Rumors Gaining Steam: Rosetta Lander Hacked By Aliens, Comet is ACTUALLY A UFO ! /Video

by bluesbaby5050 on November 17th, 2014

Rumors gaining steam: Rosetta lander hacked by aliens, comet is actually a UFO! / Video Examiner news November 16, 2014 It began as rumors and the typical chatter that accompanies anything NASA does or fails to do. The latest conspiracy theory claims a cover up is underway: the United States and the European Space Agency (ESA) are hiding the fact that Comet 67P is a UFO. Moreover, an inside whistle blower says the Philae lander and Rosetta probe were hacked by aliens trying to make contact with Earth. It all sounds far-fetched, but major news sources are covering the developments that come in the wake of the space lab going silent since "landing" on the comet's surface.

In this November 10, 2014 handout photo illustration provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) the Rosetta probe (L) and Philae lander are pictured above the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet. ESA will attempt to land the Philae lander onto the comet.

No sooner than the solar-powered lander harpooned itself to the two-mile long Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and before mission control monitors could break out the champagne and toast the milestone, stories began cropping up on blogs, social media and major news sites about UFOs, extraterrestrial life forms, and a conspiracy to hide the true nature of the Rosetta probe mission.

One such story tells of a former ESA employee who leaked sensitive information about the 12-year multi-agency project into the outer reaches of space. An unidentified insider warms that more is afoot than a scientific quest for knowledge about how the universe developed.

"Comet 67P is NOT a comet. Some 20 years ago NASA began detecting radio bursts from an unknown origin out in space. It would later be known that these had likely come from the direction of the now named comet 67P. It does show signs on its outside of machine like parts and unnatural terrain."

Scott Waring, a UFO expert, dismissed ESA's explanation of the clicking noises emitted from Comet 67P as a "song," possibly the result of radioactivity or sounds made from its cosmic travel. Waring said the sounds are likely evidence of aliens trying to communicate. Others think the comet's noise is a warning to humans about probing its mother ship.

"If it was a warning, they would not allow the ESA craft to have landed. I believe the landing of the ESA craft was the equivalent of a first handshake. They will make another move soon probably. Alien structures are on the comet.

Well, the attempt will have to wait a while. According to officials, mission scientists are taking a break after working for four days nonstop ever since lander Philae touched down on the spiraling comet. Besides, there is evidence the laboratory has "gone silent." Apparently, when the probe touched down, its orientation was in the sun's shadow, which doesn't allow it's batteries to charge. However, before it lost all power, it was able to transmit crucial data back to the Rosetta orbiter.

Some don't buy the explanation. The growing rumor is that Philae was hacked or even stolen by aliens that were deployed from the mother ship, which is masquerading as a comet. Currently, scientists are sifting through the data they've collected to determine their next move. Meanwhile, the rumors about UFOs, aliens and conspiracy theories with the Philae lander and comet, some 311 million miles away from Earth, will continue until the cows come home. - MORE HERE - Philae comet lander alien ‘cover-up’ conspiracy theories emerges. Probe landing attracts allegations that 67P is not a comet but alien object kept secret by Nasa and European Space Agency.
On Wednesday afternoon, the European Space Agency made galactic history when their Rosetta Mission successful landed its Philae probe on a speeding comet, the first time such an extraordinary feat has been achieved.

As with everything from the moon landing to the death of Elvis, an alternative version of “what really happened” as the Philae probe landed on comet 67P did not take long to emerge.

According to an email published on the website – which does a regular trade in alien sightings – this mission is part of a European Space Agency and Nasa cover-up to disguise the comet’s true alien nature. The email, allegedly from a secret whistle-blowing employee of the ESA, accuses the agency of “blatant cover-ups” in wanting to land on the speeding comet and attaches photos which claim to reveal the “true inner workings of Comet 67P”.

It states: “Do not think for ONE MOMENT that a space agency would suddenly decide to spend billions of dollars to build and send a spacecraft on a 12-year journey to simply take some close-up images of a randomly picked out comet floating in space.”

“Comet 67P is NOT a comet,” the letter continues. “Some 20 years ago Nasa began detecting radio bursts from an unknown origin out in space. It would later be known that these had likely come from the direction of the now named comet 67P. It does show signs on its outside of machine like parts and unnatural terrain.”

Ending on an ominous note, it adds: “Whatever this object is, it did not ask to be found or scrutinised.”

Commenting on the article, contributor Scott Waring also said he believed the signals being emitted from the comet were a “greeting” to humans. “If it was a warning, they would not allow the ESA craft to have landed” he wrote. “I believe the landing of the ESA craft was the equivalent of a first handshake. They will make another move soon probably. Alien structures are on the comet." I don’t believe it’s natural.”

