Retialian stamp of total control

by BamfOttO on November 8th, 2016

I think I have spotted the time in our history when the reptilians gained what they feltcomplete control of the human race or their final human genetic DNA sequence. Th Egyptian civilizations around 2500 B.C. started to depict their rulers around the time of Rameses II as the serpent head dresses and the cobra coming out as if busting out of and destroying our third eye (at least in the artistic impressions). I feel like this was their most "in your face" show of their final completion of there domainance over the control of human society. I know they were pulling at the strings for far longer, but the tide really turned in their favor in that time period, and the utter showing through art was either a warring by sculptures (reptilians most likely have no creativity) or the demand for the scuptur to summit to their control.

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BenjaminFalkenrath: Now What?

So, what do you think is going to happen next?

BamfOttO: Don't know, don't really care

Don't know, don't really care. Not to be negative, I can't save the human race, I can only just expand my mind and spirit. I would love to help, but people first need to help themselves. I do love history and conspiracy theories, and I love poking holes in their programed mind control.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I Agree

No I totally get it, people need to think for themselves and help them selves for sure. To many rely on a savior when they neglect to realize they are their own keeper.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Let me say my Q: In A Diff way.

You stated you think you spotted the time in our history... Etc etc.
Could you elaborate more on your findings in regards to Aliens & their agenda?

BamfOttO: stamp

well it was the time of Ramses II They say aroun 2800 B.C. this, besides the sphynx is the time you really see the head dress depictions and the snake coming out the 3rd eye. It seems that the I would only assume the "reptilians" cause that seems to be the most discussed. Then, who could really know. The snake symbolism since the dawn of "civilalized" culture is quite prevalent. The Assyrians and Sumerian cultures is the birth of cities and mass groupings of people. This is the time the whole god theology and snake infusion is very well apart of society, and the birth of the first known secret society "The Brotherhood of the Snake". Besides the few ancient destroyed cultures that were probably concidered Aryan. Like Alanitis. Though they infiltrated the Assyrians and Sumerians, The "reptilians" seemed to fraction off or start a new in Eygpt. Then when the gained what they felt was total control in the time of Rameses II, they seemed to put out a lot more "in your face: cultural icons and control in society.

bluesbaby5050: Reptilian Stamp of Total Control

The head dress often seen worn by Egyptian kings were of the sun god. Armon Ra was a sun god. Many of the Egyptian gods were from the Sirius star system. There is Sirius A, B, and C. Sirius A and Sirius B are inhabited by many different humanoid beings. This Sirius star system is known as the Dog star system. Many Egyptian gods originate from there. Slavery is common in Sirius B. The Dogone tribes in Africa are connected with Sirius B, and it is in there ancient tribal history passed down generation to generation. There is a wealth of information on Truth Control, and on the internet about this knowledge.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Reply

Gotcha. They created the snake images. Though some would say they didn't & or are not reptilian. But I think the anunnaki are despite what david icke says An Anu, Enki & Enil are def Anunnaki

bluesbaby5050: Reptilian Stamp of Total Control

People seem to forget that the people that had survived Atlantis migrated to Egypt. The secret society of the snake was brought to Egypt from Atlantis. The worshipping of the sun also came from Atlantis by way of the secret societie of the sun. The land of Mu existed then too. Atlantis fought long wars with Lumeria. The Sumerians were of reptilians hunanoid origins. The Anunnaki are a mixed race of humanoids and reptilians and reptiloids. Anu and his son Enlil were both reptilian humanoids, and Enki was amphibian humanoid. Anu's second son Enlil was created in one of their laboritories by his father and by his mother which was Anu's half sister and his wife. Enki was also created in a laboratory by his father Anu and Enkis's amphibian mother Nammu that was Anus's first born son named Enki, and then they also created a twin sister of Enki named Sara, and this method was commonly used to aquire off spring with their advanced technologies. This was how the warm blooded genes of humans, and the cold blooded genes of reptilians were mixed to created human, reptilians hybrids. They could not breed otherwise, because they were not compatible. So this method was widely used many times in many genetic experiment's by the aliens. They used many varieties of advanced technologies that we use today. All the biology, and all the genetic materials from all animal and plant life were brought to this planet, and to other star systems all over this galaxy, and this universe. Genetics play a large roll in the galactic affairs, because it is so valued. The Anunnaki are a race of tribes of well over 300,000 mixed racial tribes that lived in the Niberu star system of planets, and asteroids, and comets in ancient history, and it is it's own system. Niberu is a hollowed out astroid that is in reality a spaceship. It has advanced controls and a steering system where some Anunnaki still live and work inside the space craft of Niberu. Again Anu, and Enlil are reptilian human- noids, and Enki was an amphian humanoid. They are portrayed as looking only human but this is not the whole truth. Humans also have reptilian genes in them of varying degrees as well, and some have more reptilian genes then others do. Cloning was also used often to make copies of the original genetic pattern of the donors. Some aliens used donated genetic tissues to create their offspring, because the usual birthing we are used to takes it's toll on the physical bodies. Also, cloning was widely used in some cases, because the original physical alien had to be in more then one place for a specific purpose to carry out a mission, and the clones only had about a 10 year life span on the average. This is secret knowledge even to this day, and it's still being used in secret military, and government departments. All of this knowledge was erased from your bibles by those that wrote it. And it was always kept low key in the ancient history. And most people are not even aware that Enki had a twin sister named Sara too. You won't find this knowledge in your bibles, but it is out there.

bluesbaby5050: Reptilian Stamp of Total Control

Planet Earth has been invaded long ago in ancient history from aliens in the constellations of our own Milky way galaxy. Many alien races have come and gone, while some stayed and never left. Many aliens used their advanced technologies on this planet for a variety of reasons, some for good, and some not. Some of their technologies were left behind, and some have been discovered in many different areas on this planet. Many alien races also intermingled with the human races that were already here. They interbred with many human races over time. They shared their knowledge, and cultural beliefs with the many races. Many wars were fought over planet Earth, and her territories on her lands, and in space. Earth is of great interests to many alien races, because this planet is a living library, and planet Earth is one of a kind.

BamfOttO: again don;t know lot on the

again don;t know lot on the subject, find it vey interesting but un helpful, cause we don't know and most likely will never know unless you can expand beyond our light wave length field.

BamfOttO: i am sorry that came off rude

i am sorry that came off rude, I had a personal realalization. I very much respect your comentary, but I find I do spend to much time trying to figure out the exact why, or the exact where, or the exact who? In the end it's like a drug addiction. You find you have a problem, the why is helpful but the soulution or working towards a solution is much more important than the cause. The cause plays a key role, but working towards stoping the cause most come and be in full effect before we fine tune it, cause unless you are widdleing away the outer layers threw action then you will never find the root cause.

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