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The reality of interdimensional physics is one of POLARITY from D-12 through D-1. It is through the natural dynamics of SCALAR-polarity that the hologram of space-time-matter is experientially manifest. In terms of consciousness, these natural laws of energy translate into expressions of “dark” and “light” mentality..... forces that create “negative” experience and the “chaos” of non-order, and counter-forces that create “positive” experience and serve the intrinsic ordering of the universe.

BOTH POLARITIES are a NATURAL PART OF COSMIC STRUCTURE and intrinsic aspects of the Law of One. At D-12 frequency polarity unites in terms of physics, and consciousness transcends the value-judgments of “good” and “bad” experience, a state of KNOWING in which all is known as being in “Divine Right Order” . While in the polarity/aka manifest creation drama, when a person refuses to acknowledge the existence of either polarity they are not holding a balanced or unified “Unity Consciousness” view.

If you refuse knowledge of how your interdimensional bio-fields work, because you choose to IGNORE THE GREATER RACE AND PLANETARY DRAMA of which your own personal experience is a part, you are not yet demonstrating awareness of the greater realities of this creation drama, realities that will effect you whatever you decide to believe. Like gravity, the mass drama, which includes the less desirable aspects of the control agendas, WILL effect you, UNLESS you comprehend yourself and the dynamics of your 15-dimensional anatomy enough to alter your bio-fields to TRANSCEND THE EFFECTS of this influence.

Yes, our thoughts create our reality, BUT SO DO OUR SUBCONSCIOUS IMPRINTS and the KARMIC-MIASMIC PATTERN THAT IS STORED IN THE DNA AND CELLULAR TEMPLATE. You can “wish away” any aspect of the negative polarity that you desire, and indeed, it may leave your 3-D conscious attention-BUT, IT WILL STILL EFFECT and INFLUENCE YOU from behind the scenes, IF you have not cleared the karmic/sub-consciousness imprint, which manifests as distortion in the DNA. There is much more to the art, science and spirituality of thought-manifestation than simply “wishful thinking” from the D-3 ego alone.

Accurately manifesting the thought-realities you desire requires knowledge as well as good intention. Your thoughts AND subconscious karmic/miasmic imprint are scalar-wave templates that directly affect the DNA and cellular imprint, and YES thought is the way to transcending the influence of the negative polarity. Appropriately applied thought. If you are foolish enough to think that you will be “safe from all harm” JUST by intending “White Light” (D-12 frequency) around you, without having the knowledge of how to anchor that frequency into the DNA and bio-field, you may be in for a rude awakening to the value of knowledge.

If you refuse to acknowledge the present conditions of DNA distortion, over-amplification of the karmic pattern and covert control agenda nonsense that is part of ALL of this earth’s reality right now, you may find it hard to understand why certain things that you did not intend have the nerve of encroaching upon your experience.

True light work involves learning to “HOLD YOUR OWN LIGHT” - (handling your bio-fields, consciousness, body, DNA, kundalini appropriately so as to embody the frequencies of higher dimensional light/energy/consciousness) through which PROTECTION is no longer a personal issue - you know you can create personal safety because you understand and use the dynamics by which you can master your own hologram. THEN there is the reality of the mass hologram to deal with. As long as you are in incarnate form your DNA template/ the template through which the 3-D hologram manifests, will retain the imprint of the race and planetary karma.

This MEANS that in order to attain true mastery and freedom from polarity yourself, you must also help the greater plan of healing race and planetary karmic distortion. That distortion is encoded in your own DNA template as you pass through the race and planetary morphogenetic field (scalar-template) into fetal integration, moving into association with the new body hologram prior to physical birth.

Can’t you yet understand that the people who are creating the greatest healing influence on the planet are those that are actively involved with helping to heal the lower-frequency polarity, by bringing it into the light.

Those willing to face the negative holograms, address them without fear and then employ effective means of helping those negatives to evolve into wholeness, are the ones showing the least fear and offering the greatest influence in restoring Unity Consciousness and helping the planetary energy grids to transmute to a higher dimensional level

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Tim Lovell: here is an example of the

here is an example of the thought creates reality dynamo has got the mastery and like Christ his thought now effect his reality the faith of a mustard seed etc ..

this is just one example of what humans can really do if they wake up and activate their DNA..

Tarheel: Good post, Chrishek.

I actually had time to read it. It will be committed to my vault.

bluesbaby5050: This is all very true Chris, and this is exactly what.....

