also the SEG is capable of rejuvenating our economy, and reversing and eliminating further damage to our environment and biosphere from burning of fossil fuels and radioactive contamination. The Searl SEG can also eliminate radioactivity from any source in munutes, and has health benefits from its extreme negative ion emissions.

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