Revival of Dead Organisms Using Synthetic Blood; Synthetics, Clones and Robotoids

Hello all, glad to be back, been reading into Val Valerians book Matrix 2. Here is some information found on robotoids, cloning and synthetics, and the revival of dead organisms using synthetic blood. The video was posted by Tila Tequila who has been speaking out lately on the illuminati and such, give it a chance the video is very interesting but disturbing if you are sensitive, so watch at own discretion. Always Love, Truth, and Peace to all of you.

(1985) "Lawrence Livermore labs begins to manufacture artificial blood, some of which is destined for Dulce Genetics Facility in New Mexico." Val Valerian, Matrix 2

For those unaware, New Mexico has several underground bases and tunnels that are used by the government and the greys together. It has been said by those that work there that there are 7 levels of floors in the Dulce underground base, and the further down you go in the levels the more security there is because they have unthinkable eugenics and cloning experiments going on. Some have stated that the grays have organisms in vats that are mutations, for example a half calf half human was found.

Here's the video which shows two dogs (one without a body) being revived using synthetic blood and man made heart.

"A lot of evidence started to surface in the 1970's. A lot of it seemed to tie in the idea that political figures have been undergoing a process of duplication. During this process, the individual's responses, memories, and habit patterns are copied from the human to be duplicated. The original can then be preserved or processed into basic biological components. The clone will then function as the original, except that the entity is under alien control. There is also an apparent minority of cases where the synthetic duplicate's consciousness is directly replaced by an alien consciousness - the walk-in."
"Robotoids are different from clones. Robotoids are creatures without souls, not human beings. This Awareness suggests that the robotoid does not have a complete development of soul, but does have certain spirit energies--this similar to what might be termed an elemental. This Awareness indicates these creatures in time can be perfected scientifically through other means whereby exact duplicates with potential for reproduction and human development could be made. . . and this as being close to that which this Awareness referred to as synthetics. This Awareness suggests the synthetics live longer than robotoids, that the synthetics have been created by extra-terrestrials rather than Russians. [T]hese creatures do not have a self-awareness, except when this self-awareness is programmed into them. This Awareness indicates that the creatures themselves carry certain subconscious programmings similar to that of an entity who is in a kind of a coma or zombie-like state. The entities' basic fuctions and basic responses carry through in the DNA cell memeory, but the general programming of behavior and personality will occur from the implanting of the memory of the predecessor. [T]hese entities themselves are slaves. . . That all these entities are set up under that entity who has presented himself in the midst of the seat of power known as the Anti-Christ. . . as having control upon this hierarchy system, intent upon gaining power and control of the earth, in order to set up his realm. [T]hese entities have great power in terms of physical and occult controls. That these entities have machines which allow them to listen to the thoughts of others (Note from LTP: in my next post we will cover these machines called brain trasmitters), which allow them to teleport; and whereby, even in vehicles, they can hook their teleportation machine to the vehicle and teleport, or disappear, right before the eyes of others. This Awareness indicates that the entities have the ability to create pains and nausea and sickness in others. These entities as often causing accidents and death and illness to those on the surface, particularly when these entities on the surface level become too aware of their activities and become a threat.This Awareness indicates that these synthetics are put together and are indeed living creatures in which astral beings may enter to work through upon this physical plane." Val Valerian, Matrix 2

Conversations Between Researchers On Synthetics and Clones from Val Valerians Matrix 2

-In your opinion, do you think any of the material about the use of clones, synthetics and androids is valid?
-Yes, there is plenty of evidence that these and other processes are carried out universally in order to permit the housing (or trapping) of consciousness. These beings that are coming from the other frequencies that don't use a physical body but need a physical presence have other beings that have a physical presence generate biological structures that function as containers for them. Biological humanoids. Through these their energy fields ar manifested. The internal organs would not matter, since they are just energy transitional containers. (Note from LTP: this explains why in so many autopsies of greys they find no organs at all, just yellow spongy stuff which is thought to be used simply to "stuff" the alien entity's physical body.)
-How about the clones?
-I think they can be fabricated to the height and age requirements that are necessary. I understand that some of the autopsies of the aliens demonstrated that some of them had a spongy sort of material inside--the same material all the way through. There was a good example of this type of lifeform in the movie "Forbidden Planet". The lion and the other animals were not real animals, but biological things that were created through thought alone. Humans would be able to do that if their cerebral capacity was released - humans could do what some of the alien species require hardware to do--that's why they are suppressed the way they are on this planet.
-Well when you go back to what Bob said - that he saw an autopsy of an alien and that it was spongy inside when it was cut open - what are we looking at--we're looking at containers. The aliens have made reference to the fact that humans are containers that they do not want damaged - whatever that means. (Note from LTP:my guess is they don't want our "body containers" damaged so that they can use them to control and manipulate the populace. If there are no undamaged human containers for them to go into they are forced to make their own synthetics or stay in their frustration until a human "container" becomes available to use.) There are all sorts of containers that energy beings can use and manipulate. Some of the aliens may not be real aliens - in other words, you can't kill them. If you kill them, that means you damage the container. Now you have an unmanifested energy field until another container becomes available. The aliens manufacture boiological containers for themselves. It is possible to obtain a cerebral holographic memory trace of a human being and insert it into a biological container.
-I would think that the United States Government could create them by the same process.
-A lot of abductees have indicated that they [the aliens] have in essence progressed to where they could fabricate their own bodies - using the biologicals gained from humans and cattle. (Note from LTP: this explains all the animal mutilations carried out on humans and cattle over the years especially in the mid and southwest. Except our government says it was the "Chupacabra" a monster they created out of nowhere like bigfoot and the lockness to take the blame. There was even a special X-Files hour episode on the Chupacabra during this time of frequent mutilations to misinform and confuse the public.)
-Yes, and in essence they are a parasitic species. They have to continue to look for biological materials, so they go for the cattle and certain glands out of humans.
-And cerebral holographic memory transfer?
-Absolutely. All you have to do is look at Richard Shaver and you can see that it is what he was talking about way back then. You can go back through history and you will find reference to crystal technology being used to implement this process. It has been going on here for at least 50,000 years.
-What else do we know about these artificial life forms? Do these aritificial bodies have weaknesses?
-Remember, these beings know that they don't "die"; for them to die simply means the temporary inability to manipulate on a specific energy level - it is only a matter of frustration for them. Most of the time they are in a high energy plasma state; they are fields of force. They are coherent radiant beings. They have the abiltiy to take over physical bodies and manipulate them.
-Isn't that what humans are, as well?
-Yes, yes, yes. But these guys know in a way that humans don't know. Once the aliens realize that you have discovered that energy follows thought and that you have control over it, you become a frustration to them - even a danger to their operations - they back off.
-So, what this is really illustrating is part of the connection between the occult and the "UFO phenomenon".
-Yes, every time you say "UFO" or "flying saucer", you are talkng about things that are connected to the occult. All the occult groups had already had the whole thing of hypnosis, mind control, and little brain wave transmitters that only affected a town; those that GE later developed so that it would affect the entire planet. All the technology did was expand - the secrets of mind control and alpha generation, sympathetic harmonics and the rest of it was already here, and it has been passed on for a long time, perhaps 15,000 years. The information has been passed for generations in the Masonic orders. It has been very compartmented information for a long time, and these people would guard it to protect themselves.

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