Here's a very different kind of story in the world of news today. The Catholic Church of English Martyrs stated that they were
thankfull that this case wasn't upheld, murderer Pavel Mircea attempted to sue the Lord Almighty for backing out of the deal made at his baptism in this church.

He argued: "He was supposed to protect me from all evils, and instead He gave me to Satan who encouraged me to kill.” [ Remember that We have freedom of choice to do or Not to do ]

But judges rejected the case, ruling that God is not a person in the eyes of the law, and God doesn’t have a legal address where He could be served with papers.

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Annunaki77: Every Man & Woman is

Every Man & Woman is Personally Responsible for their own Lives. A Balance in the Ways of Freewill , Passion & Destiny.Pavel Mircea , no , yet some lower realm entities can entice Man or Woman to do wrong to others ultimately one makes the choice to do the things they do , whether it was right or wrong.
Many Murderers are Fearful Cowards and usually what is easier and that is hurt others at no expense to them.

It is easy to do wrong and it is always hard to do right. Many Adamu have done wrong but ultimately it will be their own conscious that will judge them and Karma will follow , many lifetimes over.

You are always being watched and the decisions you make will have a Price in the Future , so , Including the Elites who thing they are Perfect in their own eyes will also face Karma.

Your Earthly Churches will not protect you from the Wrath of Heaven.
The Church does Good Works but must not protect any more Murderers.

Especially those wearing fancy clothes claiming to represent Peace Loving Nations.

Nations must protect & love Humanity and Humanity must learn to be more Responsible for their own Lives.

Love & Harmony.


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