Rocket Scientist David Adair Reveals Alien Sembiotic Engines

by edisonik on October 5th, 2010

David Adair is a Rocket Scientist that has worked on Rockets as his profession and nothing could have prepared him for the Military's most prized possesion an Alien Interstellar Engine, this Alien Engine belonged to a Space Craft two football fields wide and it was up to David to figure out how this Engine worked. The US Military was trying to create a propulsion system that could deliver a Nuke payload to a specific target lightening fast so they can Rule the World. David knew this technology could be used for extreme evil and that this technology could have killed over a billion lives in a single day, he sabotaged the programs and save billions of lives in the process. He worked on the Alien Engine in the 1970's. ( 1 of 5 ) ( 2 of 5 ) ( 3 of 5 ) ( 4 of 5 ) ( 5 of 5 )

There is so much you need to learn folks, I will do my best.

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