Robert Morning Sky Star Elders On True Galactic History Radio Interview.

by Chris on November 11th, 2013

Robert Morning Sky Star Elders True Galactic History of earth and the galaxy the Terra Papers..

Robert Morning Sky star elders 1-6

Robert Morning Sky 2-6

Robert Morning Sky 3-6

Robert Morning Sky 4-6

Robert Morning Sky 5-6

Robert Morning Sky 6-6

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obsrvantlouie: HUGE FAN OF MORNING SKY

Great perspective from Robert Morning Sky....He does cover the Terra Papers in a somewhat watered down version versus the actual document.

Karoline: Robert Morning Sky

Robert Morning Sky is not a Hopi or an Apache. They've never heard of him and deny his UFO story. A dancing liberace wearing a dress that's neither Hopi nor Apache. Works with a long list of other notorious fraudsters: Oshinnah Fastwolf - a Scottish woman who poses as Chiricahua Apache ; Robert Franzone (ghostwolf) an Italian American from New Jersey who has posed as Lakota, Iroquoise & Metis ; Hunbatzmen - an Anglo American who passes off Buddhist beliefs as Mayan. It's not a Hopi value to try and convert non-Hopi peopl to Hopi beliefs. The Hopi nation says NO ONE who claims to represent or teach about their beliefs OFF reservation is legit. However, since he speeks of the return of the divine feminine & spirituality and end to the patriarchal society that has been built up over thousands of years, i'll let him off with no more than a darn good spanking.

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