What A TRUE LIGHT WORKER DOES. This is what I have been saying all along, but, I try to keep it as simple as I can when trying to explain it to the people in this forum. I drop the BIG words, and phases, and break it down at the same time as I try to keep the important subject points intact, because I realize that not everyone studies Metaphysics, because the material covers a wide range of fields, and one must study them all to understand the dynamics involved. And this is why people MUST TRANSMUTE their past, and present karma, and this has to be done, because all the bodies, the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body will carry over/hold all the karma incurred from all the past lives, and bring it over into their present lives, and this karma will lay dormant deep inside the central nervous system, and if the person chooses not to deal with them, then the karma will manifest into different mental, and physical dis-eases later on in the present life, or in a future life until it is finally dealt with. Some people have a lot of karma, and others have less karma. A person can not escape from this, because sooner or later they will have to face their karma, and deal with it. This is a large part of the ascension process. This is called the TRANSMUTATION process that we all are going though now, but people are always at different levels of this, because some people have been dealing with their karma already in their past lives, while others are just starting out. Also this planet has a stored/ recorded Earth history from all the past , and present negativity brought to this planet though the actions of all the ALIEN BEINGS THAT HAVE EVER VISITED THIS PLANET! Though their negative behaviors, and though their negative thoughts, and though all the wars down though out the Earth's history. Gaia needs the help of Light workers to release all this huge amount of heavy recorded karma it holds. She does this though the earth quakes, though flooding, and tornados, and fires. She uses all the elements that are the soil=earth, the air,=the winds/tornados, and the water=floods, and the fires to get the job done. And all these elements are alive too! Light workers use these elements/elementals also. This has to be studied in order, for a light worker to be able to carry out the needed work, or they could pay for their mistakes with their lives. By way of KARMA! The wars, and all the negativities this planet holds is like a Giant Cancer sore that she must get rid of, so that she can survive herself, or she WILL DIE! Light workers are conduits/that can hold a huge amount of Stellar, and solar light particles that would normally burn a non-light worker up. These people are different then a person of light, because a person of light is just that, a good intentioned soul. Otherwise, people would combust, into a fire ball if they were not prepared in this before they came to this planet. This takes many life times too. And this work wears a light worker out too, and we have to re-energize ourselves though the sun, and the stars, and the moon light, and though the foods we eat, and the water we drink, and we need a lot of water to do this, more then the usual amount a person needs to drink. And we are like the crystal ores found inside the earth, but on a much larger scale. The center core inside of the earth is a HUGE CRYSTAL itself, and not molted magma. That magma moves constantly between the crustal plates that sit on top and below the magma. It is between the earths crust, and this magma moves around like quick silver does. And the Earths gravity is what keeps this magma hot! It is from the gravity, and the fiction created by the movement. Light Workers actually soak up the heavy negative energies from deep inside the earth, and on her surface, and in the water, and allow them into our bodies to transmute them, and we use the crystal core of the earth to do this work also. If I did not prepare myself according, I would not be able to stay inside my physical body! I would actually float outside with out even trying! This is why it is important for me to stay well grounded with the earth's crystal core, and I incorporate other tools I need to use to do this work, along with the spiritual beings such as the Lords of Light, and others of the higher realms, I am sorry I can't go into more detail then this because it covers too many other subjects that are connected with this kind of work, but now you have a good idea of what a True light worker is, and does. And this is also how I receive a lot of my information, and it is though Mother Gaia, and she speaks though my body, and I do to her as well. And she is in communication with the sun, the moon and all the other planets, and with this whole galaxy, and on into the universe itself! In the 3D our physical are carbon based. And when we finish the ascension process our physical bodies will become crystalline base instead of carbon based. This is what will be the result when we are done with the mutation process. Also, the ascension is of the mind also, and this is why it is important to try and stay within positive thoughts. The earth will move right along with us during this ascension, and this is why so many changes are taking place in the physical plane on earth, by everything around us, in many ways, and many people are reacting to it in many different ways. It is all though vibrations = high or low. So it is important to be here physically, and mentally at this time, but not to get caught up in all the dramas being played out too. Be on the earth, but be active, and live your life, but do not get involved with those dramas being played out. If it does not concern you, then do not get involved. If you must, stay calm, and don't allow anyone to push your buttons. Release your feelings in a healthy way, and there are many ways to choose from, and not in a negative way. You must also remember that not everyone on this planet is awake, or ware of this process taking place now but, we are. So don't make judgements, because this is not up to us to do. Be happy, and be at peace, and live in your Joy, your Passion.

bluesbaby5050: It is WISE .........

As pointed out in the ABOVE THREAD, to raise the Kundalini BEFORE anyone tries to use the WHITE LIGHT. This energy is very strong, and it should be used with caution. So, RE-READ the warning above in Chris's thread about this WARNING before you decide to use it for any reason.

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