Review of the book Genesis for the new space age

by dvogel on September 2nd, 2013

A couple of months ago I read the book called Genesis for the new space age written by John B. Leith. It’s supposedly written in the year 1980 but was first handed over in 2006 to a publishing company. All pages typed on a typewriter. There is nothing I came across in the book which showed that it would be from a later date that 1980. The information in the book has been retrieved by several investigators who had the chance to view classified documents in the US, Germany, the Vatican, USSR(Russia), Brazil, etc.
Besides having a big American Christian, as well as anti USSR touch to it, I think a lot of the information it contains has some truth to it (not all though). I will try to explain why, with some references.

The first topic is regarding alien encounters with the US army which happened in the 30’s under president Roosevelt. Especially when the U.S. entered WW2 the amount of UFOs increased heavily and there are several accounts of incidents where the US army tried to shoot down these UFOs(1). One of the UFOs was described as cigar shaped like Gary Mckinnon saw a picture of when hacking into the computers of NASA(2).

Afterwards the book describes Venusians, who almost look like normal humans, coming to Earth to help the Americans, but as well the Nazis with perfecting the round winged aircrafts and the electromagnetism energy and anti gravity which they use to be able to fly. I have personally only heard about this from leaked Nazi information though(3,4), however Nazi Germany was defeated and much information leaked out, but America wasn’t, so most things stay hidden.

One of the main topics is as well the Hollow Earth(5), which actually was the reason I stumbled upon this book. It is explained that a group of 500 German workers and soldiers who were building forts for the Portuguese on the border between today’s Brazil and Ecuador was attacked by natives and had to flee into the massive cave system of Ecuador(6) where they wandered for years deeper and deeper and even encountered a race of non human dwellers who they called “Sons of Satan” who attacked the Germans. Its also stated that the Earth’s crust contains many cities of these dwellers much like Phil Schneider talked about having encountered(7) in the late 70s. The dwellers are actually explained to have lived on the surface but were forced to move into the deep caves due to deluge like catastrophes in ancient times (Maybe even a previous root race).
Eventually the lost Germans reaches the Inner Earth which is explained to be more or less like the upper world with oceans, land and vegetation (They actually thought they arrived back on the top of the earth). In this new land there was a very advanced civilization called the new Atlanteans or Atturians who used as well the round winged aircrafts. The German colonists were assigned a piece of land in the Inner Earth upon which they created a new German civilization. Later they discovered another civilization of the Inner Earth called the Bodlanders who had the same root language as the Germans. They were said to have gone down underground around 30.000 years ago when attacked by a vicious race from outer space who they called the Serpent race, with high technology. Throughout the 18 hundred century the tunnels between the Inner and Outer world were improved and expanded, however still remained secret for the people on the Outer Earth. In the late 1930s the king of Bodland visited Hitler, which gave Hitler the interest to have connections with his Inner Earth relatives, thus a piece of Antarctica was concurred by the Nazis in the early days of WW2 (3). As the Germans were losing the war, they were allowed to migrate to the Inner Earth, through the entrance in Antarctica and the tunnels in South America. Even Hitler escaped to the Inner Earth via a submarine to South America and then down through the tunnels.

A big chapter in the book is regarding Admiral Byrd’s experiences with the Inner Earth, starting with the mission called High Jump (3) where the American navy at the end of WW2 had to retreat from Antarctica with many casualties. This also led the US government to take safety measures regarding the North and South pole which I explained in another post(8)

I think this book contains a lot of possible facts, however I don’t think they all are completely accurate and some of them might even have been made up such as an interview with a Venusian who claims to have been on Earth since the time of Jesus and saw him as well. I believe this and another part in the book stating that Jesus appeared to save a woman’s life are included to show that you can believe in this and still be Christian, since extraterrestrials challenge the history of the bible at least how its generally understood.

The book can be read here and I recommend you do so if you have any interest in Hollow Earth and UFOs.



