by Annunaki77 on January 7th, 2013

People something Big is coming in 2013 . Listen to the RIFD Chip Implants coming because of OBAMA CARE, NAZI DEATH CARE ON STERIODS.
What can I say, you can discredit the Messenger as a Nut Job, but you CANNOT , DICREDIT, THE MESSAGE!.
We must Impeach Obama before it's too Late.


Impeach Obama 2012! Join The National Campaign!

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bluesbaby5050: I saw Alex Jones video show yesterday..........

And I had already posted that the police in some states were calling into his show, and saying that they have started this already, and that a cop on his force already had a chip planted inside of his tooth! He then said that, anything this officer would say from then onwards would NOT be private anymore! DUR! REALLY?

HebrianDaniel: people will already refuse to

people will already refuse to implent Electronical devices into their bodies.
no metter what the goverment will do many people will mass protest about it even if it in law.
good job america you becoming Facist state...

Terran resistance: becoming?

it already is, and the Uk isnt any better, the anti-islamic propoganda here is horrific
its worse than the anti-semtic propoganda during world war 2 at the minute here.
its all just another excuse to bomb the absolute shit out of another muslim country so that they can steel more oil which we dont even need since we already have free energy being secretly hidden and used in secret bases around the globe.

I doubt everyone in these establishmets is corupt so why dont they just raid all these TV stations and kick out all these bastards.Maybe the day is coming? whos knows.

bluesbaby5050: I agree with you about this TR..............

Maybe this will happen real soon,as the public are very PISSED OFF AT THE LEADERS NOW! Also, the Elitists are all using this FREE ENERGY IN THIER HOME! But we are denied this use so we can keep lining their dam pockets with our monies! I can't wait till the collapse finally happens,and we take our country back from thse ASSHOLES! Your country is full of this same Bucket of Shit too TR. LOL!

UN.i1-PHI: Ohh obonga, you and your fainters are so fake..;p

how pathetic and low can you go to set up actors to faint on tv during your speech so that you can pretend to be caring for people and think your gaining publicity for ur 'obamacare' politikillall purpouses

notice this recent one with the woman on the left giving the other the signs thru or something and that she bites her lips again and doesnt even look at them immediately when obama turns around and when the so called pregnant fainter plays ill with her breath and balance and goes in 'shock' (btw just after obama said "..fear.., the one illness!")

but its even more pathetic when you've realized that after that they have been doing this so many times, they're still pulling this same old trick/publicitystunt again even with a 'pregnant' woman right behind him and another woman exposing the stunt by her significant gestures and behaviour..
(as you can see in these other yt vids linked at the infowars article)

edisonik: For the first time in History

The Eyes of the World are on the Puppet Masters & not the Puppets.
We the Falcons are very proud of the Human Species, we see the transition on consciousness.
We see that this continual carnage will come to an abrupt end.
The harder they try to hurt Humanity the more they will loose control of all the masses.

Also do not forget the Awsome Forces of the Falcon Clans of the Aku underneath the United States. 5000 Strong. 22ft 1800 pounds of Fury..

Tarheel: 5Gs of a Ton+/-

That's almost a ton of New & Improved whoop ass.

Expect it...

edisonik: You will not believe now but one day you will believe.

That Humanity does have friends with unsurpassed Awsome Power for Benevolant purpose.
For this is the Pact of the Ancient Falcons "When Life loses it's Value and is taken for not then the Pact of the Falcons is to Avenge on it's Ancient Enemies.

The Reptiles.

It is time to De-classify what has been Classified.

edisonik: If the Bird Men came to the Surface , it will alter your Reality

The Bird Clans are Governed by Sacred Laws. We cannot interfere with Human Destiny.
But we can clean the way from those who do interfere.

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