THE ROTHCHILDS AND ROCKERFELLERS are the problem to Humanity as well as Monarchy

by edisonik on January 18th, 2012

THE ROTHCHILDS AND ROCKERFELLERS are behind World War 3 , the Censorship , the Vaccines = Disease, the Austerity = Famine and all Classical Tyranny.
Don't feel hopeless, just brief your family and friends.
As well as the Bushes , Clintons and others.


bluesbaby5050: To Brief your---

LOL !! YES-I WILL BE SURE !! Just in case they haven't heard it already!

Tarheel: The LOVE of Money is The Root of ALL EVIL !

It's amazing to me that people can be controlled by money.


bluesbaby5050: Love of money

The love of money is not the only problem,,but also what that money can also buy. Some people are very much into material objects,and use money and all it buys,,as a status symbol. And people love to show off their wares,,in the churchs on SATURDAYS, AND SUNDAYS,and anywhere else people go to in masses.This is all the EGO TRIPS THEY ARE ON.This is all a part of the 3d game. All this is part of the reptilian's plans to keep people preoccupied with all these yearly new gadgets,that keep coming out,, and all the boob- tube tv shows ,and the new cars,and trucks too.This is all well planned in advance by them, and all is well planned just to keep the masses from waking up to the real truths all around them everyday. People only need the nesessities of life to live,and stay warm and to feed themselves,and to get to and from work, all the rest are luxuary items.And no one needs a castle to live in. The native Americans thrived off the land,and only took what they needed and,wasted nothing, everything had a real good purpose,and they used all of it well.They had it right !! They are a perfect example of what I mean!

three: It can be used for good, but...

Money makes the (corporate) world go around
Evil enough in itself...

three: Consumer Insanity

Create the need
Then feed the greed...


Great play on words.

Notice IF YOU WILL, that CORPORATIONS start with our children-toy cars,Army dolls(glorifying fightingand war,etc, and entrench in their minds STATUS/material possessions/anythg that they want to implant so that when they grow up they make their money and SPEND it on material things. It's THOUGHT CONTROL at it's SICKEST.

Glorification of WAR/Soldiers thru training our children is just 1 of the things they do.

IT'S A TRAVESTY ! The hard part is figuring out HOW TO STOP IT !

bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel cowboy

You got all this right. It's good that you put this infor in this forum,,because we have alot of younger people in our group that might NOT be aware of all this inside workings of their scheme. And one moe thing,Some of the earlier posts from the people were NOT- SHOWING UP -THIS MORNING -AT- ALL ! WHAT'S UP WITH THIS I WONDER!

bluesbaby5050: POSTS NOT SHOWING UP??

This morning I tried to read the posts starting from-Jason01,,and there WAS NOT ANY POSTS TO READ!! JUST THERE NAME WAS AT THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY FORUM PAGE!! THIS WENT ALL THE WAY UP TO THE BEGINNING TO THE NAME OF Brian01. The rest I could read. I'm bringing this to the attention of this forum.I do not know why this is happening!Does anyone know why???

Tarheel: Truth Control is being tampered with !

We just BUSTED it wide open. Now, somebody needs to root it out and dispell it. Also, it needs to be traced to the source as much or as far as it can be.

It has been going on for a while but it is getting worse now.

bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel Cowboy

Do you think that the person responsible could possibly be High Plainsister? Annunaki 77 called her a dark agent. Does anyone think this could be so? NOTICE SHE HAS NOT BEEN ON THIS FORUM LATELY?? HUMMMMMMMMMMM ??????

Tarheel: OF COURSE...HPS is capable of such.

I am in no position to judge, but it would be my guess. Darkness=Such a pathetic lot.

bluesbaby5050: Pathetic Lot

Ya,, I agree too. I just kept my eyes open,and noticed she hasn't been active for quite some time now.Maybe she does not work alone ? Well, we can always ask what Annunaki 77 thinks about all of this happening on this forum. We will have to wait and see what he has to say about all this.

Tarheel: YES...IF IT Slithers.....

If it is SPINELESS, and it SLITHERS and it HISSES then certainly it is a Serpent , a Snake.

Such a pathetic existence.

bluesbaby5050: It's a SNAKE!!

IT IS A SNAKE!! And my friend-YOU TICKLE ME- LOLOL!!!!

Tarheel: As I told THE Great Falcon Master...

...if You are laughing, you are LIVING !

it is important that we laugh. It is one of the things that Lord Enki granted us in our DNA.

It would be GRAND if we could laugh more.

Beware the S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S!

bluesbaby5050: Weird stuff---

Notice anything else?? Check out all the repeated info coming in now! All this has been on here for a longgg time for anyone to read!

bluesbaby5050: TO find it

And we know where to look to find this too. We are not stupid!

bluesbaby5050: What's up ?

What's up with? What is your thoughts? Check your inside messages.


...when you dont love yourself. It's sad really.

I believe Quinton should be able to stop it, tho. You?

bluesbaby5050: Reply to

Check your mail. To - PALS-CHECK MAIL !

bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel Cowboy-----

Go to you know where------- I am waiting--- 4-u.

bluesbaby5050: CREAT the NEED and FEED THE GREED!!


three: Being


Ecbra de Oaoj: to Tarheel, bluesbaby and three



if there are smiling... are living!

its our Destiny! happiness! the soul will go... after here...
so... lets be yet...

spies and dark side... just in time... will put on their place

lets play... lets enjoy our say and makes

its our Destiny... smile. pray for souls turn to God design... and be ready! to all with courage...

im very honoroured for your presence and amistage



lets smile because...
its living... and our Destiny.


bluesbaby5050: WE NEED MORE JOY!!


nomzam: Agree with other mates. Money

Agree with other mates. Money can do anything because most of the peoples are materialistic and when someone wants to use that person they just show money and they get them or get anything by money.

wmarkley: Edisonik

I agree, the rockefellers, and rothchilds ARE at the base of the evil on this planet, they have made fortunes funding both sides of war, the people of this planet MUST wake up! and wise up! we must put down our weapons, and refuse to kill our neighbors, refuse to kill for this evil. what puzzles me is, after ww3, when nothing is left, what do they gain? money will be useless, even gold is useless, you cant eat or drink it. the planet must wake up and smell what this evil is bruing, it stinks, and we as a people can stop it, they have no power if we dont let them. unfortunately, GREED is a pandemic today. If i only had three wishes, i could solve the problem with my first wish. the other two i would save for later.

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