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UN.i1-PHI: great review dvogel!

this is really interesting and you put it together really good with use of the other sources
thanks i don't really read books and you told all well enough so i wouldn't have to read this book ;P
also i appreciate that you made clear the distinction between the author's religious beliefs and the et phenomena and that religious ppl still could stay religious while believing in aliens, tough these religious mystical mythical beings/creatures are most probably 'aliens' and ppl religiously adore and worship them without really realizing that ;P

btw tough it's off topic here's something you might like to read if your interested, it seems to be pretty interesting and sceptic towards quantum mechanic science and theory regarding the wave/particle function and it's in Dutch

De verkrachting van de Psi (ψ)

dvogel: Interesting

Indeed thats an interesting link. But it needs some thorough reading :)

obsrvantlouie: Very cool Dvog

Sorry for me that I was late to the party...very well done review/post. I'm going to check out the book on the link you have provided.

I hope all is well.

Tarheel: Makes me wonder......

Remember The Vatican came out and said, (approx) "A belief in aliens does NOT necessarily conflict with a belief in The Bible/God". This post makes me wonder if The Vatican's "coming out party" with regard to the possibility of alien life (in 2008 methinks) was scheduled.

obsrvantlouie: I remember that "statement"

The Vatican essentially said if there is alien life it wouldn't change the truth of the bible....what a load.

Just like the load that was the bible before the council of nicea - before hand the sun revolved around the earth according to bible and afterwards they (300 some odd years after they had gagged Galileo) decided it was time to change that minute detail.

It's funny to see hard core Catholics/Christians react to things of this nature.

Tarheel - of course it was done purposely. Timing Is everything and they have determined their moves and "timing" years, decades if not generations ago. This why society has been and is being inundated with a variety of outer space / alien / et like movies. Shows like "V", Independence Day etc...The superhero genre / meme in Hollywood today attracts to the generations of 30's and 40's who grew up with "transformers, G.I Joe and comic books". This is the generation raising today's children...

They are doing what they always do through Hollywood....using the Medes (media) to mind control the sheep. Example - recent captain America movie makes mention of "operation paperclip" YES the operation paperclip where U.S. commandeered 100's of nazi scientist (war criminals) and brought them into CIA and created NASA etc.

They make mention of this in lives like captain America so when you and I and especially an article like Dvogels above makes mention of operation paperclip the sheep will....YOU'VE BEEN WATCHING CAPTAIN AMERIKA LATELY HAVENT YOU?!

Vatican is so scandal every fukin week in the news and people keep tossin money in the collection basket.

dvogel: The V sign

I have been wondering about the V sign for a while now. It seems to be one of the greatest symbols we are being brainwashed with. Like the show the "V"oice and what I posted in the Belgian forum: . The last picture is of the one who is probably going to be the new prime minister here. I have read its like V for vendetta and council of the 5, but I think it's more than just that. Here in Belgium we are being extremely brainwashed with this sign lately.

UN.i1-PHI: well said dvogel
Originally posted by dvogel [View comment]

Can we almost compare this conflict between Flanders (The Muffs) and Wallonia (the Soviets) to WWII? The fascists against the Communists.Quote: Originally posted by TV-verslaafde [View comment]

Definitely. Officially against each other but behind the scenes they are the same.

There is no religion higher than truth

Tarheel: Cap'n America takes many shots @ The Govt

Nice rant tho, OL. I agree on most points.

Yeah, Galileo got sentenced to life imprisonment for his heliocentric ideology. Imagine that! You develop a telescope to view The Heavens and find out "the real deal" and because it makes the PTB look stupid, he gets his ace handed to him by The Inquisition. Then you get world-wide acclaim post-mortem. OUCH ! Sounds like Tesla, huh?

I'd like to see Cap'n America movie. You seen it? I heard it was good.

obsrvantlouie: Captain America was good

Not as good as new xmen movie - fassbender an excellent actor along with rest of cast. Xmen movie does the same type of mindkontrol - not surprising since Disney bought marvel years ago but still entertaining especially if you are a comic book fan like myself.

dvogel: Thank you

for the nice words. If anyone wants to read the book, please take it with a gram of salt (at some parts you might even want to just stop reading). You decide yourself of course what you believe in and how you do your studies. My way of studying is that I will look at things that I might not agree with 100% or maybe even 50% and then compare it to other sources hence the references and then I will keep it in mind to compare with future studies. Sometimes I make the conclussion that something I might have believed at first, didn't seem so likely to me after all on a later stage and something I didn't believe might seem more likely after having read more sources on the subject.

obsrvantlouie: Excellent advice and work ethic

Always with a grain of salt and always with an open we all progress (well, some of us).

You've given me a idea for a new post Mr. V - haha a little extra V programming for you Dvogel ;)

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