Yet this is far from the only extra-terrestrial conspiracy theory put forward about 67P and the ESA mission. In September, BPEarthWatch published a video showing “brand new, hi-res” images. Taken from the Rosetta spacecraft, they appeared to show two UFOs flying over the comet and a transmission tower-like structure built on the surface, potentially emitting the mysterious radio signals which have been picked by the ESA. “These images are not normal,” says the video voiceover.

ESA’s confirmation that the comet had been emitting a “mystery song” has fuelled theories that it is in fact an alien ship and the warbling is an extra-terrestrial attempt at communication.

Writing on the website, Scott Waring professed that: “In my opinion this is not a code. It is how a species of aliens communicate to one another without speaking. A form of telepathy put into primitive radio signals. Its the only way this species can communicate to us. This is their thoughts. They don’t talk.”

Waring added: “Getting a copy of the full message and then translating it should be of utter importance. Is it a message of greetings? Or is it a warning of what’s to come? We, the people of the world, need to find out.” -

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Tim Lovell: I was going to say BB,

I was going to say BB, imagine if the lander finds Dracos inside lol, as they use comets etc to travel in or with :)

bluesbaby5050: LOL! Yes that's very true Tim......

I was thinking this same thing when I was posting this article update. We shall see soon enough. Nasa has been trying very hard for 10 years to keep a tight lid on this so-called comet, and it's secrets. They have invested alot of years/time, and our tax paying money to journey so far out in space just to land on this rock of billions to choose from, and then all of a sudden everything comes to a sudden stop, because they were depending on solar energy to keep it working, until it ended up in the shade, and then their backup batteries died!? I find this hard to believe. I would think with all their secret advanced technology that they could come up with a backup plan just in case this did happen.

Tim Lovell: yup lol but guess what BB I

yup lol but guess what BB I live in Farnham in England and the part that failed on the lander , the grapple thing was manufactured in Guilford not 10 miles from me haha , im like hah that's English engineering for you haha :)

bluesbaby5050: By the way......

I know that NASA is hiding the real truth from the public, and so they give us lame excuses rather then tell us the truth. It's only going to backfire on them in the future, just wait and see. Look how long they have been withholding the truth of aliens from other worlds exchanging technology for humans on Earth, and for Earths other abundant resources to do with whatever they like with out our knowledge. Take a guess of where alot of the missing humans, and gold has been going to.

Tim Lovell: PRecisley , ever wondered

PRecisley , ever wondered why their is no gold in Fort Knox ? Ever wondered where it all went to ?, It went to the Orion Queens, to PAY them..


bluesbaby5050: Your very correct Tim......

I knew you had the correct answer, and that's why I withheld the answer, because I knew you knew better. And the Orion hybrid queen in the city of the inner city of London has quite alot of it as well. Hell.... she just about owns this whole planet, and everyone, and everything on it along with the vatican! What a joke! Who do they think they are fooling?! Remember what happened to Marie Antoinette, and why the French revolution got started? It very well could happen there too, and in the U.S. as well. People are very fed up in mass on this planet. Just imagine what would happen IF all the people in all the countries had a MASS REVOLT? WHO DO YOU THINK WOULD WIN? There's way MORE of US, and our off world allies then there is of THEM! LOL!

Tim Lovell: BB there has been revolt

BB there has been revolt after revolt going on in Eygpt, Libya etc etc , trust me it is happening , all over the world they wont take it anymore, and yes thank god for our brothers from afar who truly KNOW what goodness is

bluesbaby5050: In the countries you just mentioned.....

But I ment in the U.S. and in England, and in France, and in Spain, and in Canada. Those are only a handful, and we could do it if we all were united. NATO ALSO HAS TO GO. NATO was not created for our best interests, it is controled by off world enemies to humans. That's just my opinion.....not that it would happen anyways.

Tim Lovell: and btw something unrelated

and btw something unrelated sorry...

Being a `celebrity in the matrix` , `is the most powerful frequency control device, ever known of a celeb who has ascended up from 3d? `

you gotta die to it all leave all the shit behind and the celebraty worshiping and TV get the fuck outa here ! NOW!!

bluesbaby5050: Tim I do NOT follow those BRAINDEAD SATANISTS AROUND OR BUY ....

Or buy their SICKASS MINDFUCKing music either. That's why I got rid of my TV over a decade ago, and I never missed it after! I do not listen to any of their crappy low density music either. I have more important things to keep myself busy, I also work from home, and I nurture a beautiful family that I created, and so I do not follow their foolish BS! They do not distract me with their depravities, and 3D Illusions. I moved on a long time ago. I just wish more people would do the same, because it would greatly improve this planet, and raise the vibrations higher, and faster.

Tim Lovell: People are so caught up in

People are so caught up in the glamour and illusion of the life the are caught up in....

They forget the true love that they came from.....

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