Rio Overpass Demolished As Part Of Olympic Redevelopment

Hosting the Olympics is an honor. It's also a lot of work: Host cities build stadiums, construct hotels and, in some cases, even blow up highways to get ready to handle the massive influx of athletes and spectators. [Click image to enlarge]

Case in point: Rio.
Explosives are detonated to demolish part of the Perimetral overpass, as part of Rio's Porto Maravilha (Marvelous …

Nobody can say Rio isn't taking its job seriously. The demolition drew plenty of onlookers who marveled at the overpass's collapse. People gather to observe the Perimetral overpass, after its partial demolition as part of Rio's Porto Maravilha …

This is the most recent part of the highway to be destroyed. Another was demolished on Nov. 24, 2013; that included "29 spans and 232 beams that together weigh 5,104 tons," according to, website of the Brazilian construction and engineering multinational corporation.

The Rio Olympics aren't scheduled to open until Aug. 5, 2016. However, prep work isn't something to be left until the last minute